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I had a very interesting time in Los Angeles during a most tumultuous time for the United States in the summer/fall of 2001. I cannot, in all good faith, verify all the complete details of what I am about to share. I did, however, observe that the events were apparently real. I participated in many of the things I am about to offer as ‘information’ for your discretionary tastes. I will attempt to report these events as best as possible from a place of simple observation with a few poignant questions here and there.

Please understand there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ frame of reference in this material. Just consider the information with an open mind. It is best not to judge because it clouds our vision, especially when it is potentially fictitious or actually true. We often breeze past potential realities because of our limited and limiting belief systems. We are discovering many ‘new’ truths since our entrance into the 21st century.

I got a call from some friends who invited me to come to LA to help with some eco-system regeneration projects they were engaging. I arrived at a small complex a block off Hollywood Boulevard, said to have been Humphrey Bogart’s place some time ago. My friends were busy attempting to organize an extremely interesting and potentially world-changing exchange. Somehow the group was involved in negotiating the exchange of a $100,000,000 Federal Reserve Notefederal reserve note (one of thousands) that was printed in 1934 to help bring the US out of the depression.

Apparently they are real and the US Treasury Department is well aware of them. The group intended the ‘cash’ to go toward projects to help make the world better. Because of my history with large scale manufacturing and government work I had been asked to help facilitate several projects that could have had some far reaching results. I met some people that were hoping to fund eco-regeneration projects with Paulownia trees as a featured product, for instance. These trees are absolutely phenomenal as building materials and reforestation agents.

They were also including an eco-village concept utilizing geodesic domes with solar, wind, and water power generation. As things would have it, the group was attempting to find a way to redeem a single Federal Reserve Note. If they could, it would open the door to many more and literally trillions of dollars of potential funding. It was an event we didn’t realize the significance or the potential eyes that were watching from afar.

A bank in LA was interested but was evasive about actually doing the deal and broke off talks. We met with a billionaire up the coast that said he was interested, the owner of Swift Trucking, but he was more skeptical and just wanted to see the Note. It was a very complex and potentially high impact scenario, not just in the realm of eco-system regeneration. The introduction of the document in its physical form seemed to intimidate more than facilitate its exchange.

Interesting Details

As the story goes a relative of Ferdinand Marcos and widow of Paul Hunter, known in some circles as the King of Kurdistan, held several hundred of these Notes by way of some very interesting circumstances; their union. Paul had died mysteriously in the fall of 2000. His widow continued the efforts to put their funds in the hands of more deserved folks. She had arrived in LA a few months prior and ‘somehow’ was introduced to this small group of heart/mind-centered world servers.

It was purported that they had been involved with high level ‘shadow’ government dealings where these Notes were used to move some not so nice ‘new world order’ agendas forward. That ‘new world order’ was prescriptive rather than a natural emergence of bio-spiritual engineering from universal consciousness. Something had stirred within them and in the late 90s they decided to change their attitude and help forward thinking world servers instead.

Now just the fact that these Notes had found their way into this group of folks says a lot, at least on the possibility of how certain things are orchestrated by the unseen hand. Word had it that Fay (Paul’s widow) now had 36 boxes of 120 notes each. Extrapolated from their original value, trillions of dollars were at stake. It was enough to threaten the world economy developed through the military industrial complex and globalist activity.

During a weekend trip back to Phoenix to visit my girlfriend and knowing an ex-Treasury Agent, I made a phone call to find our more of the ‘truth’ behind the Notes. I e-mailed a copy of the scan and he forwarded it to an associate in New York whom he thought would know the definitive truth. I was encouraged.

He was skeptical and thought it probably was a fraud, yet graciously sent it on for verification. I’d been told it had been authenticated by the guys in California already. Like me, he puts his own belief aside when there is lack of definitive information and asks someone that is in possession of more qualified knowledge and understanding.

He admitted that, if they were real, there could be a wonderful change in the direction of humankind. Alternative energy resources with environmental considerations had not been considered ‘profitable’ by Big Business for the most part prior to the turn of the century. The tide was starting to change, though.

I went back to LA early Monday morning. A few of days later there was a phone call from representative of a bank in New York that was interested in the Note at seventy-five cents on the dollar. They were willing to work with the established banking relationship in LA to consummate the process. Although there was some excitement generated by the opportunity, I wasn’t sure that anything was going to happen.

These facts were relayed from the liaison working with the widow Hunter. We were hopeful to say the least. Anticipation drove us forward.

Years of research and diligent work were on the verge of becoming a viable project. If this worked, there would be trillions of dollars available for redistribution into the economy for the purpose of helping restore environmental and social balance. Imagine the jobs that could be created from such an effort.

Alas, it never came to pass.

The rest of the story is naught because a few weeks later the World Trade Center Towers came down and all negotiations ceased. The event was devastating to many. The entire country clamped shut and financial institutions pulled in the reins on anything outside ‘standard business practices’ it seemed. We are a conservative nation still and change or shock from catastrophic events puts us on guard across the gamut of business and personal fronts.

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