Humble Beginnings Leading to Soulfully Searching

Humble Beginnings

(originally published in the early 00s)

I’ll be brief, perhaps, and in depth so as to be free from attachments to outcome. It’s too wild a trip to hold on as best as I’ve been able to determine over the years. If you keep a death grip on  your previous belief systems you will be in for a bumpy ride to say the least.

Being identified as having a genius level IQ when I was very young, my ability to question is only exceeded by the answers that appear, begging more questions. Arrested development that occurs with many genius level kids appeared more in my nature to believe others and trust in their words… naïve as that may be in today’s environment. As my experience, knowledge, and wisdom have grown I’m humbled nonetheless…..

I came to Phoenix in April of 1981 after ‘hearing’ the name as an answer to a question of, “Where do you want me to go?” I’d just lost two jobs (machinist and meat cutter) and the band I played drums for, apply named ‘Apogee,’ broke up in the same week.

Phoenix bound in less than a month we were…arriving April 17 and welcomed by the first of 180 days of 100 degree weather. I look back now and realize that I didn’t have a clue about how my life would change yet I felt a deep commitment and ‘presence’ within that guided my choices regardless of how they were interpreted by others.

That summer my wife witnessed a necromantic act of mine. ‘Necromancy’ is the art of talking with ‘dead’ people in case you were wondering. Most people get a bit queasy when ‘dead’ people show up, whether announced or not. Being considerate of the Divine Hierarchy I’d been taught, I asked Jesus for permission first.

You know, ‘Jesus… If it be your will, may I please speak to….’ I desired to talk to a childhood friend who had recently died in a motorcycle accident just a few weeks before. He came after several attempts at calling him telepathically, only I had to use his nickname… too many Steves in the mix. Not only did he appear in my inner eye, he also appeared to my wife simultaneously.

She truly had no idea of what I was doing. It frightened her more than I had anticipated and her fear of the ‘other side’ helped to separate us eventually. It was only the beginning of the return to my spiritual path after having been diverted for several years. My heart-felt desire to understand and live my path was no longer separate from my daily life; however dysfunctional it may have appeared at the time.

Later that year as my guide, Zephyr (who had been with me since childhood), continued  to drop dimensional dimes I was asked to pick up a pen and paper and draw while standing in front of my ID grinder at an aerospace company. I’d felt his presence on the platform that I stood on in front of the machine just before the ‘prompting’ to draw.

This wasn’t my first experience with automatic writing. I initially turned to see who was walking up and then realized who it was when no one was there. He simply said, ‘Pick up a pencil and paper and draw.’ I’d had a similar experience in college where I’d written three pages of Sanskrit after hearing his directions.

Soulfully Searching

Those pages led to a deeper inquiry about who he was and what was being shared with me through this language I could not read with my physical eyes and intellectual understanding. Knowing that I didn’t hear that Voice too often, I paid attention and drew. This is what came of the request…

Now, even greater understanding was coming to fill an already full cup. I began to really understand the meaning behind ‘my cup runneth over’ in a much different way. I intuitively knew that each symbol within it carried inherent duality spectrums and yet the paradox of the ONE was within each as well.

Confused about its ‘overall’ meaning initially, I did know that somehow this was the symbol I carry as a being of/from HOME – SOURCE – GOD, so to speak. In layman’s terms, it is my SOUL SYMBOL. It also carries great strength and potential toward an indigenous understanding of the fifth world in North America, the sixth in South America.

In the early 1990s Christopher Jelm had developed a soul-tracing technique and it also indicated that the lineage is direct from Source. He triple-checked the data to confirm. I was amused and gratified. My human mind still grapples for understanding at times as these experiences, including the people who witness them, happen whether or not I seek them out.

One might term them ‘serendipitous synchronicities’ of life’s revealing itself to you. Seems I can’t hide from any of this stuff. Do I really want to? Would you? Imagine the trials and tribulations that you’d have to go through… tough path to say the least. Would you talk about it this openly or would you keep it locked up inside of you from fear of being called ‘crazy’ and rejected by those you care about most?

The Hopi and Mayans both speak of this symbol carried by a white brother, the Pahana, to usher in the new world. This white brother is supposed to carry the sign of the swastika, as well as a piece of the tablet that was split long ago and shared ‘privately’ with those who would eventually restore the truth and bring humanity together as ONE. They also speak of a ‘tablet’ in their prophecy.

I was given a tablet (similar it seems) after a week of shipboard experiences in February of 2001. I will not be so bold as to claim it to be the one spoken of in the prophecy. I find that such claims often lead fools the way to dusty death, as Shakespeare so eloquently stated. It doesn’t seem to be one of this physical world, though.

All such mentions of ‘items’ in spiritual sources are pieces of the puzzle ‘within’ our true nature, our internal body of light that is the true image of Creator.

This particular tablet was given to me onboard a magnificent Mothership after experiencing facilitating a series of meetings regarding planetary administrational processes and ‘First Contact.’ I found that information and instruction I’d received over a decade before allowed me to negotiate through the process as if I had always known what to do and finally was in the position to share it with purposeful passion and implementation of plans well prepared long ago.

