Question Oneness – Considerable Perturbations

On the Question of Oneness

I’ve discovered a vast array of considerations. Regardless of the scientific scenarios or religious rhetoric it is a matter of the heart. Beyond all the perturbations of the mind, the expression of oneness is within each one of us on a very human level.

Our emotions drive our experience, how we perceive and respond. This is where the heart of the matter is the internal motivator, a sense often beyond our ability to comprehend, let alone attach words for communicating it to others. Feelings of insecurity or some other disconnect keep us from expressing from heart-centered space. We tend to remain distant from strangers and those closest to us, our most intimate.

We all too often engage in talk of the day, current events, recent vacations, yet rarely of how we feel in the moment. When is the last time that someone asked you how you were and it felt like they really meant it? By that I mean you could easily speak of your innermost present condition without feeling like you were burdening them. For that matter, are you even in touch with your deep feelings, let alone aware enough to express them? Congratulations if you are, but most likely other things have your attention and your emotions are unsettled, with unspoken unfulfilled expectations at the core of what you are probably thinking.

I’ve been blessed/cursed (depending on my attachment to outcome) with a life of experiences beyond explanation because I perceive and express from deeper levels of awareness, although I give it my best shot when the opportunity arises. The latter continues to cause trips down the proverbial rabbit hole with those willing to engage the precious present.

Somehow, the words always seem to coalesce when I speak from that heart-centered place, free of fear. It comes from a place of stillness – everyone has access. It tends to precipitate a sense of peace and warmth so often lacking in our daily experience, yet is undeniable when engaged in meaningful conversation.

The most recent evidence was in a recent conversation with my youngest daughter after years of estrangement that, for me, has deep sorrow and been a complete conundrum that I’ve had to release over and over and allow her space. I was awed by the transformation in her perception and perspective on life, from an angry and spiteful emotionally wounded girl to an aware, considerate and engaging young woman shortly after a devastating emotional event. She had lost a child from complications a few days before giving birth.

After listening intently without trying to be an absentee father or concerned parent, it became apparent that she’d found her center and a profound experience of love. As a result, I shared a copy of this book with her before writing this conclusion. I have to admit after such a long period I was skeptical at first. Even with the evidence of change, it was a challenge for me to remain present and out of the past. I could sense her over-the-top enthusiasm from the shift in her consciousness, yet I was concerned that it could also be viewed as mania to those still in that ‘clinical’ view of  those outside their scope of understanding.


Her response alone made it worth the effort of writing this book. If nothing else happens, it was a way for us to reconnect and even transcend our relationship as an example of transformation. Just like her father, her goal now is to transform the world into a heart-centered place as it was designed. We are not alone in that opinion. Still the notion of celestial consciousness condensed into these bodies, somehow, boggles the mind. I suppose that is why it is so important to also recognize that the heart-centeredness has a consciousness, too.

on the question of oneness - Are we One?

This brings us back to the notion of oneness and the myriad paths to it. Can we have a world that is a reflection of harmony among people and planet? It would appear a heart-centered population is possible. It would be up to each one of us to promote the possibility through our interactions, leadership and passion-filled work toward making a better world. The scope of work and division of labor within the current socio-economic systems might even shift, facilitating more jobs and hastening the transformation we know is necessary to meet the needs of our evolving people and planet. I’ve witnessed what the core components of active listening can do.

Facilitating road and bridge construction partnering workshops has offered me the opportunity to apply some basic and practical tools for communication, cooperation and collaboration in very earthly endeavors, our highway systems. In the first two years of ‘partnering’ in Arizona litigation costs were reduced from $19 million to less than $1 million for the State. One might be correct in assuming an equal amount for the contractors. That’s a practical application.

