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alien agendas and anal probes


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A Seminal View of Consciousness, Cosmology and the Congruent of Science and Spirituality

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Cosmic Conundrum:
Who Am I?

A Galactic Citizen  offers tips on personal awareness and consciousness.

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are we one? transformation of consciousness

Are We One?

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This is a collection of various writings by various authors that may have a relevance on or in your life and the discovery of truth in relation to the world affairs and what you need to know about them. Of course, these are presented for your edutainment pleasure. We simply ask that you remain calm and considerate of your fellow human beings while in process of the discovery of your own truth. Most of this material is of a conspiratorialist nature. Caution is encouraged in the acceptance of any of this material as definitive truth. It is presented here as reference material only.  Thank you...Mgmt.

UFOs, ETs and the Bible

Thinking Clearly About the Abduction Phenomenon

Wireless Networks Electropollution

Ahriman & the intensification of UFO-observations

Who is the Anti-Christ?

Ahriman The Computer Dude

Brain Zapping - Alien Abduction, Black Magic & the Dark Gods

The Lurianic Theory of Creation and Redemption

UFOs, ETs, and Alien Research

More Proof of UFO Media Cover-up

Straight Talk About UFO Abductions

Inside Area 51 w/David Adair

Reverse Engineering Roswell Technology

German Secret Weapons

Are UFOs and Aliens Real?

Something is wrong with our Sun

The meaning behind abductions

The Big Picture... a time of choosing.

Is War a Ritual Human Sacrifice?

1984 means constant state of war?

State Sponsored Terrorism

Biggest Business in the World: War

Quotations - War and Peace

The Necessity for Enlightened Thinking

We are the new Nazis?

Eurasia - The Grand Chessboard

Truth about Anti-Semitism

Zionism, Anti-Semitism, and American Democracy

An Overview of War on Terrorism

Galactic Overview - Examining the New World Order

Elders of Zion Shape Our Future

What Financial Newsletters Leave Out

Hostages on a Hijacked Plane

Truth is Out There?

New World Order or Occult Secret Destiny?

New Age World Order?

The Secret Government

Lucifer is the Secret God of Secular Society

Protocols of Zion is the NWO Blueprint

Elders of Zion Masters of Discourse

The Secret History

The Dark Side (Genesis of the Grail Kings

The Counterfeit Kingdom (NWO Agents of Rome)

The Tikkun of Raising Animals

Understanding Animals - Why Animals Seem to Think

Sayings of Jesus from the Book of Thomas

Individuation or Institution

Playing with Krishna

Murugan: The Kali Yuga Varada

Bio-Apocalypse - How Secret Experiments May Have Unleashed Cancer Causing Viruses

Bioterrorism and Armageddon

Human Radiation Experiments

3-Fold Sun.. Regent of the Sun Spirits

Blue Star Kachina: An Astro Prophecy

Why Understand the Creation of the Universe?

Cosmic Battle: An Introduction to the Beginning and the End

Unmasking the Grand Deception

Uncovering the Secret Tradition

The Dark Gods


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