More on the Ashtar Command et al

Ashtar Command ?

I cannot deny that something is undeniably real about this group, the Ashtar Command, but exactly what it is still eludes me. I know I’m inextricably connected to it since childhood. I’ve looked through the lens of many and been a skeptic in my own activity and observation.

You might ask, “What the heck is the Galactic Federation of Light and/or the Ashtar Command?” Is this some kind of Star Trek fantasy of science fiction? Is it some mass hysteria about an evacuation by space aliens? C’mon, you mean these people actually believe in extraterrestrials, cosmic beings and Jesus Christ all working together? Believe it or not, it could be true. Some try to align it with Ishtar or other mythological characters, too. There is a lot of mixed information for sure.

Already mentioned was the schism between George and Bob. One seemed the polar opposite of the other. Dr. Frank Stranges was also among the early exposers, like the early adopters of today, only his experience was more tangible with Valiant Thor. I had limited contact with Dr. Stranges, although his character seemed solid and his eyes clear. He was a very respected man and a devout Christian. I met another man some years later who claimed to have met Val as well. I still have unanswered questions and have wondered about some of the folks I’ve met that had very strange attributes and behavior.

international ufo congress - ashtar commandOver the years I’ve had numerous precious conversations with Robert Dean, retired Col. Wendelle Stevens, Bob Brown, Wes Bateman, Al Bielek, Hal Wilcox,  Jim Diletosso, Robert Short and Fred Bell just to name a few. Of course name dropping is easy to do and even pictures today can be misleading. Wendelle Stevens and Bob Brown founded the IUFOC and put on the first International UFO Congress in Tucson, AZ in 1991. I was there as a guest of Jim Dilettoso.

I never spoke to them about what I knew, but posed many questions to see if they were open to exploring the idea extraterrestrial offspring being physically incarnate. Later I had similar conversations with Dr. Michael Salla, Dr. Bruce Maccabee, Stanton Freidman and others too numerous to list. They all seemed to be open to the possibility but spent little time exploring it in depth.

Backing up just a little, there was a case that originally drew my interest and, as I recall, was the impetus for first contacting Jim Diletosso in the mid-80s. I was attracted further by his intelligence, wisdom and wit. He eventually introduced me to Wendelle and many others. A decade later I got the opportunity to do the logistical support for The Prophets Conference in Phoenix, meaning I ran the event onsite for the promoters. But I digress….

Here’s a few related items:

There are many folks around the world who dabble, poke and prod at aligning with the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation. Most of them are online only and deal with akashic readings or channeling messages from various sources, most of which are concoctions of well-intentioned folks. Many profess to be of certain star family lineages or indigenous tribal authorities or spiritual messengers. Very few pass the test for authenticity.

Here is where discernment is necessary.

One must question everything, especially if one creates the appearance of separation, however subtle in its presentation. Words are easy to offer and many are being deceived by those who are just seeking attention and notoriety. We have to be vigilant in our communication as well, even when questioning the intention and motivation of others. I’ve had to question my own at times as well. If I didn’t, I’d be pretty worthless when it comes to any leadership role.

Some identify with calling themselves commanders or aligning with specific ships. I was told by several sources independently over many years that Zendor is the commander of the New Jerusalem. So what? Does it even matter? I take it all with a grain of salt. If true, time will provide the opportunity for acknowledgement and validation. Sometimes truth emerges by trying to prove the opposite. I challenge it always.

However, it would only make sense that certain incarnates would begin to identify with their particular groups and resources. Do you think it is possible for ‘others’ to be living among us? The toughest thing is to break free of the ‘Command’ perception and that there is any militaristic mechanism within its structure. It is a cosmic order beyond human comprehension yet the effects of being in human form alters perception and the command and control structures of Earth can certainly produce undesirable side effects.

In spite of all that, there appears to be a resistance to collaboration in the physical world or even online in a lot of cases. No matter what is presented it is obvious that the egos are well entranced. Maybe it is just me or maybe others are just too busy with daily living. Maybe they are simply out for what they can get and are simply repeating human behavior patterns for profit.

In spite of my personal reluctance to stand up and risk appearing a fool, I cannot deny my experience. It has spanned decades, has never been concerned with any kind of ‘command’ structure and even less with ‘names and titles.’ Since my travels as a young boy to the orange cigar-shaped ships (apparently containing schools beyond anything we can imagine on Earth yet, although X-Men come close) I’ve been consistently informed that the ‘mission’ is about raising consciousness – PERIOD.

I had the opportunity to meet BenArion, webmaster of the His youthful perspectives and desire to be an authority has empowered creating a gathering place for thousands to explore their questions and share experiences. It would seem that eventually some pragmatic opportunities would arise, otherwise it’s just ego-fodder for the story-laden.

