Nature of Extraterrestrial Contact – Exploring the Insanity of Reality

What is the Nature of Contact?

Strange as it may seem, I have been invited (showed up without prior knowledge of being called in most cases) to many onboard meetings throughout my history with ‘extraterrestrials.’ I have to wonder if they are more ‘intraterrestrials’ or even ‘ultraterrestrials,’ within the matrix of creation as opposed to distinct physical beings. I’ve also had experiences as part of ‘councils of light’ that I’m still trying to figure out.

There were numerous experiences where I’ve been looked upon by these various races as a leader among leaders. I’m not sure what to make of it. It has made me feel very strange initially, being honored is such ways. I’m not quite sure what that is all about and my humility on this plane keeps me from waving a big ‘hey look at me’ flag.

As much as I’ve desired to discover my identity at a spiritual level, being consumed with ‘identity’ on the physical level keeps me quite still at times. When confronted with opportunity to become ‘self-aggrandizing’ I have a natural urge to empty, so I’ve been able to keep a safe distance as the observer. I’m sure it doesn’t seem that way when I’m talking about experiences, but how do you keep your distance when you are talking about personal experiences?

I’m quite sure that questionable variables keep one humble in their quest for understanding. When I have researched these phenomena I asked many questions of various psychics and sensitives without offering much information. Their responses have been amazingly consistent and quite intimidating to my human being. If I have another being in there I’d sure like it to come out and play.

I was asking many sensitives about the name ‘Zendor’ when I first received it. Every psychic I spoke with said that he was the commander of a mothership, and the last one I asked took it further saying that ‘Zendor’ is the Commander of the New Jerusalem. What the heck am I supposed to do with that information? This life is stranger than fiction, and apparently it’s real.

I’m not sure that I can quite fill those shoes at this time, nor do I truly know what it means entirely, yet I’m certainly willing to entertain the idea because of the seeming connectedness to my life’s experiences. I have a hard enough time maintaining sanity in my direct experience so I can imagine what others might perceive in reading my attempts at articulation and explanations.

I first began these experiences in my childhood. As I’ve grown up with these things being somewhat ‘normal’ in my life, it gets a bit sensitive when sharing with others that have no direct experiences of this nature. The tendency is to take several steps back and offer a raised eyebrow to say the least. It would be hard for me to believe, too.

Shortly after I got the first symbol I had some well-intentioned church folk tell my wife I was full of Satan and she needed to leave me as soon as possible… by the end of the week she had taken our two young daughters, 2 months and 2 years, and returned to her mother’s – nearly 2,000 miles away. The same day I came home with a ‘new’ used car… a Cadillac Talisman. What a shocker, eh?

Looking back, the events and timing were perfect and reflected the paradox of my experience. Earlier in the week my wife reported seeing a ‘golden man’ come into our bedroom after I’d left for work. He told her to ‘not be afraid – everything would be okay.’ Well, I traded our van for a Cadillac Talisman the very day she left and I couldn’t wait to show her our ‘new’ ride.

When I got home, the feeling was quite eerie before I even entered the house.  Still, I believe this natural order is within each of us, inside the darkness we rarely choose to explore. Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Indeed it is… in the darkness inside, deep within as we uncover our Soul’s light we begin to understand the course of our own path.

As one who has visited the Void and the Light, in the depths of the Void and heights of the Light the feelings are amazingly similar – completely ONE with everything and paradoxically totally alone in the oneness. It makes one feel very humble indeed. Now is the period where this understanding is also integrating with our outer worlds, those worlds of form that have run amuck due to our dispassionate living awareness.

It seems the Harmonic Convergence signaled the beginning of our entrance into the Photon Belt. I met Jose Arguelles at the Prophets Conference in Phoenix where I was the event logistical manager in 1997. I wonder what or how things will manifest as we come closer to 2012?

Contact is imminent for the world, not necessarily with mass UFO landings as I’m not sure most people could really handle the exposure, more likely connecting with one’s own divinity or creative capacity first. True ‘contact’ is within and manifests without… like all Eastern philosophy maintains and even Jesus taught.

