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Cosmic Conundrum:
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When we figure out the answers, we'll post the questions. A point of perspection dances in the balance of the seer's vision. In respect of the nature of inquiry, it is often best to learn to be in silence appropriately, then one can speak and act in silence. Does that mean to remain silent? Not hardly.

Table of Contents

  1. How do I know this information is trustworthy ?
  2. Where can I find more about my connections ?
  3. Why can't we all get along in this world ?
  4. Who is in charge of all this planetary stuff ?
  5. What is the answer to everything in life ?
  6. When are we going to have First Contact ?
  7. Is there more?


How do I know this information is trustworthy ?

You don't. No one can determine for you what to believe or trust - No one. You've got to experience the quest for truth deep in your being. The best way to determine that answer is to simply ask the question you are pondering internally first. Afterward, pay close attention to everything around you... impressions, sights, sounds - the 'little' things you might normally ignore. Truth will reveal itself as a series of insights, serendipitous moments that prompt more questions.


Too often folks refer to books or teachings of others to determine truth, when in actuality truth is alive in the moment of experience - simply for the asking. We live this moment of truth as we remain open to All That Is, sensing in our hearts 'what is' as we learn what it means to Live One Vibration Eternally... LOVE.... NOW, a newly ordered world. The emergence of truth is in the essence of 'letting go' with the intent to know and trusting it will appear.

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Where can I find more about my connections ?

If you are looking for a map, then you've accepted there is one to be found. We don't have the primer, yet. You might get some glimmers here. But, it isn't what you think. It starts with paying attention to your feelings. Your personal connections and directions are embedded in the process of learning about life and love - IN YOU. In this place your directions come from your ability to ask the right questions and being quiet enough to listen for the answers... completely relinquishing previous belief systems.


The connections come from internal circuits just waiting to be accessed. We all have them, whether you are aware of your akashic records or not. Many call this 'spiritual' living - BEing in the moment. You've done it unconsciously for a while now, otherwise you would not be here now. A new living awareness is emerging among humanity, causing us to ask better questions and to question the answers even further to know and understand the deeper connections that are obvious, beyond the superficial systems and artificial relationships of a fear-based world. Any belief system that creates separation from each other in any way is false, man-made and bound for dissolution.

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Why can't we all get along in this world ?

It is simply a choice. We still let bias and prejudice rule. We can eventually. The clearest messages from ETs are the same as what is in your heart; that we must choose this individually. We each have personal bias and prejudice that keeps us from allowing relationships to grow without challenge. It is in meeting this challenge, learning more about ourselves and releasing judgment, criticism and condemnation that allows us to understand others and develop the peace that surpasses understanding. It is beyond the current religious structures.


When we can truly look in the mirror and get along with ourselves, others will cease to be a problem. Cognitive dissonance is our challenge. ETs already know and live with the understanding of all things being connected in the web of life, just like indigenous cultures have known and shared with those who will listen. If we look at intentional creation, we can see that one people, one planet and even one love is congruent with natural order.


Any religion that professes martyrdom and the loss of oneself in it is usually based on cowardice and justification for fear-based control of its minions and separation through judgment. Would an 'experience system' be more prudent today?

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Who is in charge of all of this planetary stuff ?

No one and everyone, but specifically you. Each is part of the whole, a thread in the tapestry. The more you let someone else be in charge of your life the more you will miss out on the possibilities and purpose of your life. The more you ask questions about your mission and purpose, the more you will find answers that lead you to the next step. There is a natural administration that is unfolding in human consciousness, condensing into form as you read now.


We each have lessons and teachings, culminating in a sublime coalescence of activity we share with others, called Love in Action. A new world order is based on vibration with each note, voice or waveform aligning in harmony with all others. It is the natural result of applied science. We allow our natural BEing to lead the way as we are drawn to the roles we are to play. The Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation have respresentation throughout humanity, emerging into their soular understanding as part of the global transformation in process, including the very practical and purposeful evolution toward harmony among people and planet.


This activity generates inspiration and serendipity, met with synchronicity in the world on a moment-to-moment basis. As awareness increases during our transition into higher vibratory areas of space, reflected in an evolving consciousness in humanity, some recognize they are of extraterrestrial origin and even celestial origins - the two are slightly different, but only in locality of origin. Their quest for understanding is answered by correlation and validation from multiple sources throughout their lives, undeniable even to the most devout agnostic scientists. I live as a testimony to this process and its practical relationship with world service as a multi-dimensional BEing. As wild as the story can be, it usually is as truth is often stranger than fiction. I don't necessarily know anything. I just ask good questions and I'm open to possibilities.

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What is the answer to everything in life ?

42 Oops, sorry, that was a different time. Yes! The answer is 'YES!' Would that the answer be so easy. Actually it starts with 'YES' and moves into LOVE as the answer in action. To learn the questions that bring us closer to understanding each other, our connections and how to make the world the best place possible for humans to coexist with our relatives... all our relations.


The truth is we are ONE at the core of our being. We all have a point of light that is part of THE LIGHT. This is what the ancients tried to tell us before the church got a hold of the ability to manipulate mankind through the misinterpretation and fear-based projections about Lucifer, for one, and the dominance of populations through other religions. Sure, it was appropriate for a time as mankind was still evolving from the animal brain, the reptilian response to the threat of survival.


