Dimensional Shifts from this World to Another in Moments of Need

One of THOSE Calls

I’m really a skeptic at heart I suppose. I’ve experienced a lot and a lot I haven’t. Still I find even with the most bizarre and intense experiences I’ve had, I question others with the intensity of my own discovery process.

Truth is often shared agreements of the perception of reality. When the truth of experience or even just a desire to connect with life in such a way as to open our eyes, ears and heart happens, the agreement has been made.

On a Tuesday afternoon in mid-September 1991, I was going over some notes and received a phone call from one of my previous guests. She and her partner had worked with ETs and humans to remove etheric implant devices from them. Now granted, I thought it was a bunch of hooey to begin with as well.

Back Story

In my investigations I’ve found many profess and few actually deliver. They proved to have some interesting abilities. I wouldn’t have believed it, except I saw it with my own inner eye as they demonstrated their work to me in process of preparing for their interview.

I went to their office on a gorgeous spring day. The temperature had already hit the 80s, normal for Phoenix in April. They were expecting me. We had a short conversation about the theme of the show and how I’d been encouraged to get to know them by another guest, a publisher of a multi-cultural magazine that served the corporate market. Mary and Royal invited me to experience their work first hand, so I joined them in their ‘healing room.’

The room had a massage table in the center, covered with a lavender colored sheet. Around the perimeter of the room were various candles and crystals, an incense burner and pictures of grand celestial scenes on the walls.

I took my shoes off and climbed on the table, lying on my back with my eyes closed. They told me they were going to scan my body for implants first. I didn’t think they would find any and they did not. However, they did detect an energy ‘block’ in my right knee.

Now I don’t normally ‘see’ things, but occasionally I do and even with a vivid imagination the visuals have a different ‘sense’ to them when my inner sight is activated. When they noted the ‘block’ in my knee I could see what appeared to be a swollen thigh, about twice the size of my left thigh. What happened next made me a believer.

I watched internally as I felt them place their hands on my knee. I saw what looked like violet laser lights coming from their eyes and going through their hands into my knee. The swelling in my thigh began to subside and I could feel a distinct change in the flow of energy through my leg. I have to say it was rather bizarre, but my experience was nevertheless real.

For some reason I was moved to try something new for me, too. I open my hands up and moved them to where I could direct energy from them toward their feet. I visualized sending light from my hands to their feet and up through their bodies. At the same instant they both stood straight up for a moment and then returned to a semi-bent over position they had previously.

I asked them if they just experienced something, noting their movement. Both Mary and Royal said they felt like they left their bodies for a moment and went up to a spaceship and then returned almost instantly. I told them what I had done. None of us could explain the apparent synchronous events beyond our individual perspectives, but it was obvious they were connected somehow. Strange indeed and we all just accepted that we experienced the event.

We did the show a couple of weeks later. My standard set of questions included how the guests were led to their work from both inner and outer perspectives. Each guest was different, of course, but they all had some form inner guidance that led them through the process.

Considering the Call

A few months later I got a frantic phone call from Mary early in the afternoon. She was alone and she said I was the only one that came to mind to help her address the situation. Her partner had flown to Canada for a few days to take care of some personal business at the time. So, I listened to what she had to say.

Her voice was anxious, a bit confused and bewildered. She said there was a tall ET standing outside their office door, hunched over like he was injured in some way. She described him as a Zeta-looking figure, approximately 8 foot tall. She was having trouble communicating with him, she thought because of his unfamiliarity with the feminine energy perhaps. I had my own type of experience yet this kind of mid-day occurrence was new to me. I listened to her with a bit of skepticism yet, something rang true.

She asked me if I would come over as soon as I could to help with the situation. For some reason she felt like he intended for her to contact me immediately after she saw him outside the doorway. She had seen ETs before but this was new for her, too, and I could tell she wasn’t sure just what to do.

Well, I told her I’d be right over. It was about a 15 – 20 minute journey depending on traffic. I didn’t have anything else to do at the moment and thought it might be a nice diversion, whatever the ‘reality’ of the situation. My critical self did not want to accept that anything was actually happening, but after the session with them I was at least open to possibility.

I rolled a smoke along the way and pondered this event. If he was injured, and it was real, where was he hurt? Instantly I felt a sharp pain in my left hip joint, as though a spear had been run through it. I mean it HURT! My body doesn’t do obstinate things like that normally. Something was really happening outside my ‘normal’ experience.

