Future Concerns and Options

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Future Solutions Now


Below are various alternatives that others have offered as solutions for perceived problems. Each has its value in the mix of future consciousness and our changing environments. But before you get too serious, here's some light-heartedness from a good friend, Swami Beyondanada.

Someone's dream list:

1. Cease the production and distribution of all altered seed and foodstuffs, either by radiation or genetic modification, until sufficient long-term (at least 7 years or more) testing has been completed so as to prove them safe for human consumption.
2. Absolutely ban the use of toxic neuroexciters such as monosodium glutamate and aspartame in the entire world’s food supply either for human or animal consumption.
3. Establish worldwide programs to educate all sexually active people about the proper utilization of contraceptives and AIDS preventive techniques, such as condom usage.
4. Create worldwide referendums to increase renewable, non-petroleum energy sources as soon as possible.
5. Implement legal limits to unbridled capitalistic “greed” by creating legal ceilings and floors to supply and demand factors.
6. Establish universal health care, shelter, food, clothing, and satisfying work for all.
7. Enable everyone on the planet to become involved in a spiritual deepening program. 

Some examples of new thought, progressive alternatives and possible solutions:

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