In truth, mankind has become lazy and willing to become slaves as long as they don't have to think for themselves. This is exactly why 'thetan' [Greek, meaning 'thinker'] was turned into Satan for the western world. It made doctrine easier to divert truth away from the masses and to label those who found it [truth] as 'heretics' or 'satanic' and unleash the power of judgment from the minions, whipping it up into a mob mentality. It has happened oh, so many times. History is full of examples for those who seek to look. Harold Bloom's The Lucifer Principle is a great scientific look at history.


Consciousness is evolving into a perfected body, heart and mind. The answers to those questions of import will allow us [you, me, everyone] to take the steps, make the choices and create the actions that bring us all together as one people, one planet. Only then can we take our rightful place in universe affairs and everything else will become apparent. Truth is available for anyone to find. The universe has no secrets. Our ancestors are waiting for us to be open to them. They've already demonstrated they are open to us.


There are many worlds that lead us into union, harmony of people and planet. An example is the message deciphered from the ET and solar disc crop circle: "Beware of the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain, but still time. Believe there is good out there. We oppose deception." This is what happens when a society tries to take care of their people without consideration of their needs for unity.


The Galactic Federation is a confederation of planets and people acting as ONE in Universe Affairs, initiating planetary civilizations with seeds of growth in understanding at appropriate times in their evolutionary process. Evolved races, including ours, integrate their learning of multidimensional consciousness and initially display this knowledge through environmental sustainability and harmonic social architecture.


All individuated efforts lead toward a collective harmony of people and planet as one consciousness, but individuality is always maintained. A beautiful snow-capped mountain is made of individual snowflakes resting upon a compilation of elements within the mountain.

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When are we going to have First Contact ?

First of all let's define 'First Contact.' Individually, it is the moment you become aware of beings beyond your 'normal' experience. It happens whether you choose to be available and the connection is made. First Contact is an inside job, a recognition of something beyond your understanding but nonetheless 'experienced.'  Collectively it has already happened, but the disclosure is taking decades to reveal.


A mass showing, according to sources in the know, would not have been in the best interests of humanity as it is steeped in fear-based reality concepts to date. The barbaric nature of the Military Industrial Complex would still thwart any actions toward open contact - and does. Until the consciousness is changed, including inside each person and our global government, the efforts would be meaningless. There is time. The conduit is closing for deception and unethical practices to occur any longer.


However, at the turn of the century there was a meeting that I was a part of, on board the New Jerusalem, where an increased presence on the ground and in the skies was determined to be the next phase of the official roll out for initiation into the Galactic Federation. The key feature of the process being a sequential experience with the close of the Galactic Year. The action: voluntary incarnation - condensation of light-beings into physical form, no different in appearance or affect of natural law than humans unconscious of their true potential. The difference is their awareness - their knowing.


In this process, truth and even happiness comes from knowing you are alive and have purpose, whether you know what that purpose is or not. The step by step discovery of who you are, what you are and what you are here to do is the ultimate happiness one can desire. We are destined to ascend into Universe Status. Fear of the unknown is replaced by a peace that surpasses understanding, a knowing of our interconnectedness across space and time. So, when are you going to start living a new awareness?

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Is there more ?

Well, this question prompts a deeper investigative view of belief systems. Let's look at the fear-based version that has been convoluted into a major religion that still practices a denial of their founder, Jesus Christ. Actually he wasn't the founder, but those who did used the story to socialize the tyranical behavior of the ruling elite. Whenever the real Jesus Christ shows up, through true believers speaking the essence of love, he is further subjugated as a misinformed or an 'unauthorized' source of information. Religious structures have the hiearchy that control information flow and only sanctioned bits and pieces can reach the minions' ears and eyes.


Understanding consciousness and choice, we can view the crucifixion from a totally objective perspective in the psychological analysis of the event. Jesus was crucified because there was a fear in the religious rulers of things getting out of control coupled with the fear of the public who never challenged the ruling party of the time. It was never about the shedding of blood for the removal of sins for mankind. Jesus taught personal accountability and responsibility, so why is the opposite taught by the churches? You might believe it is not, but have the guts to question authority and put your belief aside for bit. You can always pick it back up.


The 'Mission' was not to shed blood for sins, although let's acknowledge his total submission to the process as being the will of 'God,' it was the ascension from what we perceive as death, taking the body with him that was the pure example of what he said we were capable of...demonstrating the way, so to speak. As research and comparison to other spiritual teachings has revealed, the path to salvation is about consciousness, not following a religious leader blindly. Each person has the responsibility to grow to know their personal connection to 'All That Is.'


Apparently this is something that Jesus probably understood, based on what we know of Christ Consciousness to date. What organized religion did, as a subversive technique to quell the actual truth from being understood, was to use Jesus as a martyr for humanity, claiming the shedding of his blood will pay for all humanity's sins - never focusing on his ascension and true teachings. We know now that so much was left out of the Bible as an effort to bridge church and state, Constantine's empire. What were they thinking? How else would they have profited from tithing and the slaughter of anyone who 'believed' outside the sanctioned system? In the purest sense, it was a business decision wrapped in an illusion of righteousness and repeated so well that it eventually seeped into the substrate of consciousness within religion itself.


None of Jesus' teachings ever mentioned this. In fact, his teachings were in opposition - as ye sow, so shall ye reap. "The Word is in your heart,"  "If ye shall listen to my words ye shall not taste death," and so on. The condition of humanity and the planet today is a direct result of humanity's ignorance and refusal to consider life-friendly choices above all else, including profit. This could be why the Military Industrial Complex continues to manage the planet's resources for profit, rather than loving thy neighbor. Our ancestors have returned to share a clearer view, but are we really listening? Can we move beyond belief systems to truly question the TRUTH we've been induced to believe? Can you?

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