What IS all this Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation and Confederation of Planets stuff about? Some embrace it, some fear it, some welcome it as a natural progression of planetary evolution, some could care less because there is nothing beyond this world and think it is all delusional fantasy. 

Where do you stand? …or are you sitting? Are you willing to explore more regarding the remote possibility that these things exist? With your permission, of course, prepare to have your mind expanded and/or your experience validated – which ever works best for you.

Quantum sciences suggest strongly that there is much more capacity to our awareness. I recently produced a recording that serves this purpose, using a technique called Multi-Plane Awareness. The link is to a recording of it. I would advise exploring that soon if you are interested in testing reality.

I’ll give some brief information here, along with a bit of my personal experience to date. Admittedly, my experience is a bit off the charts when it comes to ‘normal’ situations even within the realms of abductees, contactees, expanded intelligence and spiritual visions. I often feel bereft of methodologies to translate sensations and vibrations into an intelligent stream of consciousness; articulation has evolved lately in life.

ashtar command galactic federationI don’t pretend to have all the answers as my own experience continues to offer the need for better questions and deeper exploration. Still, I have enough to be of value in my contributions to the quest for understanding our multidimensional reality. I’ve already written a large volume, called Stubbing My TOE (theory of everything) on Purpose. It’s subtitled: A seminal view of consciousness, cosmology and the congruence of science and spirituality.

You see, in the realms of this experience there is no need for names, but we need them for our cranial cataloging. Identification is by vibration… tone, and the rapid-fire streams of consciousness are like the thousand words in one flash of light, nearly incomprehensible. In a state of non-linear or non-local communication one is ‘caught up’ in the experience and simply becomes and observer of the process.

Recent interactions in the thoughtmosphere on a dimension quite familiar provided another opportunity to share space with AA Michael in a rather interesting conversation regarding standing in truth. We were standing in an open area lined with trees in the center of a mountain community, resting on the grass amongst the villagers who surrounded us.

The discussion was intense and the hundreds around us were completely silent, composed yet startled that one of their own (or so I seemed) would engage Michael in such fashion. Our eyes were locked and our hearts open, yet the intensity of our energy exchange intimidated the group. We so completely loved each other we merged in our conversation about the living word in each of us and all those around us.

Our discussion was about the stand for truth, acknowledging the attempts of many to disregard the mandates of the Order and continue to stir fear-based information into the unsuspecting consciousness of those being awakened. We need to hold ourselves and each other accountable for our actions and behavior.

The slumber on the ships is over, its time for the consciousness to expand in the bodies of those who’ve come to serve in their highest capacity. The Council is in agreement and its time to move forward, removing the cognitive dissonance of the human consciousness within the body in the process.

What gives me the authority to speak? I Am and the rest is how open I can remain to the flow of energy in my heart. If you have access to the inner realms where we gather, go there and inquire or ask your favorite psychic. It’s proven to be effective. I can offer much, but it will mean nothing if you have no direct experience of this connection on your own.

I trust my experience. So should you trust your experience. Do you have one? Do you trust it? If not, why? I tested mine for decades before finally giving in to this apparent path. Let me share a little of how things have developed and my reason for the season to share. It was not an easy path nor was it easy to accept my own destiny, but I have been confronted with it for decades.

I’ve been working on this integration of cosmic consciousness and capacity for translation for over 40 years now. I was first contacted shortly after I became aware that I was adopted, by a voice that sounded so large that I thought it was coming from everywhere and through everything. “Hey You!” It came from within. I had just turned 5 at the time, shortly after my sister arrived, who was also adopted, and why I was told about the process.

Nearly 50 years later, I have grown to know many realms and worlds of experience. My articulation is getting better even though it is still a great challenge, but it is a lot more fun now. Wordsmithing is a wonderful way to express concepts and experience whilst keeping a vigilant eye out.

A couple of years later I had numerous nightly trips to an orange cigar-shaped cloud several hundred meters long, possibly a quarter mile in length. I actually watched myself through the entire experience, up to reaching the perimeter of the cloud. It was pretty much the same every time. At that point I would wake up in bed the next morning, feeling like I couldn’t wait until the next time.

I had this intense anticipation and excitement, but I could never talk about it. Now I know this was my initial education amongst peers in what one might call the real Star Fleet Command. Sound incredulous, doesn’t it? Hey, you don’t have to believe it. I’m as much an observer and reporter as experiencer. I’ve learned to detach.

These trips happened about once a month or so over a two year period. I had enough sense to keep the experiences to myself at that time. I had tried to talk to my parents about the ‘Hey You!’ voice and met with incredible denial. I did not need to convince them at the time.

