Quantum Coagulation
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Quantum Coagulation

Heard about The Secret ? How about Conversations with God? Wayne Dyer and The Power of Intention? Marianne Williamson and the Miracle Matrix? They are all pointing to personal and professional growth through self-awareness and service to others. Amazingly enough, this new attitude and lifestyle offers tremendous freedom from fear and suffering, too. What is it really and how can you access this understanding for you own life?


Multi-plane Awareness CD

In a recent interview Zen stated, "People like me, who have a natural affinity toward the technologies for creating, have been waiting patiently for the mainstream population to get interested in things that truly matter in life.


This paradigm shift is taking us back to the simple matters, caring for ourselves and our world, that have been espoused by the great leaders throughout history. We don't need the superstitious beliefs of worn out religions any longer. We have permission to explore and grow into our creative capacity."


Sample of Multi-Plane Awareness CD - Click on image to the right to purchase - $15


Find out how integrating science and spirituality offers optimal experience for you! 


  • Demonstrate How New Millennial Thinking Causes Paradigm Shiftscosmic conundrum

  • Increase Your Self-Awareness and Capacity for Successful Relationships

  • Expand Your Holistic Life View and Connect the Dots within The Secret

  • Learn and Share Methods for Changing Dysfunctional Patterns

  • Align Your Life with Your Personal or Professional Passion

  • Create Personal Magic in Your Life Experience in Work and Play

  • Explore Meta-Senses and Your Ability to Create Results with Them



  • Ability to Be Here Now - In the moment and free of stress!

  • Achieve Your Optimal Experience - Ever feel like you are out of touch?

  • Greater Daily Enthusiasm - Would life change if you were happier?

  • More Centered & Productive - Too many irons in the fire?

  • Enjoy Better Relationships - Would greater charisma help your life?

  • Personal & Professional Growth - New paradigm for the new millennium.


Prior Knowledge or Awareness

  • Initial Exploration of Personal or Spiritual Development

  • Some Understanding of Emotional & Multiple Intelligences

  • Personal Awareness of Incongruent Areas of Your Life

Some topics you can expect to explore:bridge earth & sky, quantum coagulation

  • Holistic Living: Cosmic Conundrum or Common Sense?
  • Working with Emotional and Multiple Intelligences
  • Distinguishing Between Inner and Outer Motivators
  • Letting Go of Emotional / Intellectual Attachments
  • Creating Emotional Freedom - Connecting as One
  • Science and Spirituality – Quest for Congruence
  • Applying Quantum Sciences and Metaphysics
  • Increasing Your Imagination’s Effectiveness
  • Making Tough Choices in Critical Moments
  • Magnetizing Your Healthy Heart's Desires
  • Creating Serendipitous Moments in Life
  • Possibilities Coagulators in Action


This coursework and day-long workshop synergizes research in science and spirituality with practical applications for daily living. Join Zen for a psycho-spiritual journey into practical transformation methods that activate and accelerate your fulfillment in the 21st Century! Your own experience will validate the principles that work for you.


Invite Zen to lead your group to new levels of optimal experience! (Sample Flyer 1 & Sample Flyer 3)






Please let us know more about your group, location and scheduling requirements.:


We will contact you regarding details and fees.

Suggested pricing: $50 - 1/2 Day or $100 Full Day (minimum - may increase)

Our intent is to provide a win/win/win experience for promoter, venue and participants. With shared efforts it only makes sense to share rewards. Your information will not be shared.

"Never have I met someone who can guide one through the delicate process of true personal transformation like he can. He is incredibly intelligent, wise, present, knowledgeable, and has the one true gift that you can find almost nowhere else.... real life experience. Whatever you do, budget some money to spend some time with this man - even one hour will be worth it." JG - Columbus, IN

YOUR FACILITATOR....zen benefiel

Zen Benefiel - holds Masters Degrees in Business Administration and Organizational Management, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration as well as being a certified Hypnotherapist, Transformational Life Coach, Secondary and Post-Secondary Teacher. He is also a minister and honorary Doctor of Divinity with over 30 years of research in the constructs of creating a healthy and joyous life through personal mastery of the cosmicly challenged mind. He is a gifted channel, empath, guide, mentor and visioneer with a charismatic and transformational personality. Check out his background further here: CV, et al.


Zen has a plethora of personal and professional experience of creating flow, the harmony of attention and intention in the art of BEing and Creating. Beyond personal experience, his reading and research includes many authors, programs and coursework over a wide area of personal and professional development.


Zen's extensive research was empowered by his insatiable curiosity to know Truth, the union of science, spirituality and our capacity to co-create in harmony. Using some cosmic wit and wisdom developed over years of trials and tribulations, Zen presents insights of his integrative journey and key components from Cosmic Conundrum: Who Am I? - Coursework for Connecting.




The most beautiful things we can experience in life should evoke in us a pause—to stand rapt in awe is to begin to grasp how gloriously wondrous our lives truly are.