Our Experience – Human or Spiritual or ?

(originally written in 2001, with obvious updates)

The Fibonacci Spin

Being a human and having a spiritual living experience is exciting and yet oftentimes quite awe-inspiring.  Spiraling like the Fibonacci sequence, a Spiritual Being having a Human experience is even more perplexing at times. From altruism to zen in theme, my journeys are a result of being available, questing for the cosmic conundrum…truth, and doing my best to make practical sense out of the entire experience in the broadest perception. Then I can find the practical applications of a perfected form, fit and function in the world and perhaps invite others. Time will tell.

I’m sure that this is not a singular process as others are also being ‘chosen’ or ‘choose’ during this time; rather they are ‘choosing’ to act on their inner promptings without fear. It IS a most genuinely magnificent journey whatever the trials and tribulations involved. In this process of life we all seek – Truth. Few of us are willing to live for it; let alone willing to die to find it. My rite of passage at 18 proved to be a guiding light (pun intended) for my life.

Many years ago living in the honors dorm as a freshman in college I had such an experience where I was asked if I was willing to die for what I believed in by a Voice that epitomized what one might call the Voice of God. In response to the Voice I paused and thought of Christ Consciousness and Jesus’ example of living- acknowledged that I was willing- and answered, “Yes!” Immediately I was gently taken out of my body as though being helped up from a prone position on the floor and even was able to turn and look at my body as I left.

Upon turning to face the direction I was going, I entered into a most brilliant White Light that totally surrounded me and embraced me in the most glorious of feelings and sensations. I can only call this place the ultimate HOME. It felt effervescent, iridescent and invigorating with a most unusually high-pitched frequency that came along, too.

Data Delivery Methods

I’ve encountered some symbols along the way and I hope you can glean the imagery and importance if only in the heart and mind of the experiencer. The left figure, a symbol given in the fall of 1981 while working at an aerospace company, came as I followed the request of a friendly VOICE to pick up a pencil and paper and draw. Zephyr, one of my guides, would come to me occasionally. The last time I had such a request was in 1975 when I was asked to pick up a pen and paper and write, with 3 pages of what appeared like Sanskrit as a result.

On this day in August of 1981 I felt his presence on the small wooden platform in front of the ID grinder I was working on at the time. I followed his request and took out a 4×6 index card from my toolbox, pulled a pencil out of my work smock, and began to put the pencil to the paper. I had no idea what I was about to draw. In a few moments I had roughly sketched the drawing on the left. The symbol was pretty intense. Why are these things happening to me?

I researched it for years before ever sharing it with anyone, except in serious inquiry for impressions or meanings, keeping it separate from myself although it is inextricably a part of me. I have found since that it may also facilitate awakening insights to awareness of who we really are in this great cosmic construct. Somehow this symbol has something to do with my soular identity and the ‘mission’ I was given. In respect of the Mayan ‘In lak’ esh’ (I am another you), this may offer some YOUniversal insight as well.

This ‘mission’ was to work with a particular group of people in order to facilitate a ‘new world order.’ Now this NWO is vastly different from the one being touted throughout the political agendas. Instead of a dominant agenda, this one is about creating harmony among people and planet. It is a conscious and thoughtful effort that seems to permeate many levels of experience, both esoteric and material.

The symbols contained in it were all of duality in balance, ultimately held together by the Christ Consciousness exemplified by the cross in the center and ‘spun’ by the swastika into all things. Interestingly enough, years later I saw the swastika as the very first recognizable symbol in the animation of an explanation of how energy flows through our atomic structure, describing how our DNA works. Dan Winter shared it with me before leaving the States in 2000 to carry on his work abroad.

He also confided in me that ASHTAR is the acronym for the cosmic computer. Interesting piece of data to receive on the path to understanding why this one (Ashtar) seems to be inextricably intertwined in my own cosmic lineage, from Steven and April White to the Gathering of Souls and much more. Could it be the harmony of carbon and silicon that we seek?

Some Explanation – Undoubtedly Incomplete

Taking a bit of a tongue in cheek point of view, the right and left eye of Horus above the ‘star’ protects from viruses and hackers in the realms of Cosmic Computerdom, our body/mind/spirit/soul complex as referenced in the Law of One or the ‘House of Many Mansions’ in the Keys of Enoch and the Bible. In Egyptian times, it meant total protection from EVIL, allowing one to truly LIVE.

Ever notice how truth is rife with paradox? Wouldn’t loving your own evil have the same affect? Does Jesus admonition apply here – loving your enemy? Everything is within. I am another you. How do you love what you cannot acknowledge in yourself?

The swastika represents the direction of the data stream, anchoring into physicality when spun one direction and able to reach escape velocity when spun in the other. This is especially pertinent when understanding the laws of creation, the ‘spin’ of eternal life if you will. As noted, the swastika is the first symbol I recognized in a computer-generated representation of the fractal program based on the golden mean.

