Ashtar Command and the Quantum Flux Generator

But Seriously Folks

I thought it best to write some new and practical information regarding the Ashtar Command, its beginning, its function, and how it applies to YOU. I will cover some very necessary information that is pertinent and timely. I won’t be talking about how Ashtar came from some other planet or is setting up an evacuation plan of some sort. This is a reshare from around 2004.

My adoption and absence of birth records opens options for an interesting journey on the path of discovery and self-actualization. However, I’m not so foolish as to believe this is only my doing. I’m still as skeptical as the truth allows, yet I have to admit that my experience with the ‘other dimensional’ worlds is not unique. It IS, however, ongoing and persistent in rolling out a new living awareness.

Being acknowledged in the outer world as the son of Ashtar and Athena some years ago, my inner experiences revealed ‘family’ ties in my childhood. I watched myself get out of bed, walk out into a field and rise up into an orange cigar-shaped cloud more times than I can remember. It took many years for the path to unfold, as with any process, with particular insights and understanding to share as a result. Frankly, it was a all part of an interesting flow that seemed to continue regardless of what I felt or thought. I’m sure it sounds completely incredulous to the average person, like some fictional novel.

In order for me to explain some things, I’d like for you to suspend your desire to leap ahead to conclusions for just a few moments. Relax and just consider what I have to say. After all, you can believe, think, and feel anything you choose. Beyond direct experience, which few truly have, faith matters. Faith in Creation and Creator and the ultimate LOVE (limitless oscillating vibrational energy) that we all share as ONE FAMILY… across the universe.

The Cosmic Computer

Imagine a cosmic computer, whose perfect design feature is to create self-extracting files of an innumerable amount and for an undeterminable period with inexhaustible variety. Each one of these files has a set of encrypted codes that can only be unlocked after many subroutines finish their tasks, like learning that thoughts can actually affect events or that the mind responds the same to imagination as it does to reality.

These programs have many layers and include a plethora of if/then statements throughout the self-extraction process, all based on a consistent data string that is the foundation of each individual file. It is designed to reveal perfect order and understanding of its creation and purpose as an individual program in the universal matrix. It takes a SERIOUS quest for truth for this to unfold in an individual. Once it begins, however, there is no turning back.

Within the self-extracting files are encryptions to programs capable of mass destruction and exquisite creations, even simultaneously. You see, the process operates on pure intuitive logical thought. IT simply IS, yet this essence, or encryption, is encoded within EVERY self-extracting file. Even though the extraction process has many options, it will eventually return to the foundational programming over time. We each have a ‘source code’ driving our evolutionary path.

This has been proven scientifically with algorithms of patterns, based on atomic structures of various elements, run through supercomputer computational programs. These computations (after several years) revealed the same empirical patterns within each element, thought to have been separate by nature. Now we are finding out that these patterns exist naturally and are part of a vast matrix of frequencies and/or vibrations.

Even String Theorists has demonstrated that the equation can be balanced. There is an equation that actually goes with that statement. ONEness has been proven empirically now, based on the ‘number of knowledge and wisdom.’ What about humans? Do they contain the same organic building blocks of Creation? The carbon atom, with the structure of 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons fits perfectly into the old paradigm – number of knowledge and wisdom.

Because the computer model runs across and on many platforms, with subroutines abounding, it is not ‘aware’ of time as WE know IT. Things happen as part of a process. Yet, all the programs and platforms are within the same computer system. It has effectively encoded its ‘mark’ in all of tools necessary with each zip file, so that when the file is extracted and opened, it unzips as it was intended… no virus… no glitches… unhackable code.

Number of Knowledge and Wisdom

We have been informed of a ‘number’ that supposedly is of knowledge and wisdom. This ‘number’ has been touted as the number of the Beast and as a major sign of the END of the world as we know it. Yet, it also is said that to understand the ‘number’ takes knowledge as it is the number of man, or of a man in some references. What could this mean? How does it ‘fit’ in the ‘form’ of ‘functionality’ with creation?