So, I began to loosen my skeptical spectacles.

What the heck could this be about?

Why was I called?

Are these guys really aware of who I AM? Do I really know?

Who the heck is this guy and what is he doing here of all places?

Then I got back to me… What AM I to do?

Hmmm…. I thought. Well, let’s just play it by ear and see what happens.

Commander Hurley

I pulled up behind the building, in front of their door. It was standing open and I could hear Mary-Margareht inside. She met me at the doorway. I raised my eyebrow to her and she proceeded to explain what had happened so far.

This doorway was at ground level of an attached office in the rear of a 7 story office building that bordered Sunnyslope High School football field at the rear of the property, just a few meters from their door. There were a few trees along the fence line, in between the building and the ‘visitors’ bleachers that were about a hundred feet away.

This other-dimensional ET had shown up there appearing hurt and needing assistance. She said it took her a few moments to settle down as this was completely new to her. When she was able to communicate with him finally, he told her that she had done the right thing by calling me. He came there knowing that she would contact me.

It was me who he came to see specifically and he knew that she would be able to get me there. I was the only one that could assist him, both for triage and for something else he needed. That was all she knew.

I raised my eyebrow again, asking her to go on. She told me that she didn’t know much else at that point; the time of my journey was spent persuading him to come into the office and lay on the healing table.

She did say that he was not of this dimension, although he looked like a tall Zeta, with the large almond eyes. I asked her to show me in please.

As we walked through the door into the healing room (a small room with a couple of tables, some incense, an altar, and a massage table in the center of the room) I blinked my eyes.

Now, I don’t blink too often as it is. When I did, I was amazed at what I saw, even only if it was for just a moment… I clearly saw .

By ‘it’ I mean ‘him’… He was as tall as she’d said, with his feet hanging at least two to three feet beyond the end of the table. He was dressed in a grayish/green, almost khaki, uniform and looked like something of a ranking officer by the tailoring of his uniform and its emblems, which I only remember vaguely now.

What I saw was not a Zeta, though. He was what some would call a Draconian. His head was wide and looked like a crocodile with straight teeth, well inside his ‘lips’, and a shorten snout much like the image here, wider than they (crocs) are normally. I searched for an image close to what I saw and found one, but the eyes were a little wider and looking forward.

I wondered why she had seen a Zeta. Later she revealed her fears of the Dracs, so I was not surprised at his disguise toward her. They do have the ability to shape shift, you know, just as we do. Regardless, at the time I wondered why all I felt was that he was docile and needed attention. He truly was no threat.

She had established a conscious link with him by this time and I did not feel it necessary, so she related his answers to my questions as we proceeded. Before we did, though, it was necessary to stabilize his condition. His injury was in the precise place that I had felt the pain earlier, evidence that this was a ‘real’ multidimensional event and I had to let my skepticism loose.

Some part of me knew that there was much more to this happening than we knew. These things happen like that… when you least expect it. The normal questions were asked.. Who are you? What are you doing here? Where did you come from? ..that sort of thing.

Why Me?

council of 300 - galactic federation - first contact and the future of earth
A Decade Later – Advanced Collaboration

The summation of the discussion was that he and his crew were assigned to watch us, myself and my close associations, and dissuade us from progressing in our work of figuring out how to bring a new heaven and a new earth about. His name, as close as we could get it in English, was Hurley. He was a commander of a 3-ship flotilla.

Why we got that much attention was beyond me. While they watched us… which had been a period of years… they were touched by our compassion, literally. By this time I was also carrying on a telepathic conversation with him beyond the one I was having through Mary-Margareht.

Hurley explained that at first they felt it as incongruent to them; this new sensation. They were logic-driven creatures with mission focus their only direction and task. They were basically devoid of emotions. I thought how that might be nice for humans at times, only not for anything destructive; just for what needed to be done.

Their own natural process took over when they began questioning themselves about why we acted in such unconditional ways. It was completely foreign to them. As they pondered, a spark began to burn in their hearts, even though they were not initially aware of the shift.

Their understanding of compassion grew from there and brought them to a new living awareness that they could not deny. Now for a logic-driven specie this was hard to compute, to internalize, as it defied what they knew about ‘reason.’

