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Harmonic Convergence


In celebration of the anniversary of the harmonic convergence I'd like to share my experience of it. It may end up kinda long so you might want to relax for a moment, or find another moment when you can.


It started when I was on my way to work at the aerospace company, Garrett Pneumatics Systems (now Honeywell), on Friday morning. I was listening to a local rock station (a couple of friends were DJs there) and the morning crew was talking about this 'Harmonic Convergence' thing. My solar plexus instantly started vibration like nothing I'd experienced in quite some time... since college in the mid 70s.


 I listened as they explained a bit about Jose Arguelles' (whom I've since met and become friends) book, The Mayan Factor and the crossing of three calendars on this date (August 16-17, 1987). I was so curious that I called the radio station as soon as I got to work and inquired as to how I could get more information. I was told that Crystal Castle in Sedona could help, along with copies of Jose's interview in Meditation Magazine being available at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe... (suburb of Phoenix).


I called my wife and made arrangements to go camping that weekend. She was not real hip to a lot of the things that I do so I did not mention the 'real' purpose for our camping trip to Sedona, one of the gathering places around the world for the Convergence, according to Jose. I stopped at the bookstore on my way home the next day and picked up a copy of the interview to read later that evening once we were settled in our camping spot.


My oldest daughter (9 at the time) had collected a bag of crushed stone (limestone and quartz mix) and handed it to me saying, "Here Daddy, you'll need these." I thanked her for her awareness and thoughtfulness to follow her instincts and packed them in the trunk with our gear. I had no idea how important they would be later.


As we were just about to finish loading, I heard Zephyr in my ear again, telling me to get the mushrooms from the freezer. I argued with him for some time because my journeys were never with my family present. I always kept my spiritual practices separate from my family. My wife did not agree with my personal path when it came to this kind of procedure either.


It did not stop me although I did reserve my path work for short periods with long intervals between, sometimes years. I packed them with major reservations and was not intending to use them regardless of Z's request. I was pacifying Zephyr for the most part.. I thought.


When we arrived in Sedona the first place we stopped was at the Crystal Castle. The kids (we had three walking then and Aura was only 8 months old) all picked out something, each a crystal that appealed to them. Krystal had picked a beautiful amethyst piece that fit perfectly in the palm of her little hand. Katie and Ian both chose their own as well and held them like the gems they were.


I inquired about the camping locations a bit more, as I had at least discussed the overall picture with my wife on the way up the mountain from Phoenix. We left and drove around Sedona to check out the various places the folks at the Castle had suggested. None of them 'felt' right so I followed my hunch to go just a bit east, across the freeway, to Mormon Lake.


I was a practicing Mormon as well at the time so I thought it quite fitting, and everyone was okay with the change in plans. It was getting late and the sun was setting as we left Sedona. When we arrived at Mormon Lake about a half an hour later, it was dark. We had a map of the area and found a campground called 'Dairy Springs' just off the lake in short order.


We pulled in and drove clear around the campground finding no space open... bummer. It just so happened that as we were looking, a couple who had a space in front that we had noticed on the way in, was packing to leave not stay. They were gone when we came back around. How perfect could that timing have been... and it was space number 9... number 9... number 9. I also heard Jimi Hendrix's tune, "If 6 were 9" echoing in my head. I met Jimi in one of my necromantic adventures in college some years before.


We began unpacking and the park ranger came up to collect the fee, informing us of our luck in that the man's wife had become violently ill and they had to leave. I was sorry that their problem had become our opportunity, nonetheless I was happy for our open spot, especially after dark as it were.


We started a campfire so the kids could fix hotdogs and Smores and then arranged our sleeping blankets on the ground as we did not have a tent. Krystal found a place to put the rocks and came to me in excitement to show me what she had found. I went to look and it was the top of a large bolder just protruding through the surface in a rather flat area about a meter in diameter.


We spread the rocks out in a star pattern (6 pointed) with a circle around the points. This is what was amazing... there were just enough rocks to make each leg of the star with 6 and 18 in the circle surrounding them.. none left over. We put her amethyst in the center in honor of her find and because she was such a part of this process. She was so happy she could hardly stand still and did not want to go to bed with the others, including their mother, when bedtime came. I stayed up to read the interview by our propane camp light.


The article talked about the crossing of three calendars, the Hopi, Mayan, and Aztec. The Hopi believe that this is the beginning of moving from the fourth world to the fifth, the Mayan from the fifth to the sixth, and the Aztecs believe it is the time where the devil takes off his mask to reveal the true god that he is.

Jose went on to say that above the gathering places could be seen a rotating feathered serpent medicine wheel as a symbol of the energy anchored at these locations. There was a wonderful drawing of this included on the pages of the interview, along with some Mayan glyphs that I don't remember exactly just now. I met him years later and enjoyed his and his wife's company.


It also outlined the planetary alignment that was taking place along with the earthly crossing of calendars. I was curious as to what the implications of the devil taking off his mask would be as I already understood the aspects of the number (666) and its relationship to human beings as ONE, rather than the number of the Beast as has been the popular belief for centuries. I finished the article, stripped down to my garments and climbed into my sleeping bag just before midnight.