Westerners seem to value the outer more than the inner to date. 0s and 1s, inner/outer, white/black, east/west, yin/yang are all paradoxes (paradigms) that reveal a WHOLE. Science has shown the Earth’s magnetic poles are beginning to shift, mixing together for a time in the transition. What of our human libation, the cocktail of cosmic comeuppance?  What about the prospect of Inner Earth?

Already many are experiencing various types of contact, and there is a cosmic process that all of thenature contact extra intra ultraterrestrial Galactic Federation are aware is happening on planet Earth now. Much like the Committee of 300 proposed their understanding of planetary administration, large meetings happened on board this starship of my dreamtime the week of the so-called Council of 300 meetings, noted by several cosmic psychics on February 17, 2001.

I was not aware of the ‘meetings’ until some weeks later, yet my direct experience seemed to correlate all too well. It is even more difficult to articulate the process without seeming to be after some ‘important’ state of rank in the files. Someday it may all make sense as we coalesce in the grand scheme.

What remains to be a vivid memory (I am not prone to recording my experiences) was standing in front hundreds of various bipedal beings from who knows where in a beautiful multi-tiered auditorium. I can only assume it was on board a ship. I was addressing the group as a facilitator, going over the basic tenets of the duties and responsibilities in the process of continuing development of relationships with human beings and the progression of planetary civilization.

It felt like I had the attention of emissaries from across the universe. I wasn’t sure how to initiate this internal experience in an outer presentation. What I did recall most, though, was the presentation of the tablet or plaque (second image above) with its dual-spinning swastikas that appeared translucent.  It was given to me at the end of the several nights of meetings.

Many people knew of these events and even participated in them in some way, aware that they were in another dimension for the duration of the process. I read some reports that were shared online through various groups at the time. These meetings were focusing on the relationships of mankind and their ancestral heritage, revealing their lineage.

My personal experience has promoted a feeling of planetary family rather than a particular blood-line lineage, which the latter often creates temporal separation. The ultimate family reunion is about to occur, or at least it appears we are being informed that our ancestry and binary code have a lot to do with each other. Kachinas are said to have come from the sky originally, sharing great understanding with their little brothers and sisters.

Nature of Contact – Exploring the Insanity of Reality

The last months of 2000 and beginning of 2001 offered some coalescing. I had recently been introduced to two loves, through visions and physical appearances each (although a couple years apart), from the North and South American continents. We had our first Earth Dance one month later (March 17) in Phoenix to show an example of people with purpose coming together to work on real issues and situations beginning with our youth.

A few years later we had a written plan for a model facility, called Spectrum Academy. On the same day, the Danza de la Tierra happened in Valparaiso, Chile. I gave a presentation on project planning there later in July at what was probably the last Danza.

Rather than a single Messiah, though there may indeed be ONE who leads the rest, it is more of a Collective Messiah that is emerging from the realms of the Cultural Creatives. Like the Sons and Daughters that grow up to be Gods… playing in the same sandbox is a challenge. Elephants and giraffes still need to learn to get along, especially when building a house for diversity.

Now I’m going to take a evo-leap in possibility to propose that many Celestial or Cosmic Beings and Ascended Masters have incarnated here now from across the galaxy (most with the urge to merge into Oneness as their ‘gut’ feeling) to help facilitate this process.

The Urantia Book refers to two types of humans or what is called ascending and descending mortals. Many ascending mortals want to be the prognosticators of events rather than tend to the business at hand in their land. The ETs aren’t going to save us. We made the mess. We are the only ones that can clean it up.

The concept of descending mortals seems to fit the condensation of light particles into form, much like the original ‘fallen’ angels were actually ‘condensed’ beings. Some are still caught in the Messianic Complex and haven’t quite got it all figured out just yet. All in time… Once we do make some obvious progress we’ll have more help than we can imagine.

Speaking of family reunions, I became involved with the daughter of a Hopi Elder and was invited to a (Kachina) planting  dance in the plaza of Kykotsmovi on Second Mesa. I was taken into one of the houses on the plaza only to find out later it was Bear Clan.

What impressed me were two things: First, the feeling of the beat of the dance permeating the ground for hundreds of feet around the plaza. The sense of oneness was permeating everything in this environment. It was undeniable in the feeling and sensation of the pulse created by the dancers and drum. It was like stepping into another world of unified consciousness.

