Dragons and Serpents
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Dragons and Serpents

dragons and serpents, zen benefiel, kumara, jedhi, naga, amaru, quetzgoatlI'm glad the subject of dragons and serpents are finally being broached on a number of fronts now. I wasn't sure just how to approach the subject at first as fear and love connotations persist. Throughout ancient cultures, dragons and serpents have held sacred places. No doubt there is a reason for that.  I've had some first hand experiences that I'm not quite sure what to make of, yet part of me knows exactly what to make of them. Many times when I've begun to share who and what I know myself to be it is somehow misconstrued and the 'message' is lost in the process.

Being in a physical body now is of utmost importance in the grand scheme of things, because we can work on all levels consciously as we progress in our own awareness. Some may read this and think I'm utterly insane. Others may read it and feel some keen insight into the interior of our archetypal representations. I'm just doing my best to create a stream of consciousness that explores my personal experiences and makes some relevance of them in the face of day to day living and paying the bills, raising a family, and making the world a better place.

Serpents - Kumaras in Disguise?

Before I address the dragons, I'd like to share another 'serpent' experience. I'd like to preface it with the acknowledgment of the ancient ones, the Kumaras, as being 'androgynous serpents' in our milieu of creational forms. These ones are also known as the Jedhi, Nagas, Dragons, Quetzcoatls and Amaru. But, don't believe me. Do your own research. laughing jesus, jesus christ, demon dispeller, dragon's friend

A few years ago when I went to LA for a few months ('01), I had a meditation that blew my mind for a bit, but as I grew into the understanding I was honored to be connected at such deep levels of humanity's cosmic consciousness. It is no wonder folks like me scare the bejeebers out of most people in this fear-based society. We only seek to free the mind, just like Neo.

I found myself looking into a reptilian eye (as big as myself) and as I continued to look, with no emotion, it pulled away and revealed the rest of its form.. a huge snake with a cobra-type look, only the neck was not extended as it would be in 'fight' mode. This was a female, with her head about the size of the apartment I was in. She began talking to me in a teasing/provocative sort of way, and I returned the banter...with a bit more of a edge, purposefully testing her.

Well, next thing I knew I was in her throat. She struck and swallowed me with lightning speed. I thought I must've hit a nerve or was a little too edgy in my comments. I couldn't believe how fast she was. I thought about trying to get out, then realized that No sooner than I had the thought of letting go, realizing it was impossible to free myself and resigned to having to come back again if didn't make it out.

She put me back just as quick as she struck. Standing in front of her now, she began explaining the she could do that at any time, but that was not her desire or purpose. She was there to help me as it was important that I be aware of her, and instantly I saw another to my left... a male... same size. She told me that they were going to show me some things that I could not talk about. Shoot, nobody would believe me if I did. I'm well aware of the blow offs I get because my direct experience is out of the realms of nearly everyone else's.

Amazingly and nearly immediately I found myself looking through the male's eyes at my body in front of them. I was on this circular platform that seemed to be suspended in mid-air and within a few seconds, I was looking through the female's eyes at my body as well. Then, just as quickly I was back in front of them. That much I can share. What I didn't get at the time is that these two were both parts of ME, which became clear over time.

I'm kinda slow sometimes as I get caught up in the 'awe' and don't connect personal relationships or identity indicators until later. I suppose that is part of the innate humility and unattached ego I've developed because of the travails that began as a youth. It's taken 40 some odd years to get there... not a comfortable trip at all... lol.

White Dragon & 3 Winged Angels

Now about the white dragon, just to spring a little twist into the mix. Just before I left LA that fall (Sept. '01) some friends had asked to do a meditation together while listening to a tape of our music. Our band (Outcast & Social Misfits) has been together over a decade, developing our ability to play from the void, creating musical soundscapes of e-motional transformation. I've got to say it is one of the most phenomenal places we go together. Listening to our creations often produce altered states and much, much more. What happened this time was absolutely amazingly connected to the cosmic soul of each of us.

a para-celestial logic syndrome, outcasts and social misfitsI put in the tape, joining the group as we sat in some plastic lawn chairs, held hands, and closed our eyes. At first, I saw an image quite familiar to me, the hexagram or Star of David. Then tubes of light appeared, connecting the points of the star that were opposite each other.

The flowing light within them was actually tiny rainbow sparkles that seemed to flow effortlessly together in both directions simultaneously. These tubes surrounded our physical bodies yet I was at a distance observing (imagineering it?). It was a strange feeling, like I was both seeing and producing the experience simultaneously. The tubes were bi-directional light flows which eventually split in two and rotated in opposite directions with the points of the star being the axis.

These rotating tubes sped up until they became a sphere of light... theremerkaba, kumara, dragon were 3 moving one direction and 3 moving the opposite, producing a brilliant sphere of light. This sphere spread out into a plane with just a slight 'bubble' in the center where our bodies were located. It looked very much like some of the illustrations I've seen of activated merkaba craft.

Then there appeared two rotating feathered serpent medicine wheels (a description from the Mayans) in the center of us. Basically it looked like two swastikas with streamers on the legs, one rotating clockwise the other counterclockwise. It was so beautiful. All I could do was watch as I felt the swell of love inside.

The rotating feathered serpent medicine wheels began to expand and pulse simultaneously, sending waves of their images up and down into infinity, while expanding and contracting in perfect synchronized flow. The rainbow-sparkled light particles were easily visible that made up this flow of imagery, expanding out around us and contracting into the center simultaneously... as one would expand the other would contract, while continuing to pulse up and down.