The golden mean has been shown to be the basis for our physicality (carbon-based) mathematics that is found repeatedly in nature and our human form. Is it possible these two eyes also represent the inner and outer natures of MAN? Could they represent the polarity paradigm and when together, exemplify balance and harmony in the pandemonium between chaos and order?

We know the keys of a true new world order are within us and it would appear that science and religion, albeit ‘spirituality’, have to at least come close to agreement for there to be any kind of solid foundation for all human beings. In the book, “Biocosm,” James Gardner presents the concepts of noted astrophysicists, complexologists, and quantum theorists as they consider the potentials of an anthropic (life-friendly) universe.

This life-friendly universe just may have all the road signs and skill-building information encased within the ‘experience’ of life within it. A life-friendly universe would seek to replicate itself, hence the appearance of fractals in the perspective of the Holographic Universe. The deeper one goes down the rabbit hole, the more familiar one becomes with their own interconnectedness and ‘cosmic coding’ for their independent journey toward interdependence within the human race and planetary consciousness.

Carbon – 666 – Number of Man?

It all starts with the phenomenal precision of the universe, built by some super intellect that knew just exactly what it would take to produce the carbon atom… to the 32nd decimal place. (See Second Law of Thermodynamics)

Various perspectives of the Carbon Atom

Full article at: Spiritual Secrets in the Carbon Atom

Now here’s one that seems to get a lot of airplay on the un-friendly side of life. I’ll present it as a matter of discovery and deductive logic based on scientific evidence. The 666 represents the number of man. Even from the Book of Revelation we are told it is the number of knowledge and wisdom, to be interpreted by one who has understanding (science). It is the number of man, or some versions say the number of ‘a’ man – NOT THE BEAST!  Of course, man can be quite a beast, just look at how barbaric we still are today.

It’s been misinterpreted to mean the Beast, some incarnation of evil. Well, if man is a beast (barbarian at best) we need look no further for self analysis of our ‘santanic’ nature.  Did you know that ‘satan’ comes from the Greek ‘thetan’ and means ‘thinker’? Do we not create ALL battles in the mind first? Proponents of duality and destruction would prefer to pin the tail on the donkey, naming a specific person as some sort of ‘evil doer’ as indicated by past behavior. Humans like to divert attention when their intention is questioned.

Scripturally we are told it is the number of knowledge and wisdom… go on, look it up “Here is wisdom.”  indicating a science-based logical approach… 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons is the carbon atom… carbon-based creatures that we are in this realm of Creation. ‘I am another you’ makes more sense here. There is much more revealed by looking into the presentations of the carbon atom and its own mathematical genius through the link above this paragraph.

The astrological sign for Cancer who is known as the nurturer of the zodiac and prefaces most interactions with ‘I feel’ resembles the TAO. Apparently designed by creator/creature nature to know the depths of feeling and understanding, shared through the emotive heart-felt communications of the soul…connected to All That Is, a natural communicator of limitless oscillating vibrational energy… LOVE.

The balance of the scales is to facilitate order; justice tempered with righteousness and the good of all, which again reflects the harmony of people and planet. The paradox of paradigms is prompted to reveal its Oneness. The 999 is the completion of the programs, the perfected body, ignited by the trinitized energy from Source – Will with Direction (polarities adjusted by purpose or the Self-directed energy of the proton, neutron, and electron… evidence of the Trinity in science). Each of our data streams, the body, the mind, and the Soul are complete and form the perfected body.

The 666 becomes the 999 in each one of our atoms, making the below as the above… turning some folks totally upside down and inside out. What about Lucifer’s true purpose? Is it the Beast within each one of us that is to be tamed by the shrew? What if we’ve been looking at the picture from the wrong side of the mirror and the whole concept of Lucifer’s ‘mission’ was actually to help us figure out our humanity by constantly presenting questions of authority?

Continuing with the potential of a ‘different view’ of reality… Imagine looking down the helix of DNA with the pulses of energy: on-off, open-closed, white-black being visible on both sides. We already know that electrical pulses are the life-blood of the heartbeat of Creation. The yin/yang symbol could be a two-dimensional look at the core of our DNA left by ancient scientists to guide our way, showing the pulsing infinity of the universal heartbeat through it. It is the 0 and 1 of the cosmic computer language within us…gate open, gate closed.

So much for gated communities. We have yet to discover the interrelationships at this fundamental level, only to surmise the unity of diversity as we search for the answer to the cosmic conundrum: How do we all get along? The sword is the pure logic, Archangel Michael’s sword of truth, intellect ruled by understanding, untouchable by human comprehension until after the introduction of the computer, cutting through all false belief systems as though they were bugs in the Cosmic Computer.

