First Contact, 2012 and a New World Order
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First Contact, 2012 and a New World Order

To the left is a presentation I gave at the 2010 annual International Association for Near Death Studies conference in Denver. I'd waited 35 years to be able to present my side of the story and feel welcomed in doing so, even if it was about the Messy Antic Complex. I'd only shared in small groups and in writings on the web to date. I'm only sorry that you cannot see the absolutely gorgeous royal blue suit and matching snakeskin shoes with a lavendar satin shirt and tie. I had fun and I think you'll enjoy it. At least it will fill in some quick gaps about why I'm even talking.


Now there is another perspective that has not reached shore, literally. There is adequate information that references aquatic civilizations, or at least the hints of them from craft seen entering and exiting lakes and oceans. Are we expecting first contact from off-planet or is there a civilization still here hidden from terrestrial view? From the perspective Cameron's Avatar reveals, it would seem good reason to remain hidden. Humans haven't learned to get along yet, so any knowledge of their technology would probably be hazardous to our health.


Still, it seems logical that if these aquatic civilizations exist, then it would be a natural union at some point. Whether we consider it viable is another story. Maybe it would be a re-union and precursor to open contact from elsewhere. It could even happen simultaneously as, undoubtedly, terrestrials have been the only earth-bound member of the tribe, so to speak. Perhaps the prime directive prohibits open contact until we learn how to get along? Is the message of 2012, in essence, "Be proactive, open the heart and witness the transformation?" Universal laws and principles have not been practiced on earth for a long, long time. Some might say, if ever.


Many feel we sit on a precipice, yet the best part of the roller coaster is the first trip down. We'll enjoy the ride as we spiral and twirl, knowing we're strapped in and safe. A global change is coming that is inevitable as consciousness, the cloud [metaverse] and shifting populations fueled by social media reveal better ways to manage the world as a natural product of the interactions. Harmony among people and planet is emerging in our lives. It's a natural progression of a planetary population that has access to information and is transparent to anyone with an eye or an ear to witness. Waves of dimensional shifts are already being noted by many of the more sensitive folks. Others might seem a little grumpy or caught up in some drama and oblivious of the patterns that keep them 'safe.'


Honestly, for some the road ahead will be absolutely delightful as skill sets are brought to the forefront, ignited by the passion released in purposeful work. Because of the planetary structures and infrastructures getting upgrades and waste management, the jobs of the future will demand consciousness as well as intelligence. Authenticity andzendor's tablet transparency will fuel relationship building on the ocean of emotion throughout the new millennium. This is just one man's story as it develops from direct experience, research and travails of life.


Now I have to say that back in February of 2001 I had a series of 'dreams' during the week that were a continuous stream of events, rather meetings, with the final meeting ending with receiving an extraordinary gift. Every night I was acting as an emcee/host for a series of 'official' presentations on protocols and procedures for 'first contact.' It was rather humorous to the group (several hundred of at least a couple hundred races/lifeforms) because contact has been happening for some time. Still, these meetings were about the advancement of the disclosure through careful and considerate means to manage the mayhem. We/they are here for the advancement of humanity. The gift of the plaque, in a rough form, is to the right. The rotating swastikas were nearly transparent, actually moving within the 'tablet.' It made me wonder about the legend of the Pahana.


Below is a collection of videos from a presentation given in the Valley of the Sun on February 27th, 2010. Zen takes his audience through a series of experiences and wisdom garnered on the path to self awareness and actualization. He covers OBEs, early contactee experiences, entering The Light and the delivery of his 'mission' for life, a rare example of faith and trust personified. A step into personal vulnerability in sharing his intimate metaphysical experiences, he hedges the edge of current wisdom; speaking of possibilities in modeling and molding a new world order - a new living awareness of our creative capacity.

Below are Part 1 and Part 2 - use IE or IE tab in Firefox  


Uncut... full version part 1.


Uncut... full version part 2.