Mastering Telepathy
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Mastering the Art of Telepathy

Telepathy has been used throughout the centuries by adepts and novices alike. Most often it has been used by our internal communication mechanisms in times of emergency. Some are consciously aware and others experience moments of connections, not always being aware of the occurrence. Using telepathy, and being open to the ebb and flow of consciousness in yourself and others, is an important aspect of the new living awareness becoming present on the planet, especially now that the inner and outer worlds are merging as science is proving the realms of mystics.

The science of telepathy is still in its infancy due to lack of exploration, let alone acceptance as natural, of the general public. According to a Tibetan teaching, there is an interesting parallel between the three modes of of telepathic work, their three techniques of accomplishment, and the three major ways of communication on earth: instinctual, mental, and intuitional. Understanding that a variety of 'inner' circuitry exists as a natural component of creation is important.

The Beginner's Process...


The easiest way to begin the practice of telepathy with another is quite simple, as are many of these new arts and sciences. Trust that you can do it. Experiment when you can. Be aware that your self-awareness will rise as you explore this science. Your partner can be at any distance as the realms of thought have no barriers to time and space. Ideally, it is good to have a picture of this person, even if only in your mind's eye, as you will first focus on their face and look into their eyes.


It is advisable, when first beginning, to spend some time stilling your mind, meditating or whatever your normal process is to create the silence within. Then, simply picture your partner's face in your mind's eye, feeling the love that you share in Oneness.


It is important to get in touch with your feelings at this point because it is the emotion that will be the vehicle of the transmission and karmic laws apply here as well. You will reap what you sew, in other words, so balance and centeredness is imperative. Look into their eyes while you are feeling this Oneness, no push, no pull... just feel the Oneness. Then you may begin to send your message. The eye contact is a most important visual image.


Usually it is best to start with short messages of an unusual topic so that you can verify with the other more easily. Standard messages of love and light are good, yet they do not provide the necessary uniqueness for you to check your results. Setting up a specific time to send and receive allows you the opportunity to check for specific results.


After a while


Practicing this on a regular basis will begin to open your senses to a vast resource of information only available to those who seek it with an open heart and mind. In fact, prayer and meditation is a form of telepathy that many use on a daily basis yet do not realize that the lines of communication are indeed telepathic, using particular areas of the brain that are dormant in most people.


As an example, let us view the general understanding of our number of senses and brain use. According to generally accepted information, we use around 10% of our brain with the normal 5 senses. Now, doing the math of a simple ratio we find that there are potentially 45 more senses available with the other 90% of our brain capacity. Whether or not the latter is specifically true, it is undoubtedly logical to infer we have many more senses available.


Playing around 


zen benefielAs you practice and become more adept at the art of telepathy, you may begin to expand your contact list. It is also a good idea to make sure that you have the other's permission to contact them as it can be quite startling if they are not aware that you may be contacting them. It's always good to get permission for anything you do... standard practice in consideration of others.


Experiment with the method.. enjoy it and have fun as it cannot be used for destructive purposes. It can only be used with pure intent.. it is the LAW within the constructs of the creation of the art of telepathy. Just make sure you reach out and let others know what you are doing. And btw... you might try reaching out to me, since you can see the whites of my eyes. :)


As you develop your skill, you may wish to contact other realms of time and space as they all exist simultaneously. You may want to communicate with your beloveds that have passed on from this physical reality. That is possible as well, with no harm done on either side. It is a gift of Creator's Love for Creation... being able to communicate with ALL THAT IS... wherever it is as there truly is no separation in the Oneness of a life-friendly universe.


May your life be enriched through the development and joy that this ability will bring as it will demonstrate just how connected we all really are....


For those of you who want to reach out... I cannot guarantee what results you will get, only that you will get them.


If you'd like for me to speak to your group and/or provide some experiential training processes, please contact us. I'm only available in the US for now. All I require is transportation, lodging and meals. Donations are appreciated, but not necessary.