My truth and reality was enough and that ‘knowing’ continues to serve me well to this day. It doesn’t really matter what I think anyway; what happened indeed happened. Occasionally there were witnesses just to keep me sane, although at times we all were simply left speechless.

The first couple of decades of my life were full of wondrous experiences, most of them naturally occurring. I have to admit that, like many of the 70’s, I experimented with psychotropics and stumbled into the path proffered by shamans and some mystics. So many ego deaths and transformations, leading one back to the main entrance clean and clear.

My mind, according to my parents, was quite brilliant and completely replacing our entire body’s cells every 7 years means no loss of brain cells. I not only excelled in school, I learned to go inside, too. The inner worlds are rich with experience and wisdom that few choose to entertain, let alone release their own constrictions about death and the ‘other side’ of life.

Sometimes there is no boundary between the two, but the mind has to be willing to be free of liability, limitation and excuses…. engaged by the challenge to change as one becomes aware. In essence, we must suspend any and all belief systems learned to date in order to discover truth. I found myself in such a place as I was asked if I was willing to die for what I believe in. As a result I made my first journey into and beyond the ‘White Light’ that everyone who has an NDE describes.

I recently spoke at an International Association for Near Death Studies 2010 annual conference and addressed the possibility that the NDErs have better access to the greater consciousness of the Galactic Federation and specifically the Ashtar Command. One who has experienced total release from the body and returned with a new living awareness is quite open to contact by soular contract. After all, the Ashtar Command is said to be the nonadministrative arm of the local Universe Council regarding fulfillment of soul contracts. That is, if you believe in that kind of thing. Truthfully, belief doesn’t matter.

Investigator turn-around

In the late 80s I was part of a group called the New Age Alliance. It was started by the owner of the Alpha Book Center. We were a collective of member-groups that supported accountability, ethics and responsibility in the New Age. I was an investigator that visited applicant groups as part of our membership acceptance process. I happened to visit a group associated with the channel for ‘Jabar,’ Lauren Schmidt. I took my 8 year old daughter with me and sat in the back of the room.

During the channeling after addressing quite a few, Jabar/Lauren turned and looked straight into my eyes and without hesitation asked me if I had ever found my parents. No one in the group knew that I was adopted, let alone was still searching for terrestrial heritage. I replied that I had not, giving up my terrestrial search and having turned it to the celestial side. He asked me if I’d like to know their names, and after affirming he said their names were Ashtar and Athena. Is this crazy, or what?

All I heard were two name that began with ‘A.’ I had to ask my daughter to repeat them because I must’ve consciously blocked hearing them. I REALLY didn’t what to know, I guess. When she repeated their names I had a very strange moment of serenity, of wholeness and then massive emptiness as I wasn’t sure how to relate to this information. I’ve had several other instances where others have acknowledge my connection to them and the Galactic Federation. Why? Well, I found out nearly a decade later during a Gathering of Souls in Camp Verde, AZ.

I’ve acquired a Master’s in Business Administration and Organizational Management so I might gain some academic credibility of understanding strategic planning, monitoring, and achieving excellence in performance. Because of my life-long sensitivity to the concept of Oneness, I prefer to empower people to recognize their kinship, commonality, and love of one another as a hinge point for a new living awareness. Sometimes I can even introduce the concept, articulated differently, to the stakeholders of partnering facilitations performed in the building, road and bridge construction industry .

Although there are  many distractions and passions in the world, I’ve learned to pay close attention to which ones seek to dominate or manipulate consciousness toward any kind of fear-based belief system. These are sure fire ways to identify discordant energy, human agendas intending to control or manipulate a situation, either individually or for their group, company or government. Never has this happened with ETs from my experience. I’ve encountered hundreds and they, at all times, were driven by universal laws and the responsibility they entail.

God, Infinite Intelligence, Christ Consciousness, or Cosmic Consciousness (Bio-Computers of any sort) that are aligned with the anthropic (life-friendly) principle of the Universe, and Creation for that matter, hold a deeper analytical understanding that our emotion-driven and ego-bound Earth lives are yet to comprehend.

To live free of emotional attachments in a ‘wego-bound’ philosophy is most important. WE are all part of the ONE, connected at the core. Many experience undesirable events not realizing their consciousness had not developed the understanding to move beyond fear yet.

Like Agent K said, “People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals, and you know it.” So the adjustments and procedures are all designed to engage deeper and deeper levels of our consciousness. This is where ‘they’ are already operating.

DON’T BELIEVE A THING, but read on if you must…

In its simplest form, the ASHTAR COMMAND Ground Crew is a group of dedicated individuals (you could be one and not even know it, although there have probably been subtle hints) who are a part of a much larger picture- cosmic citizens if you will. It isn’t that far of a stretch to conceive how a planetary civilization might evolve once they discovered how intricately woven is the web of life.