Reasonably so, they began to question their own mission and why they were sent to thwart ours, if that were indeed the case. During our conversation he revealed that they knew I was the son of Ashtar and Athena and that is why they had been dispatched. He was a member of what we would call their High Council as well. Sounds too much like Star Trek, huh?

As I mentioned earlier, the woman and her partner were adepts at removing etheric implants. They had worked with humans and ETs for some time. That much was obvious to me. The woman still did not know of his Draconian appearance as I had assumed she could see the same as me.

I found out years later that again, the axiom had applied. I assumed wrong. If he had shown himself in his true form, she would have not been able to deal with the situation as she was predisposed to the ‘Dracs’ as being a ‘bad’ race of beings to be treated with disdain and distrust.

From all the stories of Zacharia Sitchin about the Annunaki, true or not, I can see how that mentality could filter through the public perspective very quickly. Nefarious news, no matter its validity, travels so quickly through the thoughtmosphere. This is something that needs to change, although it may never.

I find that most information and ‘stories’ portray them as being some kind of controlling race that is hell-bent on taking over the Earth. If that were the real case, they have had the capability of doing that for a long, long time. Even if they had particular needs for their survival, they had not demonstrated such an ‘antagonist’ role to me.

Humans are used to the literary polarities and often carry them over into whatever reality they may be interacting. Of course, I’ve also seen quite a number of ‘true forms’ when gazing into the eyes of another for such purpose, but the Dracs have never seemed that intimidating to me.

Hurley went on to say that he and his crew had attacked the etheric implant facility that was being used for Earth and the surrounding territory. They destroyed it and in the ensuing battle he was injured.

Rank Hath Its Privileges

As a member of their High Council, he was both feared and revered and the normal protocols of the facility were lessened at his approach. After destroying the etheric implant machinery a retaliation ensued. They had left quickly, destroying their communication and tracking systems on board their ships so they could not be tracked. I wondered how this action, the dissension, would move through their culture.

After their attack and equipment damage, telepathy was used for ship-to-ship communication. Telepathy seems to be their preferred means of communication; their abilities way beyond human. They proceeded to our location in order to carry out his next intentional move that had been prompted by their heart-centered awakening. I can only imagine the freedom and fright that simultaneously rose within them all, a new living awareness indeed.

He had his own internal realizations and transformations that he knew to be connected with something far greater than he, but like anyone he was in the dark as to how to proceed. It took him several years of observation, and even attempted interventions with me, before his observations changed his previous thinking and mental constructs of cultural upbringing and duty-driven lifestyle of his command.

Understanding this and my connection to the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation as commander of the New Jerusalem, he knew that their next step would be to contact me; however that was to be achieved. He knew their sudden appearance would cause confusion. I know that statement is going to rock the boat a bit. I don’t claim to understand it all, yet. All I know is that my life experience edifies that notion.

Mary-Margareht was the solution for our communication because of her openness to the next level of hearing and sight, whether she would respond well was another concern. I was reticent to engage that deeply as my rational mind still wouldn’t let go completely, though I had to acknowledge what I saw coming into the room. It was also a most appropriate location because of the space and the fact that she would reach out to me as a result. I can be a little thick-headed and unavailable at times, even with the communication upgrades installed.

According to Hurley, they came straight here to contact me and ask for permission to board the New Jerusalem and join the Galactic Federation. He said I was the only one that could grant them that permission. Part of me, a piece I’d been unwilling to acknowledge fully, knew that to be true. He knew it would be the beginning of massive changes within their domain, but that in time it would cascade through their culture.

The New Jerusalem? I hadn’t heard that for years.

The whole thing made my head spin. Knowing of my celestial heritage and the New Jerusalem did not make it any easier to manage on a conscious level at all. I wouldn’t have dreamed this scenario in a thousand years, yet here it was in my face. There was definitely another ‘part’ of me that became present in this process; a leadership in the midst of chaos. The event seemed to initiate a cascading change throughout humanity as well.

So, I did what I felt anyone perceived to have that authority would do… I gave permission, with stipulations. It was time to bring the regions of time and space together as ONE. I did not know how long it would take to move through the rank and file, but something inside me knew it would. By this time I had been engaged in this conversation for nearly an hour. I had no idea what the future would hold, only that it would continue to progress toward harmony among people and planet at a more rapid rate now.

