The Starting Point – Balance in the Experience of Living

What Have We Got to Lose?

excerpt from Are We ONE?

What is truth? Is it objective, subjective, all inclusive or mutually exclusive? Does it apply even when we deny it? Do we have the capacity to know it with our senses? Are we greater beings under limitations of modern science and spirituality?

How about cosmic truth? Are we alone or preparing for a family reunion? You might want to treat this work as fiction and don’t believe a word as it is a delicate weave of direct experience and postulations at best.

I would like to explore and share some possibilities while including some personal findings that have starting point - are we one?helped me to explore questions you may have as well. I’ll tell you right up front that your current view of reality may change as a result…for the better.

Not until my early 30s did my adoptive parents tell me that my IQ was off the scale as an elementary student. Early on I became comfortable being a deep thinker. So many things made sense as I grew to know the secrets of personal growth.

I’ve followed the science track for investigating consciousness for most of my life. I’ve met and had lengthy conversations with some very interesting people along the way, some of them quite renowned. What I continue to see in the extrapolations of science is an explanation/observation of phenomena and not the bridging of worlds.The latter, from the perspective of an experiencer, is the most important.

A phenomenon is most often a mental distraction, like the smoke and mirrors to hide the trickery of a magician. Our vision is clouded by the preoccupation with the external; what we can determine is real with our five senses. For an increasing number, the internal senses are becoming their guide in both personal and professional realms. From that internal perspective, the recognition of ‘connection’ to a much larger reality is quite obvious.

Living this new awareness, what we call spirituality, reveals a connection to everything, a confluence of body, mind and spirit. To remain a distant viewer only continues the tendency to sleep with one eye open. To those of us who have bridged worlds, we don’t have to wonder. We have a deep sense of knowing ‘what is.’

To the experiencer, though, the balance comes through suspension of belief systems. Why? Because ‘truth’ is meant to be tested, even according to the great gurus, minds, mystics, prophets and sages throughout history. Ultimately, the universe has no secrets when one learns how to ask the right questions and simply observes without preconception.

When one can learn to be in the present moment without attachments to the past or future, the perception of a holistic reality begins to emerge. The notion of duality may even disappear, revealing more questions.  A recent opportunity to speak at an International Association of Near-Death Studies annual conference will offer some intelligent and insightful reflections from other experiencers and researchers alike.

Balance, in this way, means one is positioned to perceive rather than project a belief system onto an experience in order to try and make sense out of it. This is one of the most challenging practices of one who seeks truth, a reality of one consciousness that permeates all life on earth and beyond. To find this consciousness at any point in our lives is empowering, but the maturity garnered to find the balance often happens much later in life. Now what about the weird stuff that always seems to crop up along the way? How do we balance that?

Whether it is a cosmological movement of our solar system through areas of space with different rates of vibration or a perceptual end of time or obvious planetary shift in consciousness necessary for our survival, there are a wide variety of ‘weird’ experiences being had by a growing number of people. What do I mean by that?

Something beyond our previous understanding, scientifically and spiritually, is causing a rustling in the thicket. We can hear it, but we don’t know what ‘it’ is yet. ‘It’ is a sense of needing something new that allows us to move beyond the fear of global warming and terrorism. Did you notice how your energy just changed at the mere mention of the latter? Imagine that magnified a billion or so times.

So, in order to balance the equation, so to speak, one might consider shifting from a perspective of duality to one of simply ‘what is’ as a place of observation. One can actually find a sense of balance, of stillness, when observing without judgments, criticisms or condemnations. It is a start toward living a new awareness.

This new awareness begins with a point of perspection that dances in the balance of the seer’s vision. We, as observers, can move to virtually any perspective in our potential view and perform introspective contemplations about the experience or scene. We learn to ask better questions.

It was once said that in order to be available to the perception of the ‘next question’ we need to have an awareness of silence. If we know how to keep silence appropriately, we can maintain silence even when speaking and acting. The ‘zen’ of the moment is in the silence… then we move – emotionally, intellectually, physically, verbally with the question… why? Some experiences promote a deeper ‘why’ than others.

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