Extraterrestrials and Unfounded Fears to Resolve in Common

Yes, It’s Weird Stuff, Admittedly

Just sharing some things here understanding that my story may sound incredulous. Trust me, I get that. For that reason, I’ve stayed in the background for years in order to observe others and compare experiences by direct interview as well as through what one might call distance learning.

During a period in 1991 I had numerous contacts from a variety of races in as many places, so there was no consistency in the manner of their contact, only that there was contact. I’ve never had a ‘negative’ experience, although if I were prone to paranoia I’d certainly thought or perceived some of them as negative. Some of them were  freaky intense.

Since my entrance into the White Light and beyond at an early age, magnified by contactee experiences and instruction as a child, I have garnered knowledge and wisdom that is consistent with spiritual masters. The contact with various races and the information shared often is confrontational to the new age and alien agenda folks that talk about infiltrated governments and master plans for the demise of the human race. “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts and minds of men? The shadow do.” (Flip Wilson)

I would offer a simple, ‘Look around you.’ We are free. Although there are some humans that like to control resources for profit, the evolution of human consciousness will soon move beyond double entry bookkeeping. The creations of man that are not life-friendly are getting their natural purge right now.

A Different View of Contact

Contact from the Galactic Federation (or whatever name you choose to call the collective group of extraterrestrials - alien agendas and anal probescosmic clinicians) has only served to forward love’s cause, anthropic in nature and life-friendly to boot. There are no creatures hell bent on the domination of the human race, nor has there ever been. These are all stories to manipulate the opinions of people in order to maintain control, just like the fear of the wrath of a vengeful God is used in religion.

Humans have not moved beyond fear yet. When one looks deeply into the eyes of an enemy, it is only the deepest fears mirrored back. The Zendor is open, so to speak. That is a human condition that is made available by simple choice. We have not evolved beyond the choice of fear to a new living awareness of love – harmony in oneness – zendorphines at work.

How can I say that? The interesting thing about making a choice is that you have to keep making the same choice in order to make the choice valid. It really is an easy choice to empty oneself in the moment. Once you’ve made the choice, there is no other choice that can be made… so obedience is a mandate. One cannot choose to see harmony and continue to point out chaos without a natural sense of transcendence.

When one chooses to die for what they believe in, there can be no exceptions. When one chooses to be free of fear, there can be no exceptions. I’m reminded of a statement I have above my desk: “In the spirit of Zen everyday life becomes the contest. There must be awareness at every moment – getting up in the morning, working, eating, going to bed – that is the place for the mastery of self.”

To those who do not truly know commitment to a choice, one can appear to be arrogant and self-righteous. To those who understand the obedience of commitment, the same one appears most humble. So let’s get on to the point of this post. I had a visit from two pairs of ETs one evening, both with relative authority beyond what I perceive most humans are capable of comprehending, let alone understanding at present. They came to me to discuss and clarify some mission objectives for First Contact.

Two pairs of ETs?

In your experience, have you ever played poker? Well, sometimes the spiritual path is a lot like a poker game, full of bluffs and counters. I’ve learned that an unyielding love of Jesus Christ, which equates to just being in complete faith and utter ‘trust,’ and allowing ‘flow’ through me keeps me protected from all harm. I’ve learned that it is more a state of mind/being than putting Jesus on a pedestal of some kind. I’ve just had some personal experiences that tend to lend a hand to my reality.

So, I entertain possibilities and situations that might scare the bejeebers out of some Christians and often enter where angels fear to tread. My continual contactee (for lack of a better) encounters leave me with a subtle faith in and knowledge of things that are beyond my comprehension. Yet, when faced with the unknown, I seem to be able to stand in high regard in some circles. I’m still not sure why or what the ultimate purpose is. All I know is that I have them and they are moving me, and others who have them, in a consistent path toward love and acceptance of ALL THAT IS.

It was 1991 and I was producing and hosting a television show at the time, called ONE WORLD, which was focused on finding the golden thread in our experiences of working through fear to find harmony and unity of purpose. I had been doing some extensive reading and contemplating about agendas and movements within the various groups and factions of Creation.

I was concerned that some may be lost in the ascension process and I felt it to be intolerable. Many new authors were writing apocalyptic tales weaving ETs and government cover-ups together to get better ‘ratings’ on the book sales. Since childhood, I have been aware of the process of prayer being very powerful for me. When I asked questions, I got answers… whether I like them or not. I have some unique history and experiences that qualify my understanding and presentation of information here now.