They hold Jesus Christ (some refer to Jesus as Sananda), moreover Christ Consciousness, as the head of the Celestial Command with Ashtar and Athena (Divine Compliments) as the Commanders in Chief of the Galactic Federation in our local region of space/time. These Two and their Celestial Team watch over the development of consciousness in those who have incarnated here from various locations in our local Universe and beyond. They are the overseers with a bunch of cosmic handlers to keep us in line. Many different groups and images have evolved from the loose associations of folks with a clue. Their state of consciousness is incomprehensible to humans at this time.

I’ve known this group (by association, not name)  since my pre-teen years, having many journeys into the orange clouds before I had any idea of what they were. I just knew it was freeing my soul and as an adoptee, I was looking for family at much deeper levels than most. I found them in my cosmic family’s thin worlds as the whisked in and out of my waking consciousness. Ever have dreams of friendly weird looking creatures that seemed to know and respond to your every thought? Think back a little, or perhaps something just popped in your head as you were reading. Evidence?

What if those dreams started spilling out into your daily experience? What if you had others in various places and spaces tell you they see things in and around you? How many times would it have to happen before you started paying attention and living it? Of course you’d have to be quiet and very particular in who you let into your trust circle at first.

The form, fit, and functions crew members perform vary from individual to individual as each has their own Divine Path in the Order of Creation, which fits with all religious foundations. On a practical level, a rather bizarre skill set is common, with professional degrees and/or years of quiet research and study. Some wonder about their missions, still. Look at where your skill set fits in your best form and functioning at peak performance.

As with ‘many mansions’ we have multiple bodies integrated on the vibrational scale and indeed can experience being both an ‘extraterrestrial’ and a human being simultaneously. Skill sets are compatible across the gamut. Now that is a stretch for most, yet it is my experience. I’ve been encountering others with the same perception, knowing that some epochal change is happening and we’re functioning on levels most don’t even know exist. Is it real?

Our Divine Nature and service in the Galactic Federation is more about a deep listening spiritual mindset, or consciousness serving the many, than a particular rank and file of minions serving a Grand Master. Harmony among people and planet is self-initiating and self-organizing. One might even call it a Collective Messiah if one were to put a theme to it, where each knows exactly what to do and does it, healing one another in the process. The essence of this consciousness is based in pure shareable energy, unconditional love and service to All That Is through some kind of earthly action – environmental and social responsibility.

Some maintain that there is some sort of ‘hive’ consciousness that permeates a subliminal submission toward being part of a less than beneficent order of creatures. If that is what you believe, that is what you will create. Fear-based belief systems shrink the potential one has for developing their own co-creative power and understanding. In the order of ONE, there is only vibration. Humans make distinctions based on limited experience and/or intelligence. What might the view be like from the inside out if one were to truly be ONE with All That Is. What does ONE MIND see?

I think that human beings do well enough to infect malicious intent on mass populations without anyone’s help, personally. They really don’t need any help in misbehaving toward each other and the planet, let alone their God… Just look at the current world situation. Why don’t ‘they’ get involved? The question begs to be asked. The Occupy Movement is an example of how the inner/outer bridge is being forged; an example of the collective voice being honored, change is required. If your civilization had learned universal laws long ago it would seem inappropriate to assist, let alone step in.

Humans will be destructive before they all can learn to get along, each wanting their piece of the pie. The signs of unification, of harmony among people and planet, are not violently forced change. But, because of humanity’s lack of awareness in can be violent indeed; chaos to order is usually painful because of the desire for control.

Being In Control?

A true student of meditation or spiritual exploration knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that these types of creatures simply cannot exist in a higher vibratory realm. Of course recent departures or particularly attached souls may cause a raucous. Fear, again, is what allows them to have any hold on consciousness. These are aspects of the little mind, not the Big Mind of Trinity… Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. Now there are lower vibrational entities (4th Plane – Astral) that can wreak havoc on unsuspecting experiencers, but there is no threat to the loving one. Discernment is crucial.

The nature of the higher vibrations are harmonious with a life-friendly creation…ONE… that permeates the cosmos. It is indeed the human mind that seeks the confusion of duality, arising from survival instincts left over from the early evolutionary path toward greater consciousness and integration of the natural order within Creation. The Galactic Federation are emissaries of this ONEness. Gentle stewards capable of keeping us from annihilation, but letting us run amuck nonetheless. Children eventually grow up and over thousands of years wisdom develops.

Evil, in essence, is simply the easier path of dominance through conscious, political, religious, or social structures that create separation among human beings and their true identity. The challenge among humans is to move beyond condemnation, criticism, and judgment to pluralism… accepting a variety of beneficial or benevolent operations and organizations that promote harmony among people and planet. One such document recently released is the ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Standards.