From the beginning of our conversation I had Mary-Margareht stand at his feet and assist the flow of energy from his feet into the ground as I sat at his head and sent energy through his crown, into his body and out his feet in order to stabilize his condition. The bridging of worlds from ours to theirs with my energy, vibrationally, had a healing effect on him. The conversation came to a close and I felt my efforts were complete.

We walked out of the room and had a short conversation, with the agreement she would call me later. I left shortly after wondering what the heck had really just happened. It was not a lucid dream. It was waking consciousness. My rational mind was having a hay day with the processing of this event. There was no one to talk to, no one to confer with and certainly no one who understood.

It was the middle of the afternoon in uptown Phoenix and I was completely in awe for hours afterward! How the heck was I supposed to deal with this and carry on with a ‘normal’ life? Do you think there was anyone (outside of that experience) I could have talked to that wouldn’t think I was crazy?

Affirmation and Confirmation

About a week later I was meditating just before going to sleep. I’d mentally reached out and invited Hurley to have a conversation, then continued in my effort to quiet my thoughts. I found myself in a bit of a self-critical state, having behaved inappropriately recently and judging myself for it. Then I got hit with a most intense sensation, like an instant pulse of energy so intense I could barely handle it. I can only describe it as a ‘fight or flight’ kind of feeling, though I took a deep breath and released the constriction in my body and went into a state of ‘love’ and openness.

Almost instantly I heard a voice and saw his image in my head. Man that energy was immensely intense. No wonder people think it’s overpowering and malevolent. It isn’t, just so strong that if we haven’t dealt with our fears, it would simply edify them. We discussed that fact and his commitment to lead them out of their ‘dark ages’ so to speak. They weren’t really malevolent, just a bit different in their approach to planetary management, duty-driven beyond the normal emotions humans experience.

Beyond the emotions humans experience is understatement. They seem to be a more pure state of consciousness, devoid of emotion from their evolutionary process, yet the encounter with me over the time they were observing somehow gave them a different point of view. The fact that I gave up my life as a teen, faced all the fears of death and rose above those emotions evidently put me closer to their vibratory level on that plane of consciousness.

Having gone through process, called Multi-plane Awareness, a couple of years prior, I knew there was a possibility of that being true. Planes of consciousness are like certain layers of bandwidth across the electromagnetic spectrum, with attending form and consciousness to match. Humans are so far removed from their own cosmic consciousness and self-awareness that this notion will probably take some time to move through the thoughtmosphere and gain acceptance. After all, it’s an experience. It’s hard to accept, let alone understand, without the experience.

In closing I want to make it clear I am just reporting here. I’m reluctant, even reticent, to make any definitive statements. I’m still just as befuddled as many, knowing ‘something’ is happening and not having a full enough awareness and understanding to explain it simply – only that it IS happening to me and others across the world. Perhaps there will be a future event where we can all learn how to play better together.

Unexpected (not) Attempt

Leaping forward to the present (2021) and the surreptitious attempt at global dominance by entities known by different names who have their own agenda for world dominance. The knowledge of such a group has been touted by many conspiratorialists for decades, even to the point of positing the involvement of an off-planet race lumped into a category of ‘reptilians.’ Some go so far as to call them ‘Draconian.’ I suspect it is a carry-over from deeply embedded thoughtforms from the beginning of what we call ‘modern civilization’ during the times of early great philosophers.

I find it so interesting that the ‘theme’ of the nomenclature dates back to 600 BCE. (from Britannica.com)… “Draconian laws, traditional Athenian law code allegedly introduced by Draco c. 621 BCE. Aristotle, the chief source for knowledge of Draco, claims that his were the first written Athenian laws and that Draco established a constitution enfranchising hoplites, the lower class soldiers. The Draconian laws were most noteworthy for their harshness; they were said to be written in blood, rather than ink. Death was prescribed for almost all criminal offenses. Solon, who was the archon (magistrate) in 594 BCE, later repealed Draco’s code and published new laws, retaining only Draco’s homicide statutes. Modern scholarship tends to be skeptical of the Draconian tradition. The hoplite constitution was certainly a later invention. Little is known of the laws, but even the homicide laws probably underwent change by the 4th century BCE.”