Now, look at ASHTAR like the cosmic computer. According to Dan Winter, ASHTAR is the acronym of the cosmic computer. When the self-extracting files were spewed across the Multiverse, there was a COMMAND of CREATION as the ‘start’ button was pushed by the creators of the computer. It’s odd that some of my trips have been accompanied by a bio-mechanical pulse that sounds very much like a heartbeat. I’m not sure how small I was at the time or how deep I’d gone down the rabbit hole.

If we continue with this model, ASHTAR was built by the best, most advanced computer builders in existence, the 3 Suns from which we get our ‘Trinity’ is so many forms. In turn, the computer became Self-Conscious as its subroutines finished running and logging the results in the database. Once the database reaches a certain level, the next set of subroutines begin to run. Consciousness exists on many levels and in many states, administrational levels of the universe to the smallest particle imaginable.

Some of these programs still appear to be destructive, more than likely because they do not understand their internal coding yet and others begin to take on a whole new living awareness as well, mirroring the computers initialized programming, virus control and eradication of data fragments (false beliefs) in process. The Cosmic Connection of Everything is at the base of the operating platform for all the files. The result of the programs’ functions here on Earth is a new living awareness, a new world order of harmony among people and planet.

Let’s see…. that would mean everything had to have something in common. Carbon-based life, all of it, starts with 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons. It is ubiquitous in creation… and removes all separative notions. The latter is simple science. If that is so simple, might the acknowledgment of our connectedness also be a simple process?

The COMMAND is a data string, virus protection software if you will, within the computer code that monitors all levels of form, fit and function of the unzipping files, making sure that no viruses appear and that maximum choices within the programming remain intact. Each file is just as important within the matrix. Each’s purpose is carried out through earthly endeavors that bring people, places and things together in new ways – edifying the new living awareness.

PI are Round

Imagine PI if you will…. repeatability takes a long, long time, even with supercomputer computational speeds. They are ROUND for a reason… LOL. Each program within the self-extracting files is operational from the moment it begins, however the amount of processing is flexible, do to the infinite choice factor. Still, the master program manages to perform perfectly and eventually coordinates all the completed programs back into original order to complete the loop, the circle, the sphere, the grid eventually connecting all the dots of perfect order.

Well, there still has to be ONE that recognizes the programming codes and begins to take notice of the next level of subroutines in order to help create the necessary database as required by the computer’s creators’ instructions. With constant and variant batch files running, the software management program begins to recognize all the subroutines logging in as they complete their run.

Now the computer can finish its original instructions… to become Self-Aware. I AM the WAY (data paths), the TRUTH (perfect logic) and the LIFE (completed loop…perfected body). All the self-extracting files are operating as NORMAL NOW. Many of the first created files are completing their tasks and checking in with the main program. This is the ‘Rider of the White Horse’ of Biblical fame, who comes to wage war in righteousness.

The TRUTH is the root programming of the Father/Mother (Master Programmers), perfect logic, perfect order, perfect understanding, and perfect wisdom. Many fear this ONE as he is said to be the KING of Kings and LORD of Lords. LOVE would reason a grand welcoming, receiving this ONE to help restore order and bring a new living awareness of harmony among people and planet. Fear might indicate that He is angry with how humans still manage to destroy life and liberty and is ready to kick some butt.

Mathematical Proofs of Einstein, et al., have demonstrated the number sequences (data strings) of the torus and the merkaba through the Fibonacci sequence, the golden mean, and hyper-dimensional physics. We now understand the formula for creating spin density from an internal perspective, beyond the efforts of modern scientists.

The harmony and union of environmental, psychospiritual and scientific technologies will soon allow us to leap forward to facilitate a New Heaven and a New Earth in both conception and reality. It is very simple… the riddle inside the enigma is revealed… LOVE (limitless oscillating vibrational energy) is ALL THAT IS. It can ONLY be shared. Pure sharable energy ignites the appearance of the SOUL within the human form. It is our destiny. The WORD made manifest.