To point fingers at anything with disdain, usually means there is something to learn for you there. Recognize the rub and move on…

This ‘Order’ is understood, within the Command, as a movement toward understanding and living in our own Divinity, exemplifying the Christ Consciousness in our daily lives, working toward creating harmony among people and planet. It starts first with the individual awareness, though. Some believe this must come in the form of some great spiritual leadership. The Melchizedek Priesthood is of such distinction and has included planetary administrators and avatars throughout Earth’s history.

Others abide by the old standard ‘to know, to dare, to do, and to be silent.’ Members do not deny anything that is within the scope of human consciousness, seeking to find the harmony of all things as they relate to the benefit of humankind, evolving into a sustainable planetary administration that is environmentally and socially responsible. This is best perceived from a place of pure silence.

Sounds too ‘real’ doesn’t it? Phenomena is not what it is about at all. They also demonstrate the faith that humankind will soon wake up to their own power, collaboratively moving into this millennium with renewed hope of manifesting Heaven on Earth. Our civilization is responsible for moving forward, not some faction of the Command showing up and providing solutions. Once we show movement, though, the Command is authorized to step up too.

This is NOT a wave of the magic wand! The Command is not about some ‘mass evacuation’ if we screw things up on the planet. It IS about a new living awareness, of self and others, that promotes the natural flow of chaos to order. It will take effort and time. This is a MUST for humankind and Gaia, or Earth, will respond in kind to our actions… or not. She is conscious and part of a celestial order we barely know exists, let alone understand how it works. She will survive. Humanity has its choice.

This is the Work that manifests the Fruits by which they will be known by all who can see and hear the Word within their Hearts and shining through their Eyes like an eternal flame. To those who still live a fear-based duality consciousness, the gaze of one who is clear is so penetrating that many so-called ‘issues’ rise to the surface nearly immediately. Of course this could lead to misunderstanding and projection of false circumstances.

Ashtar Command Review and Look Forward

ashtar command galactic federation
Personal logo designed by Sarabi and presented to Zendor in 2000.

That was the Ashtar Command 101 class in a nutshell. There are still many perceptions of how it will all play out. Some feel there will be a massive evacuation when the imminent destruction of the planet becomes obvious. (Magic Wand Syndrome) Others feel that no evacuation is imminent and that we must clean up our own mess, demonstrating that we understand how to work together collectively and in symbiosis with our planet’s own consciousness. (Gaia Principle)

Some believe ASHTAR is either an old demon with a new twist or some cosmic computer that controls everything in the Milky Way Galaxy. (Polardigm Paralysis) Some feel Ashtar is a stern yet warm leader that has the patience of an Eternal, continually sending messages of love and leadership to everyone, whether in the Command or not.

Others feel he is a no BS, cut to the chase, ‘what the HECK do you think you are doing’ kinda guy… kickin’ butt and takin’ names when necessary. Probably closer to the truth is that the consciousness demonstrates pure intellect guided by Source (Creation), with the precision of a cosmic computer. Athena is said to exemplify the Divine Mother… quiet, strong, and just as vibrant in her service to the Command.

She tempers the emotion and expression of the Creator/Destroyer within our consciousness, guiding humankind to centeredness in heart consciousness. Her presence flows through the intuition as one aligns with cosmic order. Together they represent Divine Union, with Self and with each other.

I know him as a father and mentor beyond the realms of this world. Some say ASHTAR is the acronym for the cosmic computer. Our relationship is very real and has been witnessed by several (possibly many) over several decades. Ashtar’s influence has guided me in several leadership missions over millennia as I’ve incarnated from age to age. I know Athena as a mother and emotional fortress from which I’ve learned how to integrate a deep sensitivity into the leadership of living by example and understanding the depth of compassion and mystery in Creation.

Jesus Christ, Sananda, is the ONE that Ashtar and Athena both acknowledge as the Creator Son of this world and others within this region of the space/time continuum. They also are hastening His Return (if there is a solitary role still) as the Paradise Bestowal Son (Urantia Book reference) who comes to release the Spirit of Truth and prepare the planet for entering into Universe Status. I was an elder in the Mormon Church for some time, receiving the physical bestowal of the Melchizedek Priesthood (the only known today) as part of my commitment.

Seal of Melchizedek Priesthood - Ashtar CommandJesus Christ as we know him, also after the Order of Melchizedek, is much more than we can fathom in our limited understanding to date, yet as one continues to investigate truth there is much revealed. I’ve had numerous conversations with Him, the most notable was when he asked to speak through me to a group of spiritual seekers on an outing in northern Arizona in 1989.

