Epochal Shifts and Balance of the Scales

Christ and Lucifer

Could Christ and Lucifer be two sides of the very same coin – something within us all and not outside us in some exteriorized energy form? I’ve never met an evil being. I’ve met a few evil humans… preying on others to extend their power. What about sharing this blue-domed world in a place of honor and respect?

It might seem that the RETURN of the first to leave, fall from, descend from or whatever – Lucifer – is the completion of the cycle and the incarnation of a ‘data drop’ to repair the system files. I heard somewhere, though, that the original text actually meant ‘condensed’ instead of ‘fallen.’ Hmmm.. condensed into form, eh? That sounds too much like what quantum physics is on the verge of discovering. Sound and light condensing into form. That sounds like an original celestial consciousness type of move. Must’ve got lost after getting caught up in the garden and all the fun.

According to Winifred Barton’s writings it appears to be just the case. The Aztecs believe that the Harmonic Convergence was the time where the devil takes off his mask to reveal the true god that he is. Hmmm… Does he return as he once was? Probably not, although there is one (according to Scripture) who no one knows his name that comes to wage war in righteousness. Many believe it to be the return of Jesus, yet there is no specific mention of it as in so many other places. We don’t have that clear of a picture of history or the understanding of the process of cosmic creation just yet to really know what ‘righteousness’ is however, we do know what LOVE feels like and the two are certainly of the same Source.

Physical creation evolves as well, exampled by the human developments and the advancement (or lack) of a planetary society that exemplifies a ‘righteous’ community. We are coming to the close/beginning of a galactic year according to the Mayan, Aztec, Egyptian, and Sumerian calendars: December 21, 2012, sunrise of the Winter Solstice or thereabouts.

It appears that we would be facing the return of LOVE to our planet as the return of the Christ Consciousness to MAN; God dwelling with man again as the fulfillment of prophecy. The paradox is that you have to love your own evil in order to truly live. Again, the mirror image… live-evil. Wisdom of the ages is rife with paradox and destined to educate humanity.

The TRUTH is hidden in the depths of the ‘deceiver’ that we have not been able to LOVE until now – OURSELVES – because we haven’t understood all the signs and symbols, math and science wrapped in a very complex language… LOVE. On yet another level, could our planetary society be the Beast we have not made peace with… made up of all of us?

Funny how what we’ve been looking for was hidden in the depths of one we were taught to fear, just as our planetary society to date has taught us to fear what we feel deeply, especially in the Boardrooms. Farbeit that ‘The Man’ bring some LOVE into the corporate cradle to rock the world. This is what the Master Jesus meant by LOVE THINE ENEMY; to be in the world and not of it. The chief cosmic comedian offered the ultimate punch line with that one.

Could it also mean that ‘Lucifer’ (or whatever name you choose) was picked to perform the worst job because no matter what – the job was the boss. Truth is the ultimate destroyer and one has to be willing to use it. References can be found in all the world’s major scriptures, so obvious and out in the open that it has been really hard to see. In essence we have been our own deceivers and now it’s time to lift the veil and allow multidimensional consciousness to evolve.

Funny how common sense is so uncommon these days. Do you think we could all work together toepochal shifts - Are We ONE? make sense common?

All this writing is simply to say: WE ARE ALL ONE… no dark or light beings, yet there are those similar to what the Urantia Book calls ascending and descending mortals. Ascending mortals are seeking truth, having been bound by the earthly wheels of birth and death, while descending mortals bring it, incarnating with volition and zeal to release the Spirit of Truth upon the Earth…

Over 20 years after drawing the symbol I still haven’t mastered the artistry of drawing… a bit better at playing drums, though not always knowing the difference between pulses (artists and musicians are driven to create by inner pulses of joy/despair). I was recently gifted with the acquaintance of a young man who, without provocation during a conversation at an internet cafe, made the symbols much more appealing to the eye. Thanks David…

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