In the center is the swastika, the first simple symbol of our cosmic spin… light and sound condensing to create form… mind and heart unite for the first step in the journey toward self-actualization and eventual immortality as a Conscious Being. Lucifer represents the ‘Fallen Ones’ and their part of the trinitized energy spin, supposedly being the first to temp us into mortality. Funny how the original texts actually spoke of slowing down rather than ‘falling’ from heaven, ‘condensing’ rather than expulsion.

Now that we are here, we seek further integration and understanding of our rightful place in Creation amongst our ancestors and other co-creators. Here comes the redeemer, represented by the Cross, to show the other side of himself in an attempt to balance the scales, Piscean age and all being the natural cosmic process in the development of a planetary society.

What about the Aquarian Age now? Does the ‘water bearer’  of the 11th House (maybe 11th hour) bring the ‘Spirit of Truth’ with its archetypal trance-end-dance? The cross exemplifies the Christ (child of Creator) energy already known to be of Trinity origin. Now what does that all mean? Well, it is rather odd that we hear of all the ‘trials in the desert’ yet it is always with oneself.

Christ and Lucifer

Could Christ and Lucifer be two sides of the very same coin – something within us all and not outside us in some exteriorized energy form? I’ve never met an evil being. I’ve met a few evil humans… preying on others to extend their power. What about sharing this blue-domed world in a place of honor and respect?

It might seem that the RETURN of the first to leave, fall from, descend from or whatever – Lucifer – is the completion of the cycle and the incarnation of a ‘data drop’ to repair the system files. I heard somewhere, though, that the original text actually meant ‘condensed’ instead of ‘fallen.’ Hmmm.. condensed into form, eh?

That sounds too much like what quantum physics is on the verge of discovering. Sound and light condensing into form or, from my NDE awareness, cosmic consciousness condensing into form – human. That sounds like an original celestial consciousness type of move. Must’ve got lost after getting caught up in the garden and all the fun.

The Aztecs believe that the Harmonic Convergence was the time where the devil takes off his mask to reveal the true god that he is. Hmmm… Does he return as he once was? Probably not, although there is one (according to Scripture) who no one knows his name that comes to wage war in righteousness. Many believe it to be the return of Jesus, yet there is no specific mention of it as in so many other places. Regardless, it will certainly be an apocalypse, an uncovering of knowledge.

We don’t have that clear of a picture of history or the understanding of the process of cosmic creation just yet to really know what ‘righteousness’ is however, we do know what LOVE feels like and the two are certainly of the same Source. It just seems ridiculous to a rational mind that there is a devil, whether called Satan or Lucifer. As for the latter, a Most High Angel of Light and Music would seem to be the logic choice for sending off to figure our how to condense into form in order to enjoy the worlds that had been created. The whole good and evil thing is just too primitive.

Physical creation evolves as well, exampled by the human developments and the advancement (or lack) of a planetary society that exemplifies a ‘righteous’ community. We are now beyond the close/beginning of a galactic year according to the Mayan, Aztec, Egyptian, and Sumerian calendars: December 21, 2012, sunrise of the Winter Solstice or thereabouts. Since then, we’ve experienced profound change rapidly, like time is speeding up in its revealing of that which does fit Natural Order in the world.

It appears that we would be facing the return of LOVE to our planet as the return of the Christ Consciousness to MAN; God dwelling with man again as the fulfillment of prophecy. That awareness is, essentially, cosmic consciousness condensed into for and aware of its perfected form, fit and function in the world. The paradox is that you have to love your own evil in order to truly live. Again, the mirror image… live-evil. Wisdom of the ages is rife with paradox and destined to educate humanity as the listening and viewing expands.

Is There a Deceiver Beyond Self?

The TRUTH is hidden in the depths of the ‘deceiver’ that we have not been able to LOVE until now – OURSELVES – because we haven’t understood all the signs and symbols, math and science wrapped in a very complex language… LOVE. On yet another level, could our planetary society be the Beast we have not made peace with… made up of all of us? We’ve got a real opportunity to embrace each other and learn how to work together better now.

Funny how what we’ve been looking for was hidden in the depths of one we were taught to fear, just as our planetary society to date has taught us to fear what we feel deeply, especially in the Boardrooms. Farbeit that ‘The Man’ bring some LOVE into the corporate cradle to rock the world. This is what the Master Jesus meant by LOVE THINE ENEMY; to be in the world and not of it. The chief cosmic comedian offered the ultimate punch line with that one.

Could it also mean that ‘Lucifer’ (light bearer, Most High Angel of Light and Music) was picked to perform the worst job because no matter what – the job was the boss. Truth is the ultimate destroyer and one has to be willing to use it, like Shiva. References can be found in all the world’s major scriptures, so obvious and out in the open that it has been really hard to see. In essence, we have been our own deceivers and now its time to lift the veil and allow multidimensional consciousness to evolve.