Second, the insanity presented by the clowns as they brought many non-Indians (including me) into the center of the plaza and then proceeded to split into groups. One ‘aggressor’ group literally attack the other with water, reeds, and sticks. They even were ripping clothes off their ‘opponents’ while leaving us in the middle to simply stand and observe, not knowing what to do. The feeling of helplessness and sorrow was overwhelming. Interesting view, eh? Sound familiar? I got a real awakening in that place.

The solar disc is mentioned in several ancient texts as containing the secrets of life, a codex of planetary understanding if you will. Many signs have been prepared to initiate the process, from the ships in the skies to crop circles on the ground.

The tablet appears to be very similar to the one spoken of in the Hopi Prophecies and also a representation of the rotating feathered-serpent medicine wheel that symbolizes Source to the Mayans. Jose Arguelles spoke of it as a ‘sign’ above the gathering places during the Harmonic Convergence. I saw it above Sedona when I asked the question, “If God made us, then who made God?”

I am awed and usually speechless in any kind of contemplation of correlating identity factors, feeling inept in the wake of this cosmic wave. Time will tell as truth is always Self-revealing. I truly have no attachment to outcome nor identity, although human emotions do enter in from time to time.

As an empath since childhood, I’m not always sure whether those emotions are mine or from others. As a spiritual being in human form it is often difficult to remain balanced and centered in this movement of energy toward Oneness. It is difficult enough to understand even with the experiences. Without direct experience… faith matters and discernment becomes tantamount to trials and tribulations. I was told years ago to ‘have faith, trust and allow.’

After some additional time and further self-exploration my faith has revealed some very simple understandings through my direct experience. Our Trinity… in all its names and religions… comes from the foundations of creation in the material and spiritual worlds…which are truly the same. The three Suns that I had visited some years ago announced that they were not only my forefathers, they were also the forefathers of our solar system.

The time it took to travel to this place, 8 minutes at 241 trillion miles per second (speed of thought according to the Urantia Book), puts it about 622 million light years away. I spent years wondering what the reality of this experience would truly bring, even though I was told that I would ‘figure it out’ in due time.

My working partner and I recently met William Arntz, the many-hatman of the creation of a new movie that explores the bridge of science and spirituality called “What the BLEEP do we know?” The movie connected the dots for me that had been in front of my face the whole time.

So bringing the declaration of the suns into the realms of science, these suns (Source? – Trinity?) are represented in the microcosm as the proton, neutron, and electron – Self-directed bundles of light that make up our entire physical creation. The ‘space’ between the particles contains the ‘thoughts’ of Creation that we have yet to understand.

There is literally nothing outside of God, or more correctly ‘Gods,’ including the space between the particles of light. This ‘space’ is where intent resides as the unqualified absolute made manifest through thought, intuitive and pure in its logic (the bridge of carbon and silicon?). We have been questioning how does one become connected to God instead of recognizing how we already ARE. God IS dwelling in man already.

Our polarity paradigm paralysis has not let us ‘see’ and ‘hear’ the truth of our ONEness. The Spirit of Truth is upon us now folks. Am I absolutely insane or does this feeble attempt at articulation make sense at all?

Many people have continuing contact with BEINGS  through dreams and visions that are beyond much of our human comprehension, from many realms and worlds of space and time. All are being given relatively the same message… Create Harmony Among People and Planet.

We know it is time looks like we are all here to join in the Party…. The Vision and Spectrum Academy are my attempts at sharing these concepts through applying my inner knowing and outer education/experience in order to share my LOVE. You simply cannot imagine how risky this business of emotional vulnerability has become. Or maybe you can….

The paradox for me is that I named this page ‘lucky’… The Angel of Music and Light and the Son of God simply MUST be part of the SAME SOURCE… Limitless Oscillating Vibrational Energy… LOVE. Yet, the risk factor in letting go of any and all attachment to the outcome is totally intense.

The blessing comes in the ability to report my experiences and perspectives at the risk of being thought a fool, insane, or whatever method of rejection is popular to the reader. Maybe it has something to do with a deeply rooted belief I’ve recently discovered. It revealed itself as this ‘I have a lot to offer, but you will reject me.’ Is this what all star beings incarnate here feel?

The Mayans have a great saying for humbling oneself… In Lakesh… I am another you. Our lives are about love, living and sharing love unconditionally. May we all live well.

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