Isis to Las Pulgas by Way of Pacific Palisades

Just Off Sunset Boulevard

One evening three of us attended a meeting in Pacific Palisades. It was at a townhome that was up on a hill overlooking the ocean. It had a beautiful view indeed and the host was a woman who channeled various entities. This evening’s gathering was going to include a channeling of Isis. I’d been to a few channelings as you might recall.

As we were traveling there I reflected on a conversation I had with an elderly man, Wolfgang Krause, back when I was living in the AUM house in north central Phoenix. He was an old mechanical engineer that had worked on the V2 rockets and was recruited to the US for his expertise.

When I met him he was retired. He was in his early 70s at the time and had turned his attention to metaphysics and researching past lives. One of his goals was to find the original signers of the Declaration of Independence. One of our first conversations began with his queries of me regarding my feelings about Isis. I had an affinity for her that I never really quite understood.

As we talked further he went into detail about what he was ‘picking up’ from me and that my affinity for her had to do with something much deeper and more on the fringe than I was probably ready to hear. He talked some about the history of Isis and Osiris before dropping a piece of information that was really hard for me to take. He told me that I carried the father/mother energy of Osiris.

Now I was not inclined to automatically accept what he said, however appealing it was. However, it did trigger an immediate recall of the symbol I had drawn some years before, just after moving to Phoenix. It had both the right and left eye of Horus as the first two images I drew. According to Egyptian lore, this meant total protection – from what I wasn’t real clear, but it seemed to indicate protection from all malevolent forces.

I believe he also knew Al Bielek well and must have precipitated Al’s call and lunch invitation to share his information with me about the Philadelphia Experiment before he went public. I was just returning to my spiritual exploration and practices at the time so I suppose I needed an accelerated learning curve to catch up on the years lost during my marriage and corporate conundrum.

Overlooking the Ocean

So back to the Isis channeling… The woman opened the evening with some brief introductions and a request to forgive Lucifer for starting the rebellion. Now I’d had some deep discussions with Jesus and others on many occasions regarding my concerns about the misinterpretation of Lucifer’s mission.

It just never made sense that the Most High Angel of Light and Music would ever fail in his appointed duties. If one understands the nature of celestial consciousness and vibratory rates it is just impossible to function outside the natural integrity. I considered that in order for consciousness to condense into form, even though I cannot fathom the exact process, there would need to be one to begin the process so others could follow.

It is quite clear to me that the mistranslation of ‘condensed’ to ‘fallen’ was the perfect angle for the early spin-doctors to fall into the classic human duality framework. The sin (missing the mark) is understandable considering the limited knowledge of the day and the blasphemous notion of man becoming god.

So I took issue with the host and spoke up. I explained that Lucifer didn’t need forgiveness as it was lack of understand the ultimate service that was provided, in spite of all the projections of condemnation from millennia of misunderstanding. I suggested that his service defined the ultimate love and sacrifice at the hands of human ignorance. My demeanor was soft and warm rather than confrontational and I was surprised that several others spoke up in agreement. It was the first time my views had ever met any acceptance.

Considering the issue resolved, I suppose, the host continued with her preparation for the channeling. As she opened her mouth to speak, the first utterings were directed toward me. “I recognize your voice from long ago, echoing in the halls of Amenti.” I wasn’t sure if she was legit or just making up for the egg on her face. I’d heard of the Halls of Amenti, but I really wasn’t sure exactly where they were.

Later I found a couple of references, one about Egyptian folklore and the other about Atlantis. Both referenced a storehouse of knowledge and wisdom. If she was speaking from an authentic and truthful place, I thought, then this only exacerbates the quandary I continue to experience. I longed for someone to help me understand my life without getting all weird about it. Too often it felt like I was constantly being challenged energetically, whether words were uttered or not in response, no matter how gentle and softly I spoke.

The balance of the channeling was about the ascension of consciousness, which validated the understanding I’d garnered so many years ago. It felt good to hear it, although the majority of the folks listening were still challenged in their comprehension, let alone actualizing it in their own lives. It seemed like most of the people, in this group and among those I’ve encountered, tend to make things considerably more difficult than the simple choice and commitment that was necessary.

After the meeting several people came over to compliment me for speaking out. They all said they had never heard anyone present the information like I did and that it resonated in their hearts. My friends were talking to others as well and we all seemed to finish about the same time and assembled for our trip home. Just as we were about ready to leave a slightly younger guy walked up to us with a gleam in his eye I had rarely seen.

Carl the Drummer

He started off with, “Hey, my name is Carl and Jesus told me I have to tell you guys about the house I’m renting. You’ve got to come and see it. I’m only about 5 minutes away, just south of Sunset on PCH.”

We all looked at each other and nodded as though it was not surprising to have yet another unexpected gift. It seemed we were encountering them a lot. “Show us the way,” our driver, Stephen, said and off we went to discover what Jesus had in store.

