Cosmic History Unfolding Before Our Eyes

A History Lesson I Never Expected

Excerpt from Alien Agendas and Anal Probes

The story that unfolded had me mesmerized for hours. It began through a vision of light condensing into form, something that completely caught me off guard and yet made me even more curious.

The imagery was spectacular, a rainbow-sparkled ball of light streaking across the universe and descending toward a lush green planet. When it reached the planet there was a flash as though the whole planet lit up for an instant, and then it was gone. The planet remained; a sense that a union had been created, between the light and the planet. Was that consciousness taking an evo-leap?

Then I saw a series of scenes with a variety of creatures that all behaved like tribes, working together in various ways to support their community. I saw cities and countryside that looked straight out of some science fiction movie with multiple suns and moons, flora and fauna from desert to tropical rain forests and gorgeous colors that were so vibrant they seemed alive.

I was so in awe that I wasn’t sure where I was at – in body, out of body or seeing it in person as I was so  absorbed by the events. I felt like I was actually visiting these various places and even the residents were responding to my gaze with a quick glance my way on a couple of occasions.

The beings in each location were different, mirroring many of the life forms on earth yet displaying complete sentience and organization representative of civilization. The styles and types of buildings, although different in materials, all seemed to reflect elegant architecture combined with geometric shapes that appeared organic, malleable yet resilient and strong.

The cities had the feel of concentric circles for the most part, but then some of them actually lifted off the surface of the planets. The ‘countryside’ had such beauty in the integration of architectural structures that they were nearly invisible as habitations amongst the terrain.

The scenery passed by quickly, but I could identify many of the kinds of extraterrestrial beings I’d seen from drawings and dreams I’d had since childhood. There seemed to be dozens of worlds in all, each with a slightly different planetary landscape. Each world had completely different beings or bodies and all bi-pedal, or at least upright locomotion.

Even though I was in another world, or many, I still had the capability of critical thinking. I questioned the reason I was being shown all of this spectacular scenery and acknowledged my complete submission to whatever the narrators had in store. I felt eternal in those moments, alive and free of any constraints of consciousness.

I was told these were our ancestors, our brothers and sisters in the universe and that each had reached a state of consciousness where they were all connected to a universal mind, naturally in harmony with their surroundings. It took many hundreds of thousands of years for this to happen on each planet. Ours was ready for an evo-leap.

It took thousands of years just to accomplish the idea of ‘soul’ that we humans have developed. The consciousness transfers from one body to the next, semi-unconsciously, until that ‘eternal’ connection is made. It is a natural process of the evolution of consciousness that has condensed into a physical form. For most it happened as the lifespan increased to hundreds of years.

The density constrains the stream of human consciousness for a time while the physical being matures, often taking many incarnations. Our planet had been in such a state long ago. I started to ask how it changed, but the thought seemed unimportant and I dismissed it.

We were here now and the past was the past. If I needed to know more, it would be presented at some point when appropriate. My thoughts fell quiet again, in observance of this consciousness.

The substance of the body is from each planet and returns to it until the consciousness opens the gate, like a computer program that has to run subroutines in the boot up process. Only the completed program just launches another set of subroutines until the link between the intellect and the soul is completely open. Then the bodies converge into one operating platform.

We might see it as God dwelling in man again. I eventually understood it as cosmic consciousness condensing into form and becoming aware of it.

The result, according to the narrator, is a sense of oneness and willingness to operate free from intellectual pursuits driven by the desire to dominate the environment. Each individual soul has purpose, like a thread in the tapestry of life that is just as important as any other thread. The beauty of the tapestry is dependent on the threads, no matter the color, diameter or length.

When all the threads become aware of the tapestry, it becomes alive and whole – able to be viewed. Individuals are like fractals of the tapestry, able to contain the original yet finding form, fit and function within it as their own filaments combine to form the whole.

It was then that I was shown spaceships of various designs and shapes; saucer-shaped, cigar-shaped, triangular-shaped, and sphere-shaped of various sizes. They all seemed to pulse with some kind of energy, like they were connected to a heart-beat of some kind.

It reminded me of the pulse I felt during an out of body experience while traveling through what seemed to be a wormhole. When I was completely silent, I could feel/hear this pulse that seemed bio-mechanical at the time based on the sound.

I noticed the pulse as the foundation of the experience, even though I was able to argue points of order. I asked for clarification on many apparent miscommunications between the ‘wise’ and the ‘minions’ over time.

There was too much dualism in the human models and I wanted to understand the One’s unifying perspective. I felt like it was already a part of me, but I needed further enlightenment.

I got a telepathic narration that informed me that many of these races had advanced to the understanding that Jesus demonstrated, able to take their bodies with them. This did not, in some cases, inhibit further incarnations.

As their body consciousness continued to develop, those who demonstrated a certain discipline were allowed greater integration with greater cosmic consciousness and, therefore, given even more responsibility in cosmic affairs. It all seemed so logical and pure.

They eventually learned how to incarnate in other planetary forms, consistent with each planet, in order to assist other planetary civilizations during epochal changes, both in consciousness and planetary evolution. The scenes revealed what appeared to be catastrophic events, yet there was complete serenity in the transitions.

It really felt strange to observe and feel the sensations beyond emotions, like I was seeing through the eyes of God. It was amazing. I felt like ‘I’ completely disappeared, too.

I understood the process of gaining awareness and self-actualization was the same for all beings, to a point. Like divisions of labor, those who had greater purpose garnered awareness of greater principles and universal understanding at a young age, far beyond the planetary civilization’s ability to comprehend in most cases.

That is, until the critical mass was effectively ‘seeded’ enough for the conversation to take on a new level. That level was what I was being prepared for here on Earth. In that space and time it all made perfect sense and I felt like I was ready for anything. Let’s rock!

The sensations that accompanied this experience were amazingly scintillating, like I was completely free of any attachment to judging what was happening. Part of me knew that I was like a speck in the cosmos at the mercy of something way beyond anything I could comprehend in that moment, but another part of me was perfectly comfortable with what was happening, almost like it was more real than anything I’d ever known in my life. I mused at the paradox.

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