Here is where a cosmic computer might make sense, with the precision-driven programs that are part of our Natural Order in Limitless Oscillating Vibrational Energy.. LOVE. Dan Winter once told me he believe ASHTAR was an acronym for the cosmic computer. I have to admit that there has been an electro-magnetic pulse on the ships and on personal journeys into the ‘wormholes’ over the years. The Matrix is very real, but not quite how it was portrayed in the movie.

It is the same story as in the Bible, only with a bit of a cosmic twist. GOD, the natural programming, will dwell with man – ‘thetanic’ or ‘thinker’ by nature yet still able to reason with integrity. Is it real? Is it a mass coping skill developed to activate a ‘higher purpose’ to our lives? Is there any truth to what this one says?

Well, on May 8th of 2010 my ‘handlers’ showed up to install a cosmic computer link in the back of my head. It wasn’t to plug me into some Borg consciousness. Quite the opposite; it plugged me into the thoughtmosphere of mankind more fully so that ‘natural’ intelligence could be downloaded more easily into the thoughtmosphere.

Who in their right mind would engage and immerse their life, breathing, dreaming, eating, near-obsessing the MISSION of UNITY? It would appear that the numbers are indeed growing. You’ll find many within the links throughout this website. Most people still go through what is known as the Messianic Complex in order to find their way toward planetary citizenry and service. We might even think of this imminent change in human development as a Collective Messiah, if one was so inclined.

New Paradigm Shift – Ashtar Command

Now here is a challenge for any belief system, credible intelligence, or ‘sane’ person. There is one who was brought forth in 2000 who was given the task (should he choose to accept it) of facilitating the gathering and unification of the Ashtar Command on Earth. In an attempt to release intellectual constraints and open to the truth of his own experience, he reluctantly stepped forward to explore the possibilities. That one would be me… gulp.

Baptized into the role at the Gathering of Souls, recognized in South America and the US, thrown onto the stage of life, his continued efforts to bring the Command together as ONE hopefully shines as a beacon in the night. He says he’s just a guy doing a job that no one wants to take seriously. Holding on nowhere, to identity or belief, seems to be the key… no ego without WEGO.

Patience and perseverance allows even the mysteries of life to unfold for mankind to understand. Don’t believe a thing… find out for yourselves. Suspend your belief system and begin to establish and experience system to replace it, founded on complete trust as an operation of unconditional love.

Sharing personal experiences may help to ease the turmoil of the developing consciousness within you. Yes, that one mentioned above is me… Zendor… humbly at your service. I will not claim to be of such an advanced state of consciousness to be any ‘Savior’ for this world or any other. I have, however, reached out to many who claim allegiance to the Ashtar Command. The fact that I ‘m standing up seems to threaten the reality of those who simply want to play around with their own lifestyle or money-making enterprise.

I do, however, have a vast experiential database from which to draw reasonable conclusions and assist collaborative alliances in producing some real world demonstrations of advanced human and spiritual work. Apparently I do very well at being the fly in the ointment that is willing to expose discordant patterns that inhibit the sharing of LOVE…limitless oscillating vibrational energy… the essence of our eternal nature. My professional life includes facilitating partnering workshops for multi-million dollar building, road and bridge construction projects.

ashtar command - galactic federationWhat if all of the recent focus on ETs in movies and television was Divinely Orchestrated to move us through all the polarity paradigms? Star Trek’s Next Generation presented many ethical and moral dilemmas for their audience to consider and ponder their own course of action. District 9, V, Super 8 and more now play the ‘evil alien’ theme that tends to anesthetize our better senses. Real contactees have a consistent experience – one of a non-threatening and ultimately helpful intelligence in all its forms.

What if the New World Order became exposed as a coup of some shadow government? What if developing state-of-the-art technology that could affect mind and matter led us to a more socially responsible behavior? What if it became apparent that only intentional acts toward harmony met with actual results? Imagine if the shadow government were fresh out of answers as their plan stops working.

How does the Ashtar Command fit in, or better yet, viewing the trials and tribulations of this ‘new world order’ as the transformation necessary for the true world servers to use as a springboard to help us all in the evo-leap to the next level… harmony among people and planet? Could it simply be an ‘Old World Order’ playing itself out by trying to appear ‘new and improved? My interview with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove holds clues.

Do you think that people might need to stand up for what is right, or rather what is vibrationally resonant with natural order? Some have voiced their opinions that this process will work out for the benefit of all only if everyone gets into the act. What do you think? Once you figure it out for yourself, then what? Giving lip service to ‘collaborative efforts’ but only acting on things that serve your personal agenda is absolutely transparent to those who are awake and aware.

