Tell the Truth Carefully – Layers of Understanding in Reality

Concerned for Each Other

Be careful when relating your truth, especially if it is outside your listeners’ box. Gentle hearts with solid foundations are often trampled because we share without discrimination, yet we recover and grow. Being a mirror for others to peer in, even when aware of the process, is a challenge for the best of us.

We often realize we have a lot to offer yet show up with a sense of impending rejection… and so we are; until we love completely – including self. I think there was something about that in the same book many still are using to justify their condemnation, criticism and judgment.

In contrast to the dualistic mindset, my experience is quite different when centered in Oneness… a heartfelt condition where the mind is simply an observer and a greater part of me (I AM Presence?) becomes totally present. The joy that is there is phenomenal and often precipitates phenomena. Countless witnesses have related stories of connecting with the sound current, the heart pulse of the universe, the Light and beyond.

Serendipitous synchronicities in my own life are chronicled on my website Mothership Café. Many othersto tell the truth - Zendor: Door to What IS can be found on the Web. Countless stories abound relating how people connect with their ‘magic presence’ in the moments of synchronicities. The International Association for Near Death Studies has a conference every year to explore research. Is it an easy process? No, but it gets easier over time.

The resulting feeling from experiencing a serendipitous synchronicity, a sacred moment, is a challenge to articulate yet best related as a feeling of deep love and connectedness. It is similar to the vocalizing embrace of a lover, a simple heartfelt ‘hmmmmm.’ My daily experience is not always centered in Oneness, however, and I roll with the flow when I am aware of it.

After all, even with the theories of hybrid humans, sacred hidden bloodlines or genetic evolution; we are here now. Our human race need not be one of competition and coercion any longer. Servants of a higher cause have many names today; like coaches, counselors, collaborators as well as doctors, lawyers and scientists.

Sometimes my energy tends to become agitated with impatience and I am not always able to be in a zen space. I have a wonderful reminder as a nickname, Zen, and find the challenge to practice zazen a just and prudent cause. As a matter of fact, the agitation has happened often enough that I’ve developed keys, when I’m feeling pulled this way or that, to engage the precious present in my own being. This process begins with feeling my heartbeat in my fingertips as I focus and breathe. It is amazing how such a simple practice can change an entire group’s energy when needed, let alone the affect on self.

The tap on the shoulder, to step into a leadership role, comes whether we choose it or not once we’ve committed to serving the One. Whether father, brother, grandfather, friend, lover, frustrated comedian or speck of dust, the attitude of gratitude builds precept upon precept and evokes a greater capacity to see things differently as I continue to grow and know.

Again, we simply want to love and be loved in living life so we learn to pay attention to the flow that brings us that feeling of love. It doesn’t matter what position or rank we are in at the time, only that we are there to serve. Funny thing about the Law of One; in order to serve and be served we must be selfishly selfless. I think I mentioned that earlier. The concept is one that deserves better and more attention.

What if we were able to let go of all the fear and ‘negative’ emotions we feel on a daily basis? What might happen? Are we aware enough of our thoughts and feelings to even challenge our behavior?

Chaos to harmony is a natural cycle, yes? What if we began to perceive things from a viewpoint of finding the harmony in the chaos? Would we be able to witness a slow change in the way we perceive? I’ll throw this one-liner in now, “A point of perspection dances in the balance of the seer’s vision.” Ponder that one for a bit.

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