Funny how common sense is so uncommon these days. Do you think we could all work together to make sense common? Wow, what a novel idea!

All this writing is simply to say: WE ARE ALL ONE… no dark or light beings, yet there are those similar to what the Urantia Book calls ascending and descending mortals. Ascending mortals are seeking truth, having been bound by the earthly wheels of birth and death, while descending mortals bring it, incarnating with volition and zeal to release the Spirit of Truth upon the Earth…

Over 20 years after drawing the symbol I still haven’t mastered the artistry of drawing… a bit better at playing drums, though not always knowing the difference between pulses (artists and musicians are driven to create by inner pulses of joy/despair). I was recently gifted with the acquaintance of a young man who, without provocation during a conversation at an internet cafe, made the symbols much more appealing to the eye. Thanks David…

Council of 300

The figure to the right is very rough recreation of a tablet I received after a near week-long series of meetings on board a starship during dreamtime over 20 years later in 2001, now over 20 years ago as well. Rarely in my life have I had such vivid experiences in dreamtime, although it does happen occasionally. This several-night ordeal was as real as though I was there in person and completely conscious of the activities I was leading – far more than just a lucid dream.

To most people it would sure sound like a great science fiction story, even incredulous by some standards. I get that. Some of my life here is much like one , not knowing whether I’m a hybrid, natural born ET, or just a highly gifted and intelligent human being with a bent for stirring up emotions and possibilities of new ways of thinking/understanding in the quest for understanding Truth.

I am adopted and records seem to have disappeared (death of clerk of the court, attorney and judge & flood-destroyed paper trail); only the time, date, location, age, and ethnicity of my birth mother was available through the Department of Health. Consequently I’ve had a real zest for discovering my identity through internal and celestial channels. My experiences have not been those of imagination, unless entire groups of people are somehow manipulated to show up and participate.

Yet, these experiences have left a major impression on my mind and heart from the consistency of their flavor and intensity of their nature. Identity has lost its importance to mission and vision of a newly ordered world in alignment with cosmic intelligence. Most of them have been shared experiences that even the most imaginative mind could not have constructed on its own, unless it came from the One Mind of infinite variety.

I have a serious penchant for challenging any predictive events like that because it has human consciousness engaged without universal consciousness approval, if that makes any sense. I tend to not put labels (names in cosmic consciousness are irrelevant) on experiences, but the nature of sharing illicit articulation – which requires some kind of description.

The gathering onboard was the second week of February in 2001. It was a few months after yet another bizarre experience as a result of the Gathering of Souls and allowed the fee of PHI-flow to help me fum-bull through the kingdom, spinning and spiraling as I sought foundation. In those places and spaces there is no where to hold on; only flow is possible. I could hear/sense the hum of the ship as I stood in front of a curved theater-style room with a few hundred beings in rapt attention.

Welcome to the Jungle

To be a little less nebulous, I knew the essence of these meetings was a facilitation of ‘mission’ directives; duties and responsibilities of a few hundred folks from various worlds that would be responsible for managing the next round of ‘intelligent contact’ with human beings. I got the sense that these were the same folks I encountered in a slightly different form many years ago as simply points of light.

Some of these folks were relatively human looking, others looked straight out of Star Wars, confirming many of the artist’s renditions from contactee experiences. but then we all look different apparently. I recognized some from my own experiences as well. The amazing thing was the ‘feeling’ of family, like we were all in harmony with each other because we were of one mind – one purpose.

As I bounced back and forth from observing to participating, I felt the exhilaration of just being part of the process, yet had to remain analytically aloof. Eventually the meeting would come to a close and I’d fall asleep. Upon awakening after each meeting, my human consciousness was challenged by the feeling of worthiness to be there, but apparently I was accepted without challenge by those in attendance. I was supposed to be doing this because this was my function in the order of things. I was simply performing my duty according to the protocols of engagement. Who am I to argue with All That Is?

These meetings took place in dreamtime for me, from Tuesday through Friday of that week. Needless to say they were pretty intense, but it all made perfect sense and I found I had previously written about the protocols of engagement in articles back in the late 80s, published in the Arizona Light. Even so, my human brain and rational mind found it hard to believe, let alone accept.

The meeting outcomes have been echoed by contactees/experiencers all over the globe since, which offers some corroboration, though no real evidence. The visibility of the ships is not important as the communication is all done on spirit-circuits built into our human design, telepathic abilities and senses yet untapped by many due to the false belief systems that denounce their legitimacy and promote fear of them. The truth is undeniable in those experiential communications.

So the meetings proceeded with me introducing various individuals that had lead roles in the process, defining their duties and responsibilities so that all parties were on the same page, so to speak, with open knowledge of all the information that was being presented. There were no reasons for less than full disclosure of everyone’s responsibilities as it all had to work in harmony.