Is it possible that you might be a part of it all, too? That’s preposterous! …or is it? Indigenous peoples all over the world are also preparing for a transition into a ‘new world’ fueled by the internal call for the next level of spiritual development in humankind, referencing the Egyptian, Mayan, and Sumerian calendars that end in 2012. Hopi prophecy also outlines that conditions prompt change. Even the Bible alludes to an epochal transformation, and apocalypse that brings transcendence. The only evil in the world is what we do to each other.

Continuing Our Journey

Many feel a longing for a deeper connection to life and each other now, especially after 9-11. Some are looking to the stars for help, some are going deep inside and searching, some are doing both and each day brings new discoveries for them. We are at a critical period of our planet’s development, where our ignorance of the interconnectedness of all things has become so obvious that it can no longer be denied. The Ashtar Command, Melchizedek Priesthood, White Brotherhood, Mission Rama and more are all aligning with the same mission – harmony among people and planet.

This includes every life form you can think of for this region of the cosmos (and beyond when ‘visitors’ appear), even though our innate capacity for choice has often simply created polarities with no purpose. It is rather askew to believe all is ONE and yet project that there are ‘evil twins’ out there somewhere, such as has happened with the ‘reptilian’ and/or ‘grey’ races. I’ve had direct contact with them and more and never have I experienced a malevolent action from them.

son of ashtar - ashtar commandThe blame game isn’t appropriate now as it only serves to continue the pattern. It wastes time and achieves no results. We, as a planetary society, must act in accordance with our naturally evolving sense of integrity and natural order of Creation. What if the ‘Messiah‘ turned out to be within each and every one of us? The Call is to BE free of distraction and interruption, aligned with the natural order within – the Kingdom we all know about yet refuse to let go of fear-based decision-making.

Imagine what it would be like if people actually helped one another, not just mouthed the words of their feigned desire so that they can sound politically correct. How would you feel? What would you do? The ‘show me’ crowd now has ‘What the Bleep,’Indigo‘ and ‘The Phoenix Lights‘ to help them ascend from their pit of ponderance. Who cares about pushing governments towards disclosure. It’s just more wasted energy and excuses for a lack of personal responsibility. We have a great challenge. We are destined to meet it.

There is further information on this website detailing personal paths away from ignorance, practical techniques for connecting with your own inner guidance, and concepts for building community and model educational villages that demonstrate the ‘higher’ principles of Creation as we know them, even to the point of integrating indigenous philosophy into a community plan for challenged youth and adults.

Only recently, as we made the transition into the new millennium, has humanity begun to recognize the possibility of a new world order founded on spiritual principles instead of shadow governmental conspiracy. The Code of Ethics for Project Managers now reads like a spiritual ‘to do’ list. The ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Standards brings accountability to the world stage and puts power in the hands of regular people to force the corporatocracy to be more compassionate in the world.

We feel this information exemplifies the concept of the Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation through practical applications in the here and now. This website also contains links to a plethora of excellent informative people, places and things. Unfortunately, some of it is conflicting, yet universal truths are rife with paradox. Using your discernment skills would be in order.

Truthfully, it is a mixture of inner and outer experiences left for the individual to decide their own direction. It is the challenge of discovery that fuels the internal fire of ascension within the genre of world servers, or Cultural Creatives, as they emerge into the living awareness of their grand service.

Bigger Than We Are

Self-directed individuals tend to eventually come together for a greater cause, something bigger than they are, in order to satisfy their desire for human connection and interaction for the benefit of many. Leaders have their own difficulties in forming collaborative alliances. Multiverse realities, cinematically exposed, present paradigm polarity that confuses the human consciousness initially.

An evolved consciousness moves beyond polarity, yet doesn’t deny it, and is capable of working with paradigms like a skillful craftsperson, molding the future by questioning the purpose of the paradigms and why they empower transcendence. The answers become obvious when the questions are asked.

As it is, our barbarism has kept our ancestry hidden. Our celestial parents are probably too embarrassed by our behavior, or maybe they are just very understanding and patient in their knowing that this too shall pass. It is far too apparent just how inhumane humans can be toward each other.

We often feel helpless in the wake of corporations and politicians vying for world dominance. Does it really make sense to explore space when we can’t even take care of our own planet and people? Do you think for a second that any ‘higher power’ with an ounce of responsibility would allow us to infect our solar system with that kind of behavior?

What would anthropic principles look like played out on a human/ET interactive scale? Then again, what are all the other dimensions about? What is the other 90% of our brain doing? Based on a simple ratio, could we have 9 times the senses that we are currently using? Are we bringing them all together as ONE now?

Does the compression cause friction or freedom? What is the nature and purpose of pure sharable energy, or unconditional love? The Ashtar Command indeed moves further into the depths of understanding and application of our Soul, the essence of our own pure sharable energy reflecting the ONE.