In some circles it is well-known that I am the Son of Ashtar and Athena, come to unite the Ground Crew of the Ashtar Command in a Mission of Unity for the people and planet Earth. The following happened long before I took the ‘stage’ as it were. I had known of some powerful connections I seemed to have with the structure and hierarchy of the ‘Galactic Fleet’ as I knew it.

Over the span of my life I’d been introduced and acknowledged by many beings in many places, both on and off planet, as a leader of leaders. I’ve always had a ‘resistance’ to speaking my truth regarding these experiences because it tended to make me appear full of myself. Even though I might be, it has been more important to downplay who or what I AM in order to assist the development of concepts and ideas that facilitate higher-order thinking and acting in respect to people and planet. I’ll relate a couple of tie-ins.

Raise You Two Pair

I prayed for further connection and an ‘update’ on the condition of my mission. As I became further awake and aware, I had not opened my eyes yet or at least I was not aware of it. Even so, I watched as a small round table appeared next to my bed. Sitting on the other side of it were two pairs of small beings, male and female of each it seemed.

Both were about a meter and a half tall or less. One pair’s heads resembled a praying mantis type configuration. The proportion of their heads was not as cerebrally expanded as what the Zeta-Reticuli’s appearance have been. They were a bit smaller. Their uniforms glistened in the darkness, and they seemed almost to glow. The others, about the same height, had more like a miniature Draconian type head, reptilian appearing nonetheless with the shorten crocodilian snouts.

Their uniforms appeared to be of the same substance as the others and very similar in appearance as well. The two were obviously from different origins yet seemed to be there for the same purpose. After some time of studying them, the male mantis spoke. He said they were reporting in as ordered and wanted to bring me up to speed on the happenings of the Work at this time. The details of the conversation are hazy at best.

Although I do have a strong sense of the general discussion being focused on bringing a new living awareness to the planet through intradimensional and interdimensional contact, the advantage being it is an opening that only pure love can create. They expressed that things were going as planned, although there were still some issues that were being dealt with as we spoke.

They were concerned that some not-so-nice factions on Earth were about to attempt to make some power moves that could hinder progress for a short time. It could be dealt with unceremoniously or these folks could be allowed to move forward and potentially harm many. Still, the overall affect would be simply part of the process of the awakening of the human race to a new level of care and concern for one another.

My only response was to make sure that there was no manipulation on ‘our’ part. ‘Our’ part was the key issue as we have a ‘prime directive’ of non-interference, although we can help when asked. Our missions are limited to actions of love, so affecting change covertly is out of the question. We were here to facilitate a new world order of harmony among people and planet through natural processes and systems. That was our mission and it was imperative that we kept integrity as our highest ethical standard. They agreed, vowed allegiance once again, and our meeting was adjourned.

Seemingly Incredulous

Now, it might seem like this is made up. It’s too short a recount to be of any literary value. What if there was, or is, a movement going on within the dimensions of time and space as we know it? Would this be consistent with the general state of affairs on planet earth now? Well let’s see… It would seem that we are in the period of time that many are fearing as the End Times. What if it really was the Beginning Times.

Every end precipitates a new beginning does it not? If there were a much greater aspect to the Nature of Reality than we ever dreamed possible, what might it be? Given our understanding of science, technology, physics and spirituality… What might the synergy reveal? What if God were moving throughout ALL THAT IS with Cosmic Consciousness and leading us toward many worlds becoming ONE?

I don’t have the answers… the I AM within us ALL does, though. Amazingly enough, and true to me experience as well. Could it be that it is Jesus Christ who is guiding the whole roundup amongst the ET or UFO encounter crowd.  I saw him and Mary in the window of a ship one day, a vision I had while at work at an aerospace company. Wow, now THAT’S a TESTIMONY! He’s never claimed to be our Savior or to have offered himself for the sins of humanity. That is the work of those who dominate organized religion in order to keep us separated from the truth.

It is said that there will be one who comes to wage war in righteousness that has a name that no one knows but himself. I’d think this time would be a massive grassroots effort that comes from the inside out. Considering the Galactic capacity for which He seems to have a certain proclivity… would it matter if it were a name we’d been taught to dismiss? Most truth seekers find that the mysteries of God and Creation are revealed through studying the ‘log entries’ or particular belief systems that ‘religious’ authorities tell us are taboo. It’s even going beyond that now to psycho-spiritual technologies we’ve known about but have discounted for centuries.

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