The imagery was really out of this world... or was it deeply embedded? Themerkaba, dragon, kumara, feathered serpent medicine wheel center opened again into the imagery that Dan Winter has managed to put into some animations, like the nesting of waveforms into the center of the point of light that we are, looking like a giant funnel, with a mirror image on the other side of the black hole in the center of the point of light... our entrance into the void. I watched as I was consciously moving energy in dual-directional circles around our sacral, heart, and third eye chakras. I wasn't thinking about anything... it was just a part of DOING in the moment.

As the tape came to the end of the side, we had a smooth transition back into opening our eyes and being in the room again. I asked what the others experienced before sharing anything as I wanted to see if they picked up similar visuals and feelings. Oftentimes we meditate in groups and never share afterward so we don't truly know if our experience was shared or not. We have very active mind/spirit circuits so its always nice to verify. Well, their sharing, although in somewhat varied descriptive words, revealed they had been in the same flow of energy forms.

When we went back in for side two... the plane of light was still there, just as I'd seen it before and the others verified it later. As I observed it again, the imagery shifted and I found myself, with the others, on the bridge of a spaceship. I'm not sure of the size but the bridge area was about 50-foot in diameter at least. We had a conversations as though we were all crew members, officers of the ship on the bridge in our assigned duties. Apparently I was the commander. As soon as I felt a deep sense of of humility the scene changed again.

Now I'll get to the dragon....

As we continued, I began to feel myself unfold from within the center of my heart of hearts. I was also able to view this process from a place just above the scene. I was expanding out into my body and then continue through the body that was holding hands. I continued expanding into a magnificent white dragon with outstretched wings that surrounded the others in a loving embrace.

I seemed to be simultaneously stretching out and acknowledging Creation in one of the most honoring 'calls' I've experienced to date. It was like a symbiotic shared reverence for Creation and Created... with the strength and power of unlimited capacity.... faithful and true to the core. I've always been in awe of this part of me, this capacity I have for going way beyond the normal realms of experience in acquiring data points to throw into the mix of my manifestation.

There was more, of course, but my memory has faded some at least for now. I do remember that at the end of the meditation I inquired again as to their experience. Each felt themselves unfold as well, only they saw themselves as white angels, wrapping their wings around the group in love and support as well. Hmmmm.... a white dragon and three winged white angels. What could that be about?

Phoenix Rising

I went back to Phoenix the next day with a sense of awe and reverence that I had not had for some time, especially piqued by those experiences. It was interesting that I'd been doing some internal investigations regarding the nature of how humans seem to have gotten things so screwed up when it comes to understanding our divine magnificence and expanded capacity as 'creators in embryo' so to speak. I found a particular interesting piece that related some information about bridging science and religion. It was about the carbon atom. The number of man is pretty simple to grok.

A month or so later we (Robin and I) went to visit some friends in the north valley (phoenix area). We had done several meditations with the music in Phoenix, Tucson, and Sedona by this time. The groups had been between 12 and 20 people with some awesome imagineering reported as well. I've learned how to move energy at very deep levels and these meditations were the perfect opportunity to use my gifts for accelerating the speed of surrender.

Many reported being taken on trips into other worlds, some high above the earth, some even witnessing the 'war' in the cosmos that apparently has a high belief factor; enough to manifest it in the minds of the participants anyway.

Visiting our friends, after eating and sharing other things for a bit, we laid down on the floor, heads in the center, holding hands and listened to the tape. Without provocation, or thought, I found myself standing in front of George W. Bush.

demons or divine messengersI looked him in the eyes and gently reached into his heart with my right hand... pulling out a red dragon that was squirming like a small kitten that just wanted to be free.... frightened and doing its best to attempt to escape my grasp.

It could not escape as I held it firmly in my hand. I used my left hand to begin stroking it, sending it love, and soothing it until it became totally relaxed and made no attempts to move or escape. Then I moved by right hand upward and let it go as I said, "Now, go back home." This was just before Halloween of 2001.

I'd like to ask you if it makes sense that the war with the Red Dragon as we are told, was actually with another Dragon... possibly a White One? I found myself in front of Georgie a couple of years later during the particularly powerful 'Venus Transit,' only this time there was no dragon extrication. I looked at him in the eyes once again and said, "We're on the same side... I am not threat."

I'm not sure why I said that exactly, because I've held some strong feelings about his administration. As I moved away from the scene, I felt a tremendous focus of attention on me from multiple sources. Instead of fighting or resisting their 'viewing' I simply opened completely and let them explore to their heart's desire. Amazingly, when I did that the 'focus' subsided and I felt a sense of protection because I had nothing to hide or resist them within me.

Upon further examination and contemplation, I would also like to propose that some of you are also dragons simultaneously occupying physical human bodies as well. I am not alone... although it has taken until now for me to be able to share so that you understand. There is much more to your being that you have realized to date. My suggestion is that you find a partner and work on the multi-plane awareness technique so that you begin to become familiar with your other bodies. It will make our work together much more effective.

Capice? I love you... mmmmmmmmmmmm.... my heart is full.

If you'd like for me to speak to your group and/or provide some experiential training processes, please contact us. I'm only available in the US for now. All I require is transportation, lodging and meals. Donations are appreciated, but not necessary.