There was no discussion of any staged manipulations or mass appearances as they were deemed to be too flamboyant and inconsequential in message delivery. It appears that the Earth’s military industrial com plex is doing just that to dissuade the public from releasing the False Evidence Appearing Real. Master strategies can make things appear much differently with mis-use of technology, especially with reverse-engineering.

Spherical Navigation

The underlying principle was that humans would have to rise to their own occasion, but the spirit-circuits could be used to help supply information that supports the development of consciousness and technology to help facilitate the development of a new world order. Many years after this writing, Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove thought a conversation about the new world order was worthwhile. Crop circles have continued to share symbolic communications that many recognize at deep levels, even though they may not be able to articulate it, yet.

This order, although advanced in nature, is a natural evolution from the present order. Now nearly a decade later, much of this is understood and shared by those who proffer the information about the Galactic Calendar… whether it be Egyptian, Hindu, Mayan or Sumerian. We simply must call attention to the fear-transcendent nature of life-friendly engagement. The call for ‘God dwelling in Man’ is answered by us.

Humanity has to recognize the fallacy in it’s current methodology first, en masse, and with as little judgment as possible. The release from fear, anger, ignorance and immobility often carries an energetic ‘charge’ that can be disruptive if not managed properly. Those with ‘contacts’ from our progenitors are supplied with dreams, visions and synchronistic support (among other things) as their conscious choices begin to align with their ‘soular’ purposes.

The cosmology of the Mayan Calendar, entrance into the Photon Belt and other cosmic alignments all empower the process and its alignment with universe affairs at this time. Change is gradual and supportive of nurturing humanity through the process. Planetary shifts, the physical ones, tend to coincide with the state of consciousness of the planet and support the advancement of Earth’s planetary civilization’s need for understanding universal consciousness. All things are connected in the web of life across the galaxy, including the advancement of consciousness in the human race.

The optimal support of First Contact is to roll out the protocols of initiating higher consciousness and the resulting intelligent action of humans toward their own good; the accountability and responsibility of care for people and planet in a harmonic convergence of operational details. The communications, across the board, are geared toward initiating compliance and confidence in the ability to align and perform at a level of what humanity perceives as ‘divine’ in its relationship to prior human consciousness and understanding.

At the end of the week-long meetings there was a ceremony honoring the participants. Although I had some involvement, I introduced many others who would be instrumental in the proceedings. We were each presented with a gift, a memento of the successful conclusion. I really don’t recall all the other items as each was delivered. I was presented with a ‘plaque’ or ‘tablet’ that was quite unique, as I can only imagine the others were as well.

I immediately recognized the right and left eye of Horus, although with an expanded awareness a bit more than I had seen before due to symbols ‘resting’ above them. The symbols of Alpha and Omega were easily recognizable as well. I’m reticent to share the impressions on my consciousness as I gazed into this sacred text/tablet/tribute. I’m not even sure I can articulate it after all these years.

The two small squares in the bottom corners were raised a little and I wasn’t quite sure what they were about nor did I press them to find out. The obvious main image was the rotating object in the upper-center of the tablet. The fact is that there were two of these rotating ‘feathered serpent medicine wheels’ or ‘swastikas’ that were visible, going opposite directions yet indistinguishable as far as which was above and which was below. They seemed to be in the same plane simultaneously and yet nearly translucent, spinning opposite directions with perfect synchrony.

I’ve heard the second experience was called the Council of 300. I was not aware of the ‘Council of 300’ meetings from any other source at the time. As with all my experiences, I’ve found other sources for validation after the occurrences. In this case, there was an email that came into my mail box some weeks later, chronicling the experience in great detail as though someone had been there observing the proceedings. There were no specific names mentioned, but the description of the events were eerily similar.

Some Background Filler…

Strange as it may seem, I have been invited (showed up without prior knowledge of being called in most cases) to many onboard meetings throughout my history with ‘extraterrestrials.’ I have to wonder if they are more ‘intraterrestrials,’ within the matrix of creation as opposed to distinct physical beings. An event in 1991 made it ‘easier’ for them to communicate. I’ve also had experiences as part of ‘councils of light’ that I’m still trying to figure out.

There were numerous experiences where I’ve been looked upon by these various races as a leader among leaders. I’m not sure what to make of it. It has made me feel very strange initially, being honored is such ways. I’m not quite sure what that is all about and my humility on this plane keeps me from waving a big ‘hey look at me’ flag. I figure in time all things will be revealed as they need to be understood.

As much as I’ve desired to discover my identity at a spiritual level, being consumed with ‘identity’ on the physical level keeps me quite still at times. When confronted with opportunity to become ‘self-aggrandizing’ I have a natural urge to empty, so I’ve been able to keep a safe distance as the observer. Perhaps being orphaned and adopted gives me a sense of insecurity that defies ego.