Reviewing a Past Encounter

Ashtar had shared these things with me through Steven White and, at the time (1988), I was intimidated by the focus of his gaze toward me in a room of a couple hundred people. I’m still not sure what it all means, only that the movements within me are strong and undeniable. Ashtar had run through the basic description of the ‘Command’ that sounded like a simplified version of the Urantia Book’s display of the material and spiritual hierarchies.

Athena, via April White, shared the community development side, the soft skills that would be necessary to facilitate the care and compassion for humanity in everyone who was rising in their own awareness and sensation of ‘something greater’ happening in the thoughtmosphere of humanity. Again, I was gazed upon by her with eyes closed, and when I asked if I was perceiving correctly, with eyes open. It was spooky cool, I gotta say.

It is a great time to behold in indigenous tradition as it is a time to prepare the way for mankind’s greatest spiritual awakening to date. It is only fitting that our planetary leadership seem to have found the extreme opposite of life-friendly activity in how they treat our Mother Earth and her people. Using the Three Brains in their intended order is significant, switching from head-down to gut-up.

It is already known that the Harmonic Convergence symbolized the union of the Aztec, Hopi, and Mayan calendars. For the Aztecs it was a time where the devil takes off his mask to reveal the true god that he is… “Oh Thetan you thilly fool.”  ‘Thetan’ is the Greek word for ‘thinker’ that, according to some sources noting its Greek beginning, is where we get our word ‘Satan.’

Of course there is ample argument of the fact. For the Hopi and the Mayan, it was a transition from the fourth and fifth worlds respectively into the next and unifying world for humanity where all people recognize their relationship to each other and become as ONE MIND in their activities to bring harmony to people and planet.

This also results in a transcendence from the mind’s conceptual consciousness of good and evil, polarized duality, to a state of harmonious jobarchy where the job (personal and planetary healing) is the boss and precipitates the harmonious actions of LOVE we have around us, just waiting to be acknowledged in our awareness.

When you learn to love your own evil, resistance to ‘what is’ and the selfish desire of the will to control, then you can truly LIVE. “Resistance is futile,” as we’ve heard before.

Here is a graphic example of what science has uncovered about the nature of our genetic codes and the carbon atom. Now we know that approximately 96% of our DNA hasn’t been turned on yet. By the way, have you ever noticed how the yin/yang symbol resembles a top-down view of a DNA helix? We know light pulses through our neurocircuitry and DNA, right?

Or did you know that the first recognizable symbol of spin density (the natural function of our genetic braiding) is a swastika? The pulse of our heart coexists with the spin of our soul… the expansion and contraction of the micro/macro reality we live. There’s some more evidence in Wilbert Smith’s book (Canadian DOT officer in charge of Project Magnet – UFO investigations in the 1950s) The New Science. <– free download.

Quantum physics and M Theory have only just begun to verify the many worlds mystics have known for millennia. It is all about pure sharable energy. Some would go so far as to call it experiencing unconditional LOVE, Limitless, Oscillating, Vibrational Energy… God’s Energy… Source of ALL. Since this initial writing, somewhere around the turn of the century, Neppe and Close have come up with a model of reality called Triadic Dimensional-Distinction Vortical Paradigm (TDVP) that posits consciousness, space and time are tethered across 9 dimensions. It doesn’t limit the number of dimensions, just our access for now in these carbon-based bodies.

Once the new living awareness (YouTube) begins, its only a matter of time before life has a whole new meaning for you and those around you. It’s more connected. Everything becomes relative and significant, yet imperturbability is high and integral in the process, revealing the integrity of the Divine Within. Writing this now in 2021, the opportunity to display a greater understanding in our world is ripe for investigation. The obsession on self-hygiene and sequestration only boosts the desire to go within and question who we are, what we really believe in and how we’ll demonstrate that in our lives.

Accountability is key, as you are the only one you are truly accountable to… and there is no you, it is only I AM in YOU… and everyone else simultaneously. This brings fear of letting go for most people. We all have it, naturally, or rather it seems natural from past programming created by fear-based belief systems of unaware and profiteering people. Some 30+ years after my divorce, I met and married my twin flame, Luba, who defected to the US in 1990, originally a concert-trained pianist and music theory teacher from St. Petersburg, Russia.

I stepped through all the fears in my life, and they, too, had their place in the unfolding of the consciousness within our collective being as often we need to experience the polarity. We do that in order to understand the need for balance and serenity that is within the natural process of ‘letting go and letting God’ we so often hear about. We are even proving it scientifically now so we have to accept the facts, folks, and let our passion for living redirect all the destructive activities around us now.

Holding on nowhere allows the Divine within EACH OF US to spring forth in ever-increasing magnificence. Everything we need is at our fingertips, just waiting for our collective call to begin to assemble. Shall we dance together?

You might be wondering what I do professionally. I have three businesses – Be The Dream Transformational Life Coaching, Planck Social Media Agency and

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