He said it was a 37 acre canyon with a house just across from the beach just a few minutes away. We agreed to go as it was only minutes away. It was just after midnight and as we followed him, there was an acknowledgement of a potential spiritual explosion… joyous and serene.

After arriving and while we were being shown the inside of the house, I felt a slight disturbance in my solar plexus. It was enough to give me pause for reflection. Being an empath, I’m used to psychic impressions and simply took a focused breath and cleared the energy as I had learned to do long ago. I gave it no further thought at the time, although I was curious as to its nature.

We spent about an hour or so in the house, being given the nickel tour and then Carl escorted us on a journey to the rear of the canyon, about a half-mile walk. The moon provided some nice light and the lights from the houses around the rim gave the canyon some definition.

There was a field of fennel that paralleled the dirt road and a creek adjacent to it with a small waterfall visible from the road about half-way back where the canyon wall comes out a bit from its gentle slope back. The canyon then opens again to another field of fennel (these plants were at least a couple of meters high at the time) lined by piles of dirt from semi-sized dump trucks.

Just beyond the dirt was an opening near the end where there was a house on the rim of the north side with half its back porch hanging in space. One of LA’s larger tremors had dislodged the earth under it. The retaining wall was now under construction just below this surreal sight.

The road made a turn toward this area and this sharp corner is where one of us continued east while the 3 of us stood to talk a moment. It was about 2 am at this time and the moon’s glow shown on the north wall, leaving us in semi-shadowed light. Carl turned to Matt and I and said he needed to tell us something else about the house and didn’t know how we’d take it. So he told the two of us about a double murder that had occurred in the house some decades before and that the spirits were still there.

Lindsey Wagner had lived there just before him, moving because they had not been able to get the spirits to leave. He related that he didn’t really believe in the stuff until some pretty obvious signs began appearing.

Too many things made ‘coincidence’ seem a bit of a stretch; objects disappearing and reappearing in different places in the house, doors opening and closing, noises that had no physical source and oh, even some shadowy figures seen by several of their friends. At times an overwhelming sense of anger was felt by more sensitive visitors who felt it necessary to comment on their feelings.

Carl and his roommates had several people of various claims, from psychic to shaman, come there with the purpose of getting these two spirits to move on to whatever place was next. I had sensed the disturbance as well, moved the energy out of the house through the use of my breath and internal energy management, and not said a word about it to anyone in the process. Heck, we’d just arrived and I wasn’t sure how to broach the subject in such a short time.

Hey, There’s a Couple of Dead People…

So I figured I’d wait and see what transpired. It was my experience that when things needed to be addressed or brought out, there was always a pregnant moment that birthed the opportunity.

I told him they were gone now as it ‘resonated’ with my actions previously precipitated by the feeling of the disturbance earlier in the house. I didn’t know for sure until the next scene of our ‘play’ in the canyon. It was exquisite.

At that time Stephen, the 4th member of our party, walked up and without hesitation announced that there were a couple of dead people further on up the canyon and that it seemed like they did not want to leave. I felt validated instantly.

Carl was unaware of our various psychic gifts until that point. His jaw dropped as I turned to him and said, “Told ya.” Stephen had a curious look on his face, so I asked Carl to tell him about the murders, and I stepped back from the group to see if I could see them too. Trust but verify… truth stands always.

I normally can ‘see’ when I close my eyes and turn on the screen. I could not this time, although I got the distinct impression to ‘blow’ a portal in my mind/heart. I couldn’t tell you whether it was verbal instructions, gut feelings, or empathic knowing and I certainly wasn’t going to ignore it. So, without hesitation, I did what was asked.

As I directed the breath with intention I saw a shaft of light appear several yards in front of me, like ‘molten’ light with cracks of pure white light amidst the already bright shaft with a pure white parabola at the bottom. I have to admit that this was not a normal experience for me. I was just as dumbfounded by the whole process as anyone, yet there was something within me that guided it.

When the white parabolic doorway appeared or opened, the two became visible just a few yards in frontpacific palisades - zendor the barbarian of it. I couldn’t distinguish clothing of any kind, although their bodies were apparent. They were looking at me and I got the impression of, “who the hell are you?” I simply said to them telepathically, “You can go if you want,” as I motioned with my hand toward the portal.

They looked at it, looked back at me, turned and walked in. I paused for a moment in awe and potential denial and then returned to the group a few feet away.

The experience only took just a few moments and I needed some validation. I asked Stephen to look again now. He looked and turned back to me and said, “Damn you’re quick!”

I shared with them what I had experienced in the house and ‘blowing’ the portal and had to admit I had no idea what was going to happen as a result of his, or should I say Jesus’ invitation to the canyon. Each one of us had awareness beyond the daily experience of most people, yet they all combined for this interesting, albeit metaphysical, experience we shared in that moment.

We all agreed the experience had a nice resonance of completion, at least for the time being. We felt as kindred brethren and voiced our desire to create something together. I left for Chile a couple of days later. Once the portal was created I had no thoughts of closure so evidently it stayed open.

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