A Universal Family of the Future

Our Future Vision in the Making 

Alright, our world is changing rapidly. What is it going to look like in a few years, let alone a decade? How will it change is largely up to us, individually  and collectively, depending on our ability to learn to collaborate effectively.

Just being here now means that you have engaged the cloud. It is the new and amazing thoughtmosphere of planet earth, emerging as the binding factor in our new living awareness of the tapestry of life. Each thread is just as important as any other; diversity is our strength.

So what is coming up?

The Occupy Movement demonstrated what the growing concern is among humanity, social responsibility being the most important role. ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Standards are leading the way in the corporatocracy, even though they are fresh out of the box, so to speak.

Introduced in the latter part of 2010, representatives from over 90 countries helped to compile, organize, write and ratify this document. So on the social front, just holding companies to these new standards can produce great positive change in just a few short years. Here’s something from Earth Charter International about it.

Technology is rewriting the future daily. IBM’s Smarter Planet is more than just a slogan. Watson was just the beginning, their infrastructure around the globe is making things happen on levels only a few understand, let alone its affect on the planet.

Thomas Frey, a world-reknown futurist and past-IBMer, declared that we may be headed for a 90% unemployment rate before the tide turns. A smarter planet means that most of the administration and distribution will be handled by artificial intelligence soon – enter Watson‘s future progeny.

Education is up for some major changes as it decentralizes due to online developments. We may find that the reform we’re looking for may take shape in the form of educational villages like Spectrum Academy that combine living environments with a peer community administration, along with cottage industry, agri-business and data centers as self-funding sources. Urban sprawl is due to continue as rural communities continue to shrink, so it would make sense that villagers gather in a new way.

Crowdfunding resources will be giving entrepreneurs the change to grow organizations that are ISO 26000 compliant and reward the 99% who help make them happen. It turns the current corporate models on their head, putting the people back in charge of the company direction.

Michael Trout and Foundups, Inc. are an example of this kind of incubator funding resource. We can expect a massive change in the way we do business as the corporatocracy gets roto-rootered, not necessarily doing away with it. Just making it be more accountable and ethical in its practices.

The End of the World

The end of the world isn’t coming anytime soon, so those who are confused about 2012 are going to have a serious wake up call. However, that doesn’t mean that the root of the truth doesn’t apply. According to several ancient calendars there is a galactic cycle that has come around for renewal, and includes a change in the consciousness of humanity as evidence of its arrival.

There may be crustal shifts as the earth continues to evolve, however the planet will no doubt continue on its own. Whether humanity can understand the natural order and cycles of time, its own evolution and the need for planetary citizenry is yet to be seen. We seem to have a good start.

It seems that along with the attention that the end of the world has gotten lately, 2012 seeming to be the buzz word, so has the interest in UFOlogy increased. Heck, even folks who profess to have Extraterrestrial contact are saying that we need to wake up and take care of our planet, by so doing we’ll ensure we take care of ourselves, too. Still, there is another notion of First Contact… openly.

We all hear about the back-room meetings and dealings with off-planet races, but the word now is that there is absolutely no threat from ‘them.’ Seems the propaganda has been a way to keep the funding flowing for developing technology that may or may not be used for humanitarian purposes.

So again we are faced with choices, decisions and opportunities to embrace or reject the possibilities that these ‘visitors’ are actually long-lost relatives come to check in on how we’re doing. After all, there are huge gaps in the history of our planet’s people, with indications (and some proof) that we’ve been here much longer than we realize.

Our capacity to develop consciousness, albeit spirituality, increasese as our scientific discoveries echo the reality of multiple dimensions. We know our reality, even creation itself, is composed of vibrations. Why wouldn’t it be possible for life to exist on other planes of consciousness and to communicate across dimensions?

Any risk and reward starts with the willingness to let go. Let go? Sure, there is a potential to let go of many constrictive belief systems, intellectual arguments, emotional boundaries and even life itself. Anyone who’s had an NDE (near-death-experience), OBE (out-of-body-experience) or STE (spiritually-transformative-experience) can attest that the sensation of ‘letting go’ is literally transformational.

Life-changing events are what many desire, so our very near future is likely to provide many such opportunities.

The growth of the world’s population is astounding. We’ll need to consider just how to be healthy, wealthy and wise in an entirely new fashion, most likely.

A few things to think about…