I’m quite sure that questionable variables keep one humble in their quest for understanding. When I have researched these phenomena I asked many questions of various psychics and sensitives without offering much information. Their responses have been amazingly consistent and quite intimidating to my human being. Some even said I was not physically from here. Now THAT took me back.

I was asking many sensitives about the name ‘Zendor’ when I first received it. Every psychic I spoke with said that he was the commander of a mothership, and the last one I asked took it further saying that ‘Zendor’ is the Commander of the New Jerusalem. What the heck am I supposed to do with that information? I’m certainly not going to introduce myself at parties with, “Hi, I’m Zendor, Commander of the New Jerusalem.”

I’m not sure that I can quite fill those shoes at this time anyway, nor do I truly know what it means entirely, yet I’m certainly willing to entertain the idea because of the seeming connectedness to my life’s experiences. I have a hard enough time maintaining sanity in my direct experience, so I can imagine what others might perceive in reading my attempts at articulation and explanations.

Early On

I first began these experiences in my childhood. As I’ve grown up with these things being somewhat ‘normal’ in my life, it gets a bit sensitive when sharing with others that have no direct experiences of this nature. The tendency is to take several steps back and offer a raised eyebrow to say the least. It would be hard for me to believe, too.

Shortly after I got the first symbol I had some well-intentioned church folk tell my wife I was full of Satan and she needed to leave me as soon as possible… by the end of the week she had taken our two young daughters, 2 months and 2 years, and returned to her mother’s – nearly 2,000 miles away. The same day I came home with a ‘new’ used car… a Cadillac Talisman. What a shocker, eh?

Looking back, the events and timing were perfect and reflected the paradox of my experience. Earlier in the week my wife reported seeing a ‘golden man’ come into our bedroom after I’d left for work. He told her to ‘not be afraid – everything would be okay.’ Well, I traded our van for a Cadillac Talisman the very day she left and I couldn’t wait to show her our ‘new’ ride.

When I got home, the feeling was quite eerie before I even entered the house.  Still, I believe this natural order is within each of us, inside the darkness we rarely choose to explore. Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Indeed it is… in the darkness inside, deep within as we uncover our Soul’s light we begin to understand the course of our own path.

As one who has visited the Void and the Light, in the depths of the Void and heights of the Light the feelings are amazingly similar – completely ONE with everything and paradoxically totally alone in the oneness. It makes one feel very humble indeed. Now is the period where this understanding is also integrating with our outer worlds, those worlds of form that have run amuck due to our dispassionate living awareness.

It seems the Harmonic Convergence signaled the beginning of our entrance into the Photon Belt. I met Jose Arguelles at the Prophets Conference in Phoenix where I was the event logistical manager in 1997. I wonder what or how things will manifest as we come closer to 2012?

Contact is imminent for the world, not necessarily with mass UFO landings as I’m not sure most people could really handle the exposure, more likely connecting with one’s own divinity or creative capacity first. True ‘contact’ is within and manifests without… like all Eastern philosophy maintains and even Jesus taught.

Westerners seem to value the outer more than the inner to date. 0s and 1s, inner/outer, white/black, east/west, yin/yang are all paradoxes (paradigms) that reveal a WHOLE. Science has shown the Earth’s magnetic poles are beginning to shift, mixing together for a time in the transition. What of our human libation, the cocktail of cosmic comeuppance?  What about the prospect of Inner Earth?

Already many are experiencing various types of contact, and there is a cosmic process that all of the Galactic Federation are aware is happening on planet Earth now. Much like the Committee of 300 proposed their understanding of planetary administration, large meetings happened on board this starship of my dreamtime the week of the so-called Council of 300 meetings, noted by several cosmic psychics on February 17, 2001.

I was not aware of the ‘meetings’ being either observed or participated in until some weeks later, through postings on the net about a ‘Council of 300’ that described what happened. My direct experience seemed to correlate all too well. It is even more difficult to articulate the process without seeming to be after some ‘important’ state of rank in the files. Someday it may all make sense as we coalesce in the grand scheme.

Take Away, rather… Give Away

What remains to be a vivid memory (I am not prone to recording my experiences) was standing in front hundreds of various bipedal beings from who knows where in a beautiful multi-tiered auditorium. I can only assume it was on board a ship with the variety of beings present. I was addressing the group as a facilitator, then emcee, going over the basic tenets of the duties and responsibilities in the process of continuing development of relationships with human beings and the progression of planetary civilization.

It felt like I had the attention of emissaries from across the universe, introducing various ‘officials’ in charge of the details. I wasn’t sure how to initiate this internal experience in an outer presentation. What I did recall most, though, was the presentation of the tablet or plaque (second image above) with its dual-spinning swastikas that appeared translucent.  It was given to me at the end of the several nights of meetings.

