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A Seminal View of Consciousness, Cosmology and the Congruent of Science and Spirituality

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Cosmic Conundrum:
Who Am I?

A Galactic Citizen  offers tips on personal awareness and consciousness.

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are we one? transformation of consciousness

Are We One?

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Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the Mothership Cafࣵisine and the food for body, mind, spirit and soul. We're growing more aware of our universe and the possibility or probability of contacting other life forms. Speaking of contact, have you had any lately?


You'll find many extraterrestrial and UFO 'stories' here that relate many experiences beyond imagination involving disclosure of extraterrestrial, metaphysical and spiritual events. Folks are finding a growing concern for consciousness among contactees now. Perhaps we're growing.


Wise Advice

Expectations are that you will question everything, no matter the depth of direct experience. Anyone can research and post information compiled by others, but few can add their direct experience to the mix. Do not be afraid or timid in your approach. Whether alien, celestial being, exterrestrial (ETs) or representative of the Galactic Federation... there is nothing to fear.


In order for personal truth to unfold, one has to be willing to put their life's experience to the test - the proverbial chopping block if you will. In these times and at the Mothership Café many are searching their inner reserve, outer sources and personal experience to find harmony and truth for themselves.


The Mothership Café was crafted to share experiences  and information for budding galactic citizens. I risk rebuke and ridicule, rejection and righteous indignation but hope for investigative openness.  I am used to the feeling of being on the fringe of brilliance and insanity; an anomalous experience among the population.


Easy Pickings

My first contact came just after my 6th birthday in the form of a voice that simply called out, "Hey You!" as I stood in front of a window looking out over our front porch. The orange cigar-shaped ships showed up a couple of years later, initiating me into galactic citizenship and the Galactic Federation.


Learning my sensitivities weren't as normal as I thought gave me cause for repose, yet natural academic and athletic abilities allowed me to enjoy growing up in a small town. An anomalous NDE in college, complete with a 'divine discussion,' set my course for a profoundly interesting life.


All we really want is to know the Truth, or at least know the ways to discern how to understand the innate bio-spiritual nature of humankind now. I think we can agree that harmony among people and planet is the highest goal for all. Yes? It appears that is also consistent with contactees' awareness and the messages from all the 'visitors' known to date. How do we connect all the dots for personal and planetary growth?


ben hansen, fact of faked, zen benefiel, IUFOC 2011

Ben Hansen, host of Fact or Faked Television Show, and Zendor at the 2011 International UFO Congress.

The UFO community has been a fringe crowd for decades, yet thousands attend events regularly. It is more than curiosity...

Now the common conversations are about investigating consciousness instead of probing for material proof and phenomena.


Questioning one's sanity is quite normal, yet when direct experience provides an unyielding consistency, then maybe it is worth deeper consideration.  Just consider the possibilities that you are not alone, or maybe you already know.


The real voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but having new eyes. There are other indigenous residents that have the ability to interact with plants without harming any of the cell structure. The increase of communication reflects yet another attempt to unify humanity toward harmony with a greater consciousness.


mothership messagesThe binary disc decoded: "Beware of the bearer's of gifts and the broken promises. Much pain but still time. Believe there is good out there. We oppose the deceivers. The conduit is closing."


"In lak'ech," as the Mayans say, "I am another you." The message is finally getting through. Still... painfully slow.


You'll find a lot of information thoughout these pages, spanning a wide gamut of topics, all of them related to the crafting of a new world order that is something we can all be proud of in our lifetimes. If you are looking for something updated regularly, then UfologyPRSS is for you. Just click on the Member Button to the right.


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