Who was Serena? (And why you should care.)

Serena, the Avatar

If I were writing a “clickbait” headline for what I need to say, it might be:

Female Jesus found in North Carolina!


Human Earthlings: Your Software Update is Ready! (It is strongly recommended that all humans install this critical systems software, ASAP.)

Note: this update is largely a disabling of some code that has become dangerously dis-functional or “atavistic”, rather than addition of new features. Features which, in the past, have been more or less disabled by the dis-functional code will restored to full availability.


The being many called Serena arrived on Halloween night, 1974. She was among us, in a body on this 3-dimensional level, until early 1976.

She claimed to be an Avatar, directly connected to the Supreme, on a mission to humanity: “To teach and to prepare the way for 12 teachers yet to come.”

The persona “descended” on an 18 year-old girl who lived on a small commune/refuge-for-runaway-teens, in the woods near Saluda, NC.  That Being “ascended” again a little more than a year later. The “other girl”, as Serena called her, was back. She had no recollection of that time.  During the Serena daze, the body spoke with an entirely different voice/accent than it had prior and after Serena’s presence.

After the year recorded in her Archives , Serena “re-tuned” the body (Ref. magazine sales) to make it ready for “the other girl” to return.

When the Avatar left, the voice and personality of “the other girl” returned.

I wound up with hundreds of pages of transcripts of her discourses, and a few hours of audio recordings. I have spent many hours over the last 40-plus years listening to and reading this material. Only in the last few years have I recognized the urgency of bringing her message to the world. So, here’s my attempt at that.

Serena the Avatar’s Message: circa. 1975:

Humanity is approaching fork in the road: one branch brings Atlantis-like mass destruction, the other a Golden-Age, the full realization of human potential on the planet.

Humanity can bring about the more pleasant outcome by recognizing the ego-dominant nature of our society as the cause of all fear and suffering, and turning away from the leadership of the Ego.

The “I/me/mine/survival-of-the-fittest” concept of life must be replaced by it’s opposite. The end of fear as a constant in life. To be replaced with the concept of brotherhood of all mankind as a constant in life.

Serena’s “Three Commandments” for humans:

Love EveryOne! 

Serve EveryOne!

Open YourSelf!

The first two of these can be understood without much elaboration here. They are elaborated in her teachings. The third, however, was new to me.

“Open Yourself” implies the need for humans’ recognition and acceptance that there are beings present in our reality that are not of the generally accepted materialist world. (think: Guardian Angels, fairies, extraterrestrials, Ascended masters…)

Serena states that “she” was an Ascended Master before undertaking the difficult mission of taking on a 3-dimensional focus in a body. She tells in her meetings how she accomplished this, with the permission of the prior occupant, who was later returned safely to the body. The Master who had been Serena re-ascended.

At least some of these beings are ready and willing to help us humans through this imminent difficult passage. However, this help can be greatly facilitated if enough people will request (and expect) this assistance. (The Beings that are “on our side” are required to always honor our Free Will. Their message will always be one of Love and Inclusivity.)

The core of her personal teaching was: We (humans) are all equal. We all have two parts, if we are in a body:

  1. The Illusion Part – the Ego, the “I” that sees itself as a separate being, with likes and dislikes and everything else that supports our perceived individual personhood.
  2. The Reality Part – which knows itself as a semi-detached part of the One, and is moving toward full re-connection with the One. This Unity is resisted, to a greater or lesser extent in each individual, by the Illusion Part.

Thus, we are all equal, and we are all brothers and sisters. She did not give very detailed instructions on how to achieve the Unity and avoid the Atlantis option. (These detailed instructions have come and are coming still, through the 12 she said were coming.) She did say that the Ego, the belief in separation was the issue that humanity must address.

She did recommend meditation. “Be still, and know That I AM God!”

Why my urgency at this time?

For the decades that have passed since I realized that I had become the keeper of the Serena Archive, I have made many false starts at publishing her story. I never brought the process to completion. Through those years, my family, my career, my day-to-day existence filled my hours.

In the last few years, I’ve come across many bodies of material that, when I read or heard them, I thought: “This sounds like Serena, but with the depth of instruction for humans that she could not get into in her short time on Earth.” Sometimes there would be quotes that were word-for-word in the Serena Archive.

I thought: “These are some of the 12!”

I see  the same Serena message coming in several channellings of Jesus. (See Serena Bibliography below). The messages are congruent with Serena and with each other. These are the Teachers that I have found, and I am confident there are many more, probably coming through, in Arabic, Chinese, and many other languages.

The bottom line in Serena and all of those referenced is: Ego-Domination is the problem at the individual and societal level. There are precise and reliable methods of overcoming the problems. If humanity does not undertake (on some scale) to overcome the problem, it will repeat the lesson (again! sigh!) that it did not learn on previous occasions.

Serena came to be known as an Avatar. She came to let us know that other teachers were coming. The other teachers will bring the details, packaged differently for different audiences.

I commend her writing and voice to your attention. I point to some that I have found that fulfill her prophecy. My hope and expectation is that the word will get around and others “of the 12” will be found and followed by her audience.

Serena Bibliography





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