In consideration of a long-term cosmic conundrum, harmony would seem to be inevitable for the human race to survive on this planet, let alone travel elsewhere. Our current Military Industrial Complex machinery has been exposed as counter-productive in this wave of conscious change. It does not take a brilliant mind to see the contrast played out in Avatar, yet it will take time for lasting change to take effect. We need to ask better questions of how we can be stewards; becoming aware, alive and able to communicate a creative credo…. Love.

Now, will this change the world immediately or resurrect John Lennon? It will likely prove to be an effort of lifetimes potentially, but the journey must start in ours as it did in John’s. Music has been the muse of many seekers of inner truth, expressed in the language of love as it were. We all know of music that inspires us to be a better person.

Many ‘sensitives’ notice the invigorating tremendous increase in cathartic and chaotic communication (only because it is different than before) available through the airwaves. I’ve heard more than once how conversation and thoughts find synchronistic interludes when folks are engaged in deep awareness and/or conversation. The velocity can be unnerving at times.

At a personal level on a daily basis, active listening is a practice that works wonders. Checking for understanding means that you are present in the conversation, not thinking of what you want to say or something else entirely. We can have more conversations that draw out our similarities; ways to create deeper relationships. It only takes a moment.

On a global level, we can feed, clothe and house everyone, offer access to medical care, build sustainable communities and switch to renewable resources in a matter of years, not decades. Applied science, technology, material and human resources administered appropriately will succeed. When dedicated people in unison move to action, there is only time until a new living awareness permeates mankind.

We can be one in spirit in this effort to communicate. It benefits all of us beyond our imagination in very real ways. The ubiquitous feelings of insecurity and aloneness across the planet would shift, creating an emotional momentum unheard of in history. Based on some new theories in quantum physics, the shift could have profound effects on our physical world as well, quelling the gods’ unrest so to speak. Imagine the possibilities of the combination of brilliant minds and leadership as we move further into the new millennium.

On a cosmic scale, we have a lot to learn. We have barely begun to bridge science and spirituality, let alone develop any kind of world religion, if there even could be one. We are still debating over near-death experiences being chemical blips in our neurocircuitry or actual experiences of something we have termed a ‘soul.’

Experiencers relate a much more ‘real’ story than mere science can explain. The sense of oneness as related by experiencers, myself included, is profound. If we’ve pierced that veil, what else is available?

As science begins to coalesce with spirituality, there will no doubt be a shift in awareness of the general population, which may even affect the realms of organized religion. Shifts that change populations, like those from our past, tend to bring better results when freeing people from practices that inhibit their ability to live in freedom. Freedom is interpreted in many ways and, without monitoring the meaning, can result in the gross misuse of energy, people and of the environment. Our lives depend on our ability to get along with each other.

Contactees express a similar feeling of ecstasy when in the presence of intra- or extraterrestrial intelligence. There seems to be a common thread woven into the experience of pure consciousness, out of body or deep within doesn’t seem to matter much. It is all connected, so any point can experience the line while making a point becomes superfluous. What is the point, anyway? We are one in this place.

As long as I remain open, unattached to personal will or outcomes of a situation, I have a sense of oneness or holistic perspective that is beyond words. It is a feeling, a sensation of ‘what is’ that defies description.  I ran into a piece of wisdom from Seung Sahn, a Zen Master, which describes the understanding differently.

“Before thinking, there is no mind. When thinking appears, mind appears. When mind appears, dharma appears. When dharma appears, form appears. And when any kind of form appears, then suffering appears: life and death, happiness and unhappiness, good and bad, like and dislike, coming and going. Mind disappears, dharma disappears. Dharma disappears, form disappears. Form disappears, then life and death, good and bad, happy and unhappy, coming and going – everything disappears.”

As humans it is a challenge to perceive life in this way; to be silent within first and then allow thoughts to flow as they do. We often forget what we know instinctively, we love and are loved by something much greater than our individuality or our personality. I believe that feeling exists within everyone. That feeling comes from a sense of ONEness. I invite you to explore that place within you and share it with others often. That will fuel a global transformation,

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