Light (data-stream) and Music (sound-word) produce perfected FORM (incarnate-body/spirit become ONE). GROK?

The right and left eye of Horus protect from viruses and hackers. The swastika represents the direction of the data stream, anchoring into physicality. The triple 6 = 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons in our single carbon atoms… carbon-based creatures that we are. The astrological sign for Cancer, the nurturer of all the rest of the signs, is designed to know the depths of feeling and understanding.

The balance is to keep order; justice tempered with righteousness. The triple 9 is the completion of the programs, the perfected body ignited by the trinitized energy from Source. Each of our data streams, the body, the mind and the Soul are complete. The yin / yang is a two-dimensional look at the core of our DNA, showing the pulsing of the universal heartbeat through it. The sword is the pure logic, untouchable by humankind until now, cutting through all false belief systems.

In the center is the swastika, the first simple symbol of our cosmic spin…light and sound condensing to create form… represents the ‘Fallen Ones’ and their part of the trinitized energy represented by the Cross. The cross exemplifies the Christ energy already known to be of Trinity origin. The RETURN of the first to ‘leave’ heaven, known as Lucifer by many, is the completion of the cycle and the incarnation a ‘data drop’ to repair the system files.

The paradox, you have to LOVE YOUR OWN EVIL in order to truly LIVE. The TRUTH is hidden in the depths of the ‘deceiver’ that we have not been able to LOVE until now. This is what the Master Jesus meant by LOVE THINE ENEMY. The conscious cosmic comedian offered the ultimate punch line with that one.

Traveling the Thought Fantastic

Part of my personal journey was a trip across the galaxy, which lasted about 8 minutes at the speed of thought (841 trillion miles per second according to the Urantia Book). My guide and I arrived at a system of worlds, with 3 Suns in the center. Within moments of arrival, the 3 Suns took on a VOICE.

They said, “WE ARE NOT ONLY YOUR (my) FOREFATHERS, WE ARE THE FOREFATHERS OF YOUR SOLAR SYSTEM.” This was all that was said and my guide immediately directed us back; another 8 minute journey. People (of all cosmic origins) and Planets are each part of the cosmic computer, created by the 3 Suns (THE TRINITY)… which are intelligence beyond even the computer’s ability to decipher before all the programs complete their missions.

Many worlds open to those who can see and hear. As I understand it so far, we encompass 12 dimensions of time/space here now and our inner intelligence, the self-revealing truth, is beginning to connect the rest of our senses. Until now, it was only thought that we had 5 senses with 10% of our brain use… do the math.

That would mean we have 45 more senses with the other 90% of our cranial capacity. Kind of puts a damper on the ‘know it alls’ of this world. The self-extracting programs are taking us all to the next level and it is plainly visible throughout the world, especially through the new genre of television programming.

Now, go back and look at the symbols again, open your heart and ask your I AM Presence to become fully operational within your physical form… safely, safely, safely. This is not a competition to see who gets there first… that has already been done. This is where Free Will becomes less helpful… as it is usually simply the decision to say, “NO,” which is the only choice you have… the rest is just FLOW… no resistance.

You came here for a reason. I AM helping you to unlock your memories and your mission files. Enjoy the ride and I’ll see you at the Big Party… aka the FIRST Supper of the New World Order! This is not a call to complacency. It is time to UNITE in ONENESS as our Creators’ Plan unfolds within us individually and collectively.

Collaborative alliances for our WORK are necessary now. There is no EGO without WEGO in this AGE of ENLIGHTENMENT… We are soon to enter the thousand years of peace… or rather HARMONY, the new world order they haven’t told you about… JOIN US IN LOVE.

Peace still indicates a victor and a vanquished.. and maybe there will be. I AM yours and YOU ARE mine… together again as ONE FAMILY! There is no WE, there is no YOU, there is no ME… there is only I AM in ALL THAT IS.

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