There are many Celestial Organizations and Planetary Alliances that are working together for this action. The Great White Brotherhood, beginning with the restoration of the Order of the Solar Brotherhood by the Kumaras (androgynous serpents), is one of the most noted as all the Ascended Masters belong to this Order.

The Order of Melchizedek is also a derivative of these lineages of cosmic order. Even if these improvable and unverifiable notions to the ‘critical’ human mind make no sense…. does this also eliminate the very real and present need for rising above whatever keeps us separate in the world?

Years of research and study have produced discoveries that have been shared all across the Web now, from scientific and psychospiritual to indigenous prophecy, all pointing toward an evolving humanity. The Ashtar Command belongs to this Order as well as we are the functional liaisons between the worlds of time and space that are opening to the experience of many upon this planet now.

Forward Momentum

Every new epoch has come with some change, or transformation, of humankind that includes physical, chemical, and spiritual growth into a new living awareness. There is only the Limitless Oscillating Vibrational Energy at the core of our Order, by whatever name you call it. LOVE is the Supreme Order in Life.

ashtar command carbon atomWe are all ONE in the physical constructs with carbon as our foundation. Truth is often stranger than fiction… What if what we’ve been taught about God was severely distorted? I am honored by your reading of this expression today.

I am humbled daily by and with the work of the Command. We all have a chance of lifetimes now, bringing all our abilities and gifts together to serve the ONE in us ALL. I can only say that my human self is constantly awed by the magnitude of the connections between worlds that are manifesting through many now.

I know it is difficult, at best, to balance the inner and outer realities of life in these critical times. I’ve been working on this process for nearly 40 years now. John Edwards (TV psychic) has spoken of how it has taken him 17 years to develop his gift, through all kinds of times where he wondered if he was crazy and others did too.

My own adoptive parents committed me in my late teens because they were concerned about the perceived imbalance in my intelligence and actions. Divine mysteries are too big for one religion as these experiences are ubiquitous in human consciousness now. This is so much bigger than I AM in this human capacity.

Balancing and blending the skill sets of such magnificent Beings is challenging enough. Patience and persistence are the virtues that apply most appropriately in any life. Truth or consequences was never more present as it is on planet Earth. I’ve been blessed with a healthy childhood, educational experiences, career opportunities, not to mention walking between worlds at times.

Coming forward was in no way an easy thing to do and I AM constantly challenged to be authentic and fearless. Being a willing target for every doubt and fear among the commandry has taught me much as well. Although I can be the ultimate optimist, the opposite is true as well. A charismatic and transformational leader, I question the very nature of my Being at times, desiring only to serve the greater good and the ONE in ALL.

Granted, I’ve got a unique role. I’ve argued that I don’t even want it, yet I AM not sure it is really up to me. Actually, it is no more unique than the other roles in the Command as they are ALL EQUALLY IMPORTANT. This is not the job of one… it is the job of ALL of US. Is it REAL? Reflect on your immediate situation, dreams and experiences, people in your life, messages that you receive, and then look in the mirror and ask yourself if it is real.

ashtar commandWhat do you intend to do about it? I will not claim to have all the answers. I’ve been given the direction we must take… Unity for Harmony of People and Planet. The rest is up to all of us and how we develop our group consciousness, group dynamic, and collabreation (collaborative creation). It is more than just co-creating as the individual efforts become part of the collective, feeding the whole project with the best we can offer in this or any other world.

Indeed, it has to be done with skill and precision. The existing systems of this world facilitate our understanding and development of project planning and implementation on whatever level it may occur. There is a process of perfection with everything, including the seemingly mundane daily business of living on planet earth. Shifting the consciousness to acknowledge each waking moment as a miracle in itself helps to open the doors to perception.

Perception honors that which is within you and I, as it observes the reflection of ONE in ALL. We have much to do. We have the time we need to do it. We all know that success is imminent. Now, all that is left is for us to actually DO the physical work on the stage of life. This is where we begin to engage the FUN and joyous living we’ve been talking about and yet not able to truly manifest.

Release and allow the truth to emerge from the depths of your Soul. It is with purpose Divine, to be shared and not hidden or suppressed. It goes beyond religion, spirituality, or worldly experiences. Bringing it all together now is what we’ve come here to do… I’m just connecting the dots as best as I can so that it makes it easier for everyone else to plug in, turn on, and accelerate into our ascension together.

As our understanding develops, the opportunity to play on a larger field becomes possible. Each role is just as important whether it be a lone meditator or telepath sharing with the thoughtmosphere or a master facilitator in a public office. All in all, we each become Planetary Citizens as we ground ourselves in service.