Psychospiritual Technologies Leading Us Forward toward Oneness

The Bridge

In the advent of new technologies that have been stifled over the years, including scientific and psycho-spiritual processes, the capacity to use these technologies still comes with a requirement to ascend in consciousness – to anchor in Oneness…to love and be loved.

It is truly that simple. We understand the fractal at that point. How do we fractalize a clean machine? Glad you are here. Are we looking for a way to party hearty in the festival of life? What about the concept of fun? In all this seriousness, where has the happiness and joy gone? What kind of reunion do we want to create or are we even capable of opening our hearts?

Here is a point to ponder: When we consider a need for ‘security’ in developing new technologies are we attracting the very disturbance we wish to avoid. What do we need to protect ourselves from if you are just another me? This is exactly what the ‘Law of Attraction’ states… and so does ‘As a man thinketh, so shall he be.’ Hundreds of phrases could be used here to illustrate the point of our responsibility to think with our hearts; most important – Love one another.

We have the choice. What will it be? Will you make it? When? Wow, that is too simple. Apparently so it is not. How can we enter a Galactic Society without the change of choice? We must prove ourselves to each other first, only then can we anticipate any kind of reciprocation from elsewhere.

During the Harmonic Convergence I was at a campsite a few miles east of Sedona. While deep in psychospiritual technologies - cosmic conundrummeditation I looked up into the sky and saw a large cluster of points of light that looked like a connect-the-dots picture of the Buddha, and I was at his feet.

Then I heard them speak as ONE, “We would like to channel energy through your body into the planet and in return we will answer any questions you have.” It didn’t take me long to decide… maybe a heartbeat or two at most.

As they began to do so, I felt tingles in my feet like a very small electric current moving through them. This began to move up my legs and throughout my body over the course of the experience. I felt like they were connecting me to the Earth grids as well, although I didn’t quite understand why just yet.

This universal law of one, by many names, is ubiquitous in consciousness now or at least there is agreement among the aware and we are just beginning to comprehend its importance, let alone the necessity to live it in our daily lives. Cultural Creatives offer a kind of Collective Messiah scenario where everyone can join in the process and natural leaders emerge.

I was told once that everything we need will be there at the appointed time, the New World Order will happen in my lifetime. Trust and allow. We cannot move forward as a unified planet, a New World Order, until we embrace our own evil (that which denies love in any sense), forgive and live our learning in such a way that limitless oscillating vibrational energy…LOVE… IS The Way TODAY!

That is our challenge NOW. Each moment can be changed in a heartbeat. As a popular television commercial states, “What’s in your wallet?” What do you support with your energy, your money, your time? How about, “What’s in your heart?” It is all just energy. How we direct it speaks volumes. Let us support each other in the shift… please.

Every question has an answer… Are we asking the right ones? How do we determine what are the right ones? Are there those who are ready to help find those questions? Could be and probably so.

Let’s look at a few things that have come to the surface on more geological levels lately, seeming to edify the Mayan cycles in the Dresden calendar but also offering additional questions. Apparently there were some massive shifts about 5200 years ago that have been validated by several findings from across the globe, from the Andean ice cap to the Kilimanjaro ice cap and Otzi the ice man.

The 26,000 year Tzolkin recycles in 2012. There are some personal connections to that within a past life regression I did in 1989. I’ve been open to these things but always had a skeptical eye open just to keep observant and a bit cautious of getting lost in it all. After all, we do live in the here and now, although there are some curious connections to our soul path at least. If you are open to those kinds of things, that is.

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