Many people knew of these events and even participated in them in some way, aware that they were in another dimension for the duration of the process. I read some reports (channelings) that were shared online through various groups at the time. I wasn’t sure whether to feel comforted or confronted, as it was pretty incredulous. These meetings were focusing on the relationships of mankind and their ancestral heritage, revealing their lineage.

My personal experience has promoted a feeling of planetary family rather than a particular blood-line lineage, which the latter often creates temporal separation. I got set up as an orphan and adopted early to seed the inquiry. The ultimate family reunion is about to occur, or at least it appears we are being informed that our ancestry and binary code have a lot to do with each other. Kachinas are said to have come from the sky originally, sharing great understanding with their little brothers and sisters.

The last months of 2000 and beginning of 2001 offered some coalescing. I had recently been introduced to two loves, through visions and physical appearances each (although a couple years apart), from the North and South American continents. We had our first Earth Dance one month later (March 17, 2001) in Phoenix to show an example of people with purpose coming together to work on real issues and situations beginning with our youth.

A few years later we had a written plan for a model facility, called Spectrum Academy. On the same day of the Mission: Earth Dance, the Danza de la Tierra happened in Valparaiso, Chile. I gave a presentation on project planning there later in July at what was probably the last Danza, as my life in America shifted. The Condor and the Eagle flew together for a little while and birthed yet another cycle of integrating the feminine principle in the world.

Rather than a single Messiah, though there may indeed be ONE who leads the rest, though it is more of a Collective Messiah that is emerging from the realms of the Cultural Creatives, for instance. Like the Sons and Daughters that grow up to be Gods… playing in the same sandbox is a challenge. Elephants, giraffes and lions still need to learn to get along, especially when building a house for diversity.

Now I’m going to take a evo-leap in possibility to propose that many Celestial or Cosmic Beings and Ascended Masters have incarnated here now from across the galaxy (most with the urge to merge into Oneness as their ‘gut’ feeling) to help facilitate this process. It may be just wishful imagination, though when we consider the magnitude of Beingness, and our ability to choose, those early stories from the 1920s may indeed have seeded the evolution of our thinking it possible.

The Urantia Book refers to two types of humans or what is called ascending and descending mortals. Many ascending mortals want to be the prognosticators of events rather than tend to the business at hand in their land. They tend to abide by the command and control structure. The descending mortals seem to carry the Source codes that emerge over their lifetimes and seek to collaborate rather than control. The ETs aren’t going to save us. We made the mess. We are the only ones that can clean it up.

The concept of descending mortals seems to fit the condensation of light particles into form, much like the original ‘fallen’ angels were actually ‘condensed’ beings. Some are still caught in the Messianic Complex and haven’t quite got it all figured out just yet. All in time… Once we do make some obvious progress we’ll have more help than we can imagine.

Hopi Relations

Speaking of family reunions, I became involved with the daughter of a Hopi Elder and was invited to a (Kachina) planting  dance in the plaza of Kykotsmovi on Second Mesa. I was taken into one of the houses on the plaza only to find out later it was Bear Clan.

What impressed me were two things: First, the feeling of the beat of the dance permeating the ground for hundreds of feet around the plaza. The sense of oneness was permeating everything in this environment. It was undeniable in the feeling and sensation of the pulse created by the dancers and drum. It was like stepping into another world of unified consciousness.

Second, the insanity presented by the clowns as they brought many non-Indians (including me) into the center of the plaza and then proceeded to split into groups. One ‘aggressor’ group literally attack the other with water, reeds, and sticks. They even were ripping clothes off their ‘opponents’ while leaving us in the middle to simply stand and observe, not knowing what to do. The feeling of helplessness and sorrow was overwhelming. Interesting view, eh? Sound familiar? I got a real awakening in that place.

The solar disc is mentioned in several ancient texts as containing the secrets of life, a codex of planetary understanding if you will. Many signs have been prepared to initiate the process, from the ships in the skies to crop circles on the ground.

The tablet appears to be very similar to the one spoken of in the Hopi Prophecies and also a representation of the rotating feathered-serpent medicine wheel that symbolizes Source to the Mayans. Jose Arguelles spoke of it as a ‘sign’ above the gathering places during the Harmonic Convergence. I saw it above Sedona when I asked the question, “If God made us, then who made God?”

I am awed and usually speechless in any kind of contemplation of correlating identity factors, feeling inept in the wake of this cosmic wave. Time will tell as truth is always Self-revealing. I truly have no attachment to outcome nor identity, although human emotions do enter in from time to time.

Highly Sensitive Nature

As an empath since childhood, I’m not always sure whether those emotions are mine or from others. As a spiritual being in human form it is often difficult to remain balanced and centered in this movement of energy toward Oneness. It is difficult enough to understand even with the experiences. Without direct experience… faith matters and discernment becomes tantamount to trials and tribulations. I was told years ago to ‘have faith, trust and allow.’

