Zephyr – An Enigma in Consciousness

We’ve all had weird stuff happen in our lives, right? Of course, some much weirder than others. Suffice it to say that many who have experiences with ‘other’ worlds and beings across the realms of consciousness have a much different challenge in life. The door that has opened for them is closed tight for the majority of the population, which presents a challenge of both sanity (perception of others) and vulnerability (trust in the truth) for those who share their inner lives.

I’m one of those and have had challenges my entire life because of it. Would I change that? No. It’s tremendously rewarding internally and, over time, became of value personally and professionally in the respect garnered through bringing those discussions to the general public. Those began in 1990, with One World public access TV show and curious conversations with nearly 200 from different walks of life. But I digress…

I titled this piece with the name of one I met during a meditation in 1975 in my first year in college. I’d been reading Carlos Castaneda’s works of the time, just finishing Journey to Ixtlan, the third of the series to date. I’d been thinking about the aspect of having an ‘ally’ or ‘guide’ from another realm, as had been mentioned in the books. I was one who silently, from within, asked a lot of questions in hopes of answers. I prayed about having a guide. Did I have one? What is their name? How could I communicate with them?

A Real College Education

living in the material world, george harrisonA few days later I was in meditation, my favorite form was listening to an album and just letting my mind loose to experience whatever was present, just under the surface of my waking mind. I don’t recall the album, though what I do recall is that during the listening and observing the inner screen, I became aware of a face that came with a name, Zephyr. The face was of what appeared to be an old Indian, with eyes like coal yet warm and inviting. I knew at that moment my prayer had been answered as far as the ‘who’ for now.

About a week later I was in a similar place, only this time I remember the album. It was George Harrison’s Living in the Material World. I distinctly heard a voice say, “Pick up a pen and paper and write.” Just going with it, I did so. As soon as the pen touched the paper, I began writing in a script of some kind, resembling Sanskrit, though it was unknown to me. I wrote three pages and then it stopped as abruptly as it started. I was baffled, with no idea what it said, yet feeling like it had something to do with me.

Being one who likes to test things, I took the pages to several professors on campus. None of them could identify the script and most of them though it was just gibberish. I was a bit discouraged, though persevered with the possibility of another resource being available. There was a dorm-mate who I knew had a metaphysical family background and was able to do what was known as ‘automatic writing,’ which is the category I placed my writing as well. He had a guide who he communicated with regularly. I asked him if we could explore mine, somehow. He agreed to try.

Collaboration in Consciousness

Jim and I met that weekend to explore the options. We picked Tangerine Dream’s Zeit as our background music. We began with his process to ‘tune in’ and ask questions. We began with Zephyr first. I had not shown him the document I had, yet. I wanted to see what would happen without outside or prior influence. Completely unexpectedly, he began writing in the same script I had, as we asked the first question of, ‘Who are you?’ It was then I pulled out the piece I’d written. The script was nearly identical. Neither one of us could read it, though.

Oh a whim, I asked if he could connect with his guide, Herschel, and ask him to translate. We both shrugged shoulders with a ‘don’t know, but let’s try’ look toward each other. What came then was intriguing, to say the least. Zephyr was from what is now the desert Southwest and was the ‘shaman’ or ‘priest king’ of a community that was a few thousand people strong. The time period was over 20,000 years ago. I wondered why an ancient one would be ‘assigned’ to me, yet it sort of made sense based on the experience I had recently.

I also wondered, though couldn’t be absolutely sure, if his voice had been the one I’d been conversing with since a young boy. I hadn’t put a name to the voice, or even cared to do so. I suppose I was reluctant to because I didn’t want to put a label on it. The empathic resonance I had with it didn’t need a reference, other than the truth I always felt it shared even when I was resistant to listening. I learned to trust it, regardless.

Chilean Confirmation Conspiracy

zephyrMuch later, in 2001, I was visiting Chile for the month of July. I was there at the invite of a cosmic cohort I’d met in America the previous year at an event. I’d seen her in a dream several years prior and she had been introduced to me in a dream/vision just a week prior to the event. We recognized each other instantly and began exploring the significance from a much larger perspective, galactic in nature based on how and where we met. It was at an international ‘contactee’ event called The Gathering of Souls. I was a presenter at the event, with a slightly different version of this.

We visited a lot of people and went to several gatherings while I was there. We were asked to visit a woman that was confined to a wheel chair. My Spanish was horrible, though some of my high school Spanish class helped in my understanding. Elvia was just delightful, beaming as our eyes met when my host and I entered her home. I felt humbled by her gaze. We spent the afternoon with her, discussing the notions of the galactic federation and human interaction toward facilitating a new world order.

A few days after our visit we were asked to return for a special gift she had for me. I had no idea what it might be, again feeling the sense of humility and resistance for some reason. When we arrived, she presented me with a sketch of an Indian. She did not know his name, yet she said this was my guide and that he wanted me to have an image of him. She described her process of connecting to a ‘higher realm’ much the same as Jim and I had discussed back in college. The surprising thing was I’d seen his profile in an experience I had in 1989, though I am NOT an artist and never attempted to draw him in such fashion. Her sketch had an amazing resemblance.


Sometimes life gets really weird and we have no point of reference from which to analyze and validate our experience, let alone believe it to be true. And yet, the experiences seem to bridge worlds of time and space, perhaps alluding to a greater connectedness and discovery of a larger identity in the process. If we are indeed cosmic consciousness condensed into form, then perhaps the ways to learn about it are completely beyond the scope of human understanding initially, yet over time and with continued inquiry, some things begin to make sense. Attempt at sharing such things with the inexperienced is like trying to teach calculus to a first grader. There isn’t the proper foundation to comprehend, let alone understand. I remain hopeful.


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