Ascending at the Speed of Surrendor

Ascending at the Speed of Surrender will test your cognitive capacity with real-life situations that illustrate the bridge of science, spirituality and ufology; non-linear and non-local activity. The author explores inner and outer realities with relative ease, yet presents conundrums relative to the human condition and the need for evolution. Most fear to share such intimate and vulnerable pieces that often provoke immediate rejection from lack of direct experience or inability to suspend belief systems.

Ascending at the Speed of Surrender invites investigation with references and reflections from a variety of sources, linked in the text and graphics. Transparency is tantamount to transcendence in our collective quest for a better world. The story seems almost prophetic in fulfilling a quest for connection beyond the superficial interactions tied to time and money.

Is there a universal experience available to engage and enjoy in our lifetimes? Ascending at the Speed of Surrender features a life-time of interactions with non-human intelligence and a variety of ways it was made available to the author. There is an invitation at the conclusion that will change the course of history, a call for your participation in an activity already in process.

You’ll be inspired by the potential of this timely piece for peace, harmony among people and planet.

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