After some additional time and further self-exploration my faith has revealed some very simple understandings through my direct experience. Our Trinity… in all its names and religions… comes from the foundations of creation in the material and spiritual worlds…which are truly the same. The three Suns that I had visited some years ago announced that they were not only my forefathers, they were also the forefathers of our solar system.

The time it took to travel to this place, 8 minutes at 241 trillion miles per second (speed of thought according to the Urantia Book), puts it about 622 million light years away. I spent years wondering what the reality of this experience would truly bring, even though I was told that I would ‘figure it out’ in due time.

My working partner and I recently met William Arntz, the many-hatman of the creation of a new movie that explores the bridge of science and spirituality called “What the BLEEP do we know?” The movie connected the dots for me that had been in front of my face the whole time.

So bringing the declaration of the suns into the realms of science, these suns (Source? – Trinity?) are represented in the microcosm as the proton, neutron, and electron – Self-directed bundles of light that make up our entire physical creation. The ‘space’ between the particles contains the ‘thoughts’ of Creation that we have yet to understand.

The Nothingness

There is literally nothing outside of God, or more correctly ‘Gods,’ including the space between the particles of light. This ‘space’ is where intent resides as the unqualified absolute made manifest through thought, intuitive and pure in its logic (the bridge of carbon and silicon?). We have been questioning how does one become connected to God instead of recognizing how we already ARE. God IS dwelling in man already.

Our polarity paradigm paralysis has not let us ‘see’ and ‘hear’ the truth of our ONEness. The Spirit of Truth is upon us now folks. Am I absolutely insane or does this feeble attempt at articulation make sense at all?

Many people have continuing contact with BEINGS  through dreams and visions that are beyond much of our human comprehension, from many realms and worlds of space and time. All are being given relatively the same message… Create Harmony Among People and Planet.

We know it is time looks like we are all here to join in the Party…. Independence Arizona and Spectrum Academy are my attempts at sharing these concepts through applying my inner knowing and outer education/experience in order to share my LOVE. You simply cannot imagine how risky this business of emotional vulnerability has become. Or maybe you can….

The paradox for me is that I named this page ‘lucky’… The Angel of Music and Light and the Son of God simply MUST be part of the SAME SOURCE… Limitless Oscillating Vibrational Energy… LOVE. Yet, the risk factor in letting go of any and all attachment to the outcome is totally intense.

The blessing comes in the ability to report my experiences and perspectives at the risk of being thought a fool, insane, or whatever method of rejection is popular to the reader. Maybe it has something to do with a deeply rooted belief I’ve recently discovered. It revealed itself as this ‘I have a lot to offer, but you will reject me.’ Is this what all star beings incarnate here feel?

The Mayans have a great saying for humbling oneself… In Lakesh… I am another you. Our lives are about love, living and sharing love unconditionally. May we all live well.



ps. Interesting to note that asking the question about where the ‘trinity’ might show up in the physical world offered consideration of the proton, electron and neutron. However, it left hydrogen out of the picture. Hydrogen has been found to be the ‘bonding agent’ for the DNA helix. I wonder what we’ll know in another 20 years?

2021 Update… Remarried in 2017; first Christmas present was Ancestry subscription. I’d searched profusely in my 30s, to no avail. Records were destroyed in a flood. January of 2019, half-sister showed up which led to my birth mother, still living in Anderson, IN. HAH! I AM FROM HERE! lmao… Here’s the kicker, though, I found out I’d met my birth father at a UFO discussion group in Phoenix in the fall of 1990? and spent a weekend at his cabin in Groom Creek, AZ to attend several groups in Prescott he wanted to share with me. Unfortunately, he transitioned in 2017. My wife and I did get to spend a week with Mom that summer. It was euphoric and hilarious… recognizing some of her behavior patterns in me. Nature does seep through. She, too, transitioned in February of ’21.

June 1, 2021 – My wife, Luba, told me I needed to start talking to people again, with some curiosity and wisdom garnered. I launched a new series, coming off a 30-year hiatus from One World.  One World in a New World dives deep into the inner and outer relationships we have with life. I could share my passion for apocalyptic chats, uncovering knowledge, and engage others from around the world in generative conversations that have us both discovering and unveiling common understanding as well as new insights to the process.

March 2022 – The next phase of my training begins, testing my mettle and skillset to the extreme. A January apocalyptic chat revealed an opportunity to assist a global peace movement, founded by a local guy, a defense attorney, officing in walking distance from our home. Perhaps a hint from the proximity and synchronicity, I jumped in, knowing of the arduous road ahead. I share a gender balanced co-director position, an example of the new energy and intention. Check it out:

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