Galactic Window Peering into the New Time on Earth

It is NOT the end of the world or anything close!

People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it.” Agent K from Men in Black. Because of the notions presented by many there is little attention given to that of the one. Much disturbance and fear-based projections have been made about this time. Something is happening, but we really don’t know what yet. There is a collaborative vision emerging, observing harmony in the chaos and nurturing a new order of consideration and consciousness.

To summarize December 21, 2012 is featured in Egyptian, Hindu, Mayan and Sumerian calendars as the ‘end of time’ for which humans must prepare. The ancient Hindu Kali Yuga calendar and Mayan calendar were both started about the same time over 5000 years ago, and both predict a rebirth of our planet.

The significance of this date in Mayanism stems from the ending of the current baktun cycle of the Maya calendar in 2012, which many believe will create a global “consciousness shift” and the beginning of a new age. The cycle is also mentioned in the Kaliyuga. Conjecture mixed with superstition gives way to scientific exploration into consciousness, space and time as we use every available technology to research and respond to the needs for preparation.. but for what?

Mayan Calendar

Somewhat like astrology, the Mayan calendar, or Tzolkin, has 13 cycles (lunar) of 20 days each. The base date of the Long Count is August 11, 3114 B.C. In the Long Count time periods are grouped into multiples of the numbers 13 and 20, numbers that Westerners less familiar with. In the Long Count, time is cyclic, and there are a finite number of days that must occur after the base date before a new cycle commences.

The Long Count has three elements that are shared with the Western Christian calendar; a base date, a means of grouping large periods of time, and an astrological component. The Mayan glyph to the right happens to be the one associated with my birth date, where in the Eastern/Western astrological makeup, I am a Rooster/Cancer. It is all rather fascinating.

My first introduction to the Mayan Calendar was from an interview with Dr. Arguelles in Meditation Magazine that I read during the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. Jose was responsible for introducing the Mayan Calendar and the Harmonic Convergence to the world. Years later I met Jose and Lloydine Arguelles when I was the event manager for The Prophets Conference in 1997 in Laveen, AZ. What a joy they were to engage.

We had several long conversations while officing out of Village Labs in Tempe, Arizona. I had a little input as well, discovering that the practical aspect of the wave of consciousness that was building toward 2012 is then turned into implementing the consciousness back into existing systems in the world. It seemed simple enough to me. We still have a lot of work to do to implement this new living awareness. The chaos will no doubt get worse before it gets better, the natural process toward order prevails.

I also met his South American coordinator at the event, connecting with him again on a visit to Santiago, Chile, and a ‘Day Out of Time’ festival there in 2001. Meeting up with Chris Sinclair was quite serendipitous as Jose had just got through writing a book about a conversation between Memnosis and Lucifer that my partner and I devoured later that evening. Essentially, it was time to stop creating and embrace what we’ve done already, find harmony in it and learn how to get along.

I’ve also met and spoken with Ian Lungold   on several occasions during the early 2000s. His discoveries of Dr. Carl Johan Calleman’s work and his own correlative experiences made him an outspoken proponent of the Cycles of Time and our planetary evolution. Dr. Calleman wrote the foreword to one of Dr. Arguelles’ books as well. John Major Jenkins is also a prolific Mayan Calendar proponent, and eventually much of the information garnered from the calendar became more concurrent with purpose than with actual timeframes within it.

Making Sense Common, Perhaps

I’m aware of various points of contention between the three and their obsessive ‘date’ focus as to exactly when this is all supposed to happen. Like many ‘dates’ in time it is the sequence and flow of the shifts that take place before and after that are the true results of the awareness. Fussing over specifics, at least on a cosmic scale, doesn’t seem to have much credence when you are dealing with 26,000 or 52,000 or even 78,000 year cycles, eh? Although if one were to coagulate the possibilities, it would seem that significant dates would line up with natural cycles and seasons.

What is interesting is the fact that Hindu calendars also corroborate the Mayan predictions though both these civilization had no contact with each other. According to Hind scriptures, the world goes through 4 stages in a cycle. They believe that the year 2012 could mean the end of KaliYuga (Dark Era) and mark the beginning of Sat Yuga. In this yug, humans will undergo a spiritual awakening and Golden Age will begin. In that age, the world will not be material based but spiritual based.

The most prevalent notion is one of a conscious evolution, a movement toward a connected global consciousness even cosmic consciousness that is an expression of oneness. A collection of videos here may help you find your own answers to the pertinent questions. Keep in mind that truth has a way of resonating at the deepest levels of your being, subtly finding a place in your heart. One needs to have a certain openness, or as one spiritual text puts it, “the eyes to see and the ears to hear.”

Scribe Aleister Crowley, speaking of True Power puts it this way:

“Power is something gained by renunciation. It is the 7th Key of the Tarot. Every true Magician must give the last drop of his life’s blood into the cup of the Holy Grael. And if by magick power we mean true power, the assimilation of all with the Ultimate Light, the true Bridal of the Rosy Cross, then is that blood the offering of Virginity, the sole sacrifice well-pleasing to the Master, the sacrifice whose only reward is the pain of child-bearing unto him. But to sell one’s soul to the devil, to renounce no matter what for an equivalent of personal gain, is black magic. You are no longer a noble giver of your all but a mean huckster…” A.C.

After stepping back and looking from a distance I’ve come to the conclusion that the transition between the Piscean and Aquarian age fits a little different way. In the 25 years leading up to the 2012 Winter Solstice we’ve progressed in consciousness, increased in awareness as a planetary society. Awareness of what, you might ask? Awareness of a greater consciousness permeating our thoughtmosphere that connects us all. Embedded within that consciousness is the blueprint for a New World Order of harmony among people and planet.

Now that we are on the other side those ‘plans’ are leaking into the waking consciousness of many, preparing the way for implementing the new patterns and technology back into existing systems. So it appears we have another 25 years to roll out the plan. Everything is on schedule and will work out accordingly. Consciousness is evolving within us as a natural order of universal affairs, a greater awareness of cosmic consciousness condensed into these forms.

In memoriam to Jose Arguelles, Valum Voltan – pioneer in the New Time, who passed just recently. It was a blessing and pleasure to have known you, not just as an investigator but as a human BEing and fellow celestial traveler. Indeed, ‘The Galactic Federations look forward to the New Time!’ I’m truly honored, humbled and hybridized – Zen of the Clean Wave Form, Harmony of the One Mind.

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