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Space Relations


There are mixed emotions and perspectives regarding the reality and relationships of extraterrestrials and UFOs. Earth, or Gaia as some have called our planetary home, seems to have an awareness beyond human comprehension yet self-manages in regards to a cosmic framework. Many of the people who claim to be contactees also profess that we are on a cosmic timetable and our 'space brothers and sisters' are present to help guide us through the transition.


One thing is clear however, no matter how technologically advanced and supremely intelligent compared to humans these ones are, we are not being held prisoner or forced into slave labor camps to support their nefarious intent. So we can safely release any conspiratorialist implications based on Hollywood's dramatization of our celestial neighbors. We are far more nefarious as humans than our extraterrestrial visitors. In fact, most of the reliable and resonant information being presented to humanity is that we need to clean our own act up before any open contact will be made.


Let's look at things a little more intelligently given the fact that our collective military industrial complex would much rather destroy anything that it cannot control or perceives as a threat than be open to the possibility of stewardship. Why would a more intelligent and technologically advanced race want to have anything to do with such a barbaric humanity? We cannot even get along with each other yet, so how could we possibly accept visitors from outer space?


Those that have had direct contact  of any sort and been open about it are systematically psychologically tortured by our own governments and military regardless. Most others have remained silent, but consistently leak the understanding that we are not being threatened by any race... only our own. We've succumbed to the fear of threat. Contactees state that we must advance to the level of love that removes any fear in order to advance our civilization.


Recent information that came across my desk is here. I can neither confirm or deny the information, only that it exists.


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The blip that spirals through at the moment of impact makes you wonder. Read about another dramatic and dutiful scene here.
Now if you've watched these, click here to view a phenomenal video elsewhere. Would that non-distinction and logic be implemented in our development of relationships on the ocean of emotion. Starting with the science-based 666 - the carbon atom. It unifies without distinction. In the depths of the Void and the center of the Light, the 'feelings' are the same. No evil exists in either place, only in the hearts of mankind driven by self-absorption. But that is only my opinion as a non-holy source point sharing in this moment of non-linear time.