When I awoke inside and out, I looked up into the sky and saw a cluster of points of light that looked like a connect-the-dots picture of the Buddha, and I was at his feet. Then I heard them speak as ONE, "We would like to channel energy through your body into the planet and in return we will answer any questions you have."


It didn't take me long to decide... maybe a heartbeat or two at most. As they began to do so, I felt tingles in my feet like a very small electric current moving through them. This began to move up my legs and throughout my body over the course of the experience. I felt like they were connecting me to the Earth grids as well, although I didn't quite understand why just yet.


While the energy was just beginning to flow through me feet, I began to ask questions. I started with inquiring about my progress toward completing my mission as relating to the experience of going through the white light and being told I was here to work with others in order to facilitate the new world order.


They expressed that I was about to make some adjustments to further align with this and that I had been doing very well so far. They told me that there was a pair of shoes ready for me to step into if I was ready. I got a vision of my purple converse all-stars.


I replied that I would do so if our agreement was still intact... that they would provide all the tools and they would be there at the appropriate time just as had been promised to me in the beginning. With that understanding reaffirmed, I agree to step into the shoes.


They asked me to get up and kiss the amethyst that I had placed in the center of the star. It was some 15 meters away or more and it was quite chilly at that altitude. All I had on was my garments (Mormon underwear) and I was not about to get out of my nice comfortable warm sleeping bag. They withdrew completely...silence...nothing was happening.


I laid there a moment and then got up and went over, knelt, and kissed the amethyst with as much reverence as I could bring forth in my being. As soon as I was back in my sleeping bag they were back again.


They began to explain about the energy they were sending through me. They told me that this energy was part of everything and flowed like water throughout all things. It was a science that was long forgotten, it seemed, on our planet and it was time to reawaken its reality.


Sending this energy through my body into the natural magnetic grid within the earth would help me to feel and understand the process of what many were calling the ascension. According to them it would facilitate a greater connection with our mother earth for me, so that I would be connected at energetic levels to her consciousness.


I acknowledged that it would be an honor to live in such close connection with our mother earth and that I would serve her to the best of my ability. They explained that in this process, she would be speaking to many and that I would facilitate this group as I had been informed at 18. This feeling was so real and present that I felt indescribable in any human terms.


I asked them, "If God made us, then who made God?" The only answer I was given was the sight of a white feathered medicine wheel rotating in the sky above Sedona, which was in the direction of my sight as I laid in the bag on the ground under the stars. Depending on which way you were viewing it, it was rotating either direction ever so slowly in the sky.


I knew then that there indeed was an answer even though my human consciousness was not able to comprehend it yet. I knew that in time I would and 'they' affirmed my feelings as well. I was given more 12 years later. I remember reviewing my commitment from college and there offering of a pair of shoes to step into, provided I was ready to handle the task.


I got curious again. The next question addressed something that I was resistant to exploring even though I'd been mentored regarding it since childhood. "Am I the Rider of the White Horse?" I asked. The reason I asked it was because when I was a very young boy, around 6 or so, I kept getting visions of a white horse when I was in Sunday School at church.


I always felt connected to it and didn't quite understand why for many years. What happened next was quite unexpected and yet felt totally connected to a greater part of me. It still brings such a feeling of humility to me over 20 years later.


I looked up and beheld a beautiful white horse nearly a quarter of the size of the area of sky. It strode elegantly as in a slow gallop across the sky coming from my right and across in front of me. It was so beautiful that I got lost in the awe and forgot about my question because I was so absorbed in its grandeur.


As it reached the center of my vision, it turned abruptly toward me and I remembered I had asked the question. Still in awe I meekly inquired, "Am I?" As it came closer I even more humbly and meekly said, "Am I?" Then, as it reached the point of being right in front of me I accepted and acknowledged, "I AM!" At the same instant I was reaching my arm out to grab its neck and swung myself up to sit on its majestic back.


The instant my body touched down upon it I heard a trumpet echo in the woods all around us. I heard it with my physical ears and sat straight up in my sleeping bag, looking around for the trumpeter. At this time it was just getting light, and with tears streaming down my face I gently nudged my wife to share with her what had happened.


The following week I changed my business research project for my bachelor's degree from a recurring problem and its solution at work (Garrett Pneumatics Systems) to the first writing of the project plan for the model community, then simply called an International Cultural Center.


Some years later it changed again to the Enviroplex. Now it is known as Genesis II Multiverse Communities, named after the Genesis II UN project, Winifred Barton, and Philip Krapft's explanation of the Verdants' version. Now over 20 years later, it is even more necessary to refine and implement our methodologies to achieve harmony among people and planet.


I've been hooked up to the multiverse circuitry from very early in my childhood and I've come of age now, confident in my ability and wisdom to facilitate this new world order. It is not one that is ego-driven by any means.


It is through selfless service that it will be achieved, through the heart centers of a multitude... even the legions of angels incarnate that also are riders of white horses. Our reality is about to shift into a magnificence that even dreams have yet to embrace.

Aho, In lak'ech



If you'd like for me to speak to your group and/or provide some experiential training processes, please contact us. I'm only available in the US for now. All I require is transportation, lodging and meals. Donations are appreciated, but not necessary.