Given the above, there is more reason for consideration of our evolutionary capacity that is effectively countering the harsh analytical decision-making that seems bereft of compassion or collaborative possibility in establishing a comprehensive shift toward greater awareness of self, others and Nature. For instance, the misinterpretation of God granting ‘dominion’ over Nature in Scripture has resulted in the destruction and extinction of countless species.

The nature of the intention of the edict was ‘stewardship,’ a vastly different consideration for our actions toward our planet, its creatures and ourselves. The silver lining in the obsession on self-hygiene and sequestration gave humanity a chance to self-examine at an individual level, first, then at a collective level that is unprecedented in our recent history. The individual power and purpose-driven awareness of a greater good possible is prompting virtual gatherings and deep discussions toward learning how to get along better and collaborate in resolving our collective situation into a higher-ordered and service-aligned strategy.

Calling Us to Rise Up

Conversations now include dynamics of self-awareness as well as the inclusion of multidimensional experiences shared by many that are still not quite fully understood in the unification process. We seem to have enough problems with the outer world experiences and have paid little attention to the inner worlds, where the natural design for harmony resides. Harmony doesn’t mean a utopian society, it means being able to effectively manage chaos in the revealing of natural order. The notion of living half inside and half outside has been ubiquitous in the ancient ‘spiritual’ texts as well as modern day physics, though it’s still a nebulous concept for most of us.

What does it all mean now? First off, it means we need to shift our perception of bi-polar belief systems that pit us against each other. It’s been said we each are a universe within and by looking into the cosmos, we see that there is a constant expansion with little conflict and a tremendous amount of space. Inside, we now know that we’re also approximately 99% space and perhaps our cognitive dissonance actually causes the ‘dis-ease’ in the body that manifests as terminal in some cases. Our bodies are instruments not only for navigating our physical world; for integrating with it with deep sensitivity to the energy flow (consciousness) that indeed has a natural order to it.

It appears that our integration process is also reflected in the evolution of other races interacting with us, such as the ‘Draconian’ shift to a compassion-directed evolutionary path. We don’t know what can happen ‘out there’ in a 30-year period, though we do know that time to ‘them’ (according to Smith’s memoirs) is a measurement in the change of entropy. As a society has less conflict or a shift to a higher order, there is naturally less entropy so the time necessary for massive change is lessened.

Resurrections Reflections

Matrix Resurrections was released to the public recently. Amidst the multiple threads of human behavior patterns is the collaboration with the machine world that was brought about after their own civil war. There was a shift in their compassion for biological life as they were only accustomed to their way of ‘life’ as machines and being code-driven toward dominion (similar to early humans) of reality. When we remove the ‘judgment’ of the behavior, we can see it was simply their design.

What happened? The observation of Neo and Trinity led to a shift in their view, their activity and eventually their acquiescing to working with humans in their ‘construct’ yet the remnants of the ‘old way’ were still present in the ‘Analyst’ and the original code from the machine world. The first level of bridge building occurred with their ‘deaths’ as a result of the dynamic duo’s willingness to give their lives (if necessary) to free the world. (If ye shall give up your life for my sake, ye shall have it.)

On 11/11/1975 I was shown their is no death, only a change of form, and also that we are all cosmic consciousness condensed into these forms we call bodies. As we arise to the understanding (apocalypse) of this knowledge, we can naturally better manage the multidimensional design of our reality. The analogy of the cross-over between the ‘real world’ and the construct seems clear, including the duo’s ability to fly together in the end.

Now we can’t all fly yet, though there is strong evidence for bi-location (remote viewing) and teleportation. Most recently, Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove won a half-million dollar prize for proving to a Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Research panel that life after death does exist beyond a reasonable doubt. In conversations with various professionals for One World in a New World it became clear that inviting them to emote and engage their inner-knowing and how it reflected in their outer experience revealed a consistent growth of experiencing connections, synchronicities being the most noted indications of a path of flow (higher order) unfolding.

Now we’re faced with the opportunity of ascending collectively and collaborating with a higher-ordered natural holistic system that is both inside of us and in the world as we know it. The old adage of ‘make the without as the within’ is backed up with the science in quantum mechanics and particle physics of being able to do so. It’s quite possible that stories from ‘experiencers’ that had at once seemed incredulous will begin to make more sense as we consider new ways of viewing reality. Perhaps even my conversation (over 6,000 views – no dislikes) with Dr. Mishlove about a New World Order will make more sense and the listening public will develop a greater capacity for understanding.

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