Carbon Atom May Be the Key to Our Future

Carbon – 666 – Number of Man?

It all starts with the phenomenal precision of the universe, built by some super intellect that knew just exactly what it would take to produce the carbon atom… to the 32nd decimal place. (See Second Law of Thermodynamics)

Various perspectives of the Carbon Atom

Full article at: Spiritual Secrets in the Carbon Atom

Now here’s one that seems to get a lot of airplay on the un-friendly side of life. I’ll present it as a matter of discovery and deductive logic based on scientific evidence. The 666 represents the number of man. Even from the Book of Revelation we are told it is the number of knowledge and wisdom, to be interpreted by one who has understanding (science). It is the number of man, or some versions say the number of ‘a’ man – NOT THE BEAST!  Of course, man can be quite a beast, just look at how barbaric we still are today.

It’s been misinterpreted to mean the Beast, some incarnation of evil. Well, if man is a beast (barbarian at best) we need look no further for self analysis of our ‘santanic’ nature.  Did you know that ‘satan’ comes from the Greek ‘thetan’ and means ‘thinker’? Do we not create ALL battles in the mind first? Proponents of duality and destruction would prefer to pin the tail on the donkey, naming a specific person as some sort of ‘evil doer’ as indicated by past behavior. Humans like to divert attention when their intention is questioned.

Scripturally we are told it is the number of knowledge and wisdom… go on, look it up “Here is wisdom.”  indicating a science-based logical approach… 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons is the carbon atom… carbon-based creatures that we are in this realm of Creation. ‘I am another you’ makes more sense here. There is much more revealed by looking into the presentations of the carbon atom and its own mathematical genius through the link above this paragraph.

The astrological sign for Cancer who is known as the nurturer of the zodiac and prefaces most interactions with ‘I feel’ resembles the TAO. Apparently designed by creator/creature nature to know the depths of feeling and understanding, shared through the emotive heart-felt communications of the soul…connected to All That Is, a natural communicator of limitless oscillating vibrational energy… LOVE.

The balance of the scales is to facilitate order; justice tempered with righteousness and the good of all, which again reflects the harmony of people and planet. The paradox of paradigms is prompted to reveal its Oneness. The 999 is the completion of the programs, the perfected body, ignited by the trinitized energy from Source – Will with Direction (polarities adjusted by purpose or the Self-directed energy of the proton, neutron, and electron… evidence of the Trinity in science). Each of our data streams, the body, the mind, and the Soul are complete and form the perfected body.

The 666 becomes the 999 in each one of our atoms, making the below as the above… turning some folks totally upside down and inside out. What about Lucifer’s true purpose? Is it the Beast within each one of us that is to be tamed by the shrew? What if we’ve been looking at the picture from the wrong side of the mirror and the whole concept of Lucifer’s ‘mission’ was actually to help us figure out our humanity by constantly presenting questions of authority?

Continuing with the potential of a ‘different view’ of reality… Imagine looking down the helix of DNA with the pulses of energy: on-off, open-closed, white-black being visible on both sides. We already know that electrical pulses are the life-blood of the heartbeat of Creation. The yin/yang symbol could be a two-dimensional look at the core of our DNA left by ancient scientists to guide our way, showing the pulsing infinity of the universal heartbeat through it. It is the 0 and 1 of the cosmic computer language within us…gate open, gate closed.

So much for gated communities. We have yet to discover the interrelationships at this fundamental level, only to surmise the unity of diversity as we search for the answer to the cosmic conundrum: How do we all get along? The sword is the pure logic, Archangel Michael’s sword of truth, intellect ruled by understanding, untouchable by human comprehension until after the introduction of the computer, cutting through all false belief systems as though they were bugs in the Cosmic Computer.

In the center is the swastika, the first simple symbol of our cosmic spin… light and sound condensing to create form… mind and heart unite for the first step in the journey toward self-actualization and eventual immortality as a Conscious Being. Lucifer represents the ‘Fallen Ones’ and their part of the trinitized energy spin, supposedly being the first to temp us into mortality. Funny how the original texts actually spoke of slowing down rather than ‘falling’ from heaven, ‘condensing’ rather than expulsion.

Now that we are here, we seek further integration and understanding of our rightful place in Creation amongst our ancestors and other co-creators. Here comes the redeemer, represented by the Cross, to show the other side of himself in an attempt to balance the scales, Piscean age and all being the natural cosmic process in the development of a planetary society.

What about the Aquarian Age now? Does the ‘water bearer’  of the 11th House (maybe 11th hour) bring the ‘Spirit of Truth’ with its archetypal trance-end-dance? The cross exemplifies the Christ (child of Creator) energy already known to be of Trinity origin. Now what does that all mean? Well, it is rather odd that we hear of all the ‘trials in the desert’ yet it is always with oneself.

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