Portals to Ascension Toward 9-11 Tragedy or Transformation

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This is a story about soul transmigration or possibly netherworld portals, whichever is more comfortable to perceive or even something else more to your liking. Now some of you may read the following story and think it is a great work of fiction. Others may wonder about it and still admire the construction, regardless of its validity. I have to admit it was full of ‘spooky action at a distance,’ and pretty cool it was.

Let me assure you the story is about real people and a real event that we all experienced that day. It was vastly different than what the rest of the world was going through in those hours following what most felt to be an extreme tragedy. I hold no judgment on the event, although I question the real source of its inception and implementation still. I’m just reporting from a different perspective of a shared experience.

I had been sleeping under the stars for a couple of months, since returning from a month in Chile. I had a huge cement slab about 100 by 200 feet for my bedroom floor, left from a highway maintenance yard long since retired. I retired to the combined sounds of the surf, a babbling brook, and frog songs; waking to the penetrating shrieks of hawks and the caws of ravens in their morning feeding frenzy.

Wake Up Call

The morning of the event I awoke rather suddenly to a different scene; a flood of symbols streaming from the void through my mind’s eye, with little time to recognize let alone interpret, but I did notice sacred geometry figures and some ancient spiritual symbols. It was like a torrent streaming through.

I knew instantly that something way beyond my understanding was happening and that I was being ‘tapped on the shoulder’ and ‘tuned in’ for some cosmic reason. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next; only that it had a sense of ‘destiny’ to it that was unmistakable.

I got up and walked down to the house shortly after the visual stream stopped, feeling a sense of urgency to get down to the office we had in the lower level. On my way I found out about the event from a woman who was living on the property in a small trailer not far from my open-air bedroom with air mattress resting place.

She was nearly hysterical with anxiety and was already in her car and headed out of the canyon as she yelled the gist of the details to me. It was surreal to say the least, hardly being able to imagine what she had just described.

I had the sense that the streaming video I saw a few moments before was my introduction at a totally different level than she could imagine, so I just listened as she freaked out from the intense emotional shock and awe. I walked her to her car and off she went.

I walked on down to the house and opened the door to our pseudo-basement office, underneath the glass-framed room above. Synchronistically I received a phone call just as soon as I opened the door . I mean in parallel sequence with opening the door, the phone rang. I answered it expecting to hear another frantic voice.

The woman on the other end, a dear friend and publicist for Linda Goodman at one time, Tani Suzanna, was frantic about telling me to turn the radio on and listen to what was happening. I told her I’d already heard about it and was aware there was much more to unfold. I listened to her and consoled her for a few minutes and then hung up, assuring her she was safe.

I continued having a sense of purpose beyond the emotional frenzy that was all around me. We needed to use the portal at the end of the canyon to assist those in transition was the over-riding thought running through my head. Everyone was in a strange place that day. This was no different.

9-11: Unfolding in the Canyon

As magnificent as our accomplishments may have been, especially with how everything just fell into place, had been an inspiring journey to date. The canyon had been a pristine experience. Then it changed as we found out about the disastrous events on the day of September 11, 2001. Several years later I still am awed and in a bit of human denial of the reality our time in the canyon presented to all of us. You’ll soon see exactly what I mean.                 

On that fateful day I had no emotion when I heard what had happened, though I noticed a sense of direction that I could not fully understand. I knew instantly that I had to gather the others at the house and go to the end of the canyon, energize the portal, and attract those who were LA residents knowing that they would in turn act as a beacon for all the rest and they would have a smooth transition into the next world, free of fear. In looking back now, I acted from a place that few of us ever reach.

I am humbled that I was able to be as clear and compassionate, acting on the inner promptings to serve beyond the call of duty. It fully felt like it was my duty to engage and be engaged at levels of consciousness, for lack of a better, beyond my experience or understanding. I willingly gave everything I had to honor the call to my heart and inner being.

Sometimes it isn’t easy as there are many that would deem me insane for doing so. I’d been institutionalized in my late teens for such things by my adoptive parents, well-intended actions that gave me some perspective. It didn’t take me long to realize that I truly had a gift and I desired to honor it at any cost. I gave my life to serve truth and I was not willing to sacrifice my inner connections for anyone or anything.

Expanding the Portal    

I woke the others, explained what had happened so far that day, and invited them to take a journey back to the spot and explained what my intentions were in doing so. I told them I had no idea what was going to happen, only that we needed to be present and open ourselves to help. Whatever portal that opened prior to going to Chile was open, or at least it was a focal point to deal with the insanity in the air.

We walked in reverent silence the majority of the way to the spot. I wondered how I and we were going to participate in this momentous experience as servants, calling upon everything inside ourselves to rise to the occasion. At least that is how the vibe felt in those moments. The journey took about fifteen minutes and by the time we arrived it already was apparent we were all in a very heightened spiritual state of some kind, with a sense of flow arising from our intention.

We gathered in a small circle and sat in the spot, held hands and offered prayers individually. Then I began calling upon all the kingdoms, naming them one by one, asking for the assistance in helping these souls enter the next world. I called upon the elemental, the mineral, the plant, the animal, and the human kingdoms first.

We agreed the portal might be a gateway to ease the transition of those on flights to LA at least. As I began to go deeper into the experience, my observer-self or inner sight became active as well. I could ‘see’ the portal as this brilliant shaft of light within our circle was penetrating the earth and ascending into the sky and stars above. I watched as our intentions began to work, attracting hundreds of souls into the light of the portal through us.

From another vantage point I saw an arc of light spanning the country from New York to LA, appearing as a stream of light flowing at first. As I watched, the arc expanded into a sphere around Earth for a moment, then appeared as an inverted and almost flat funnel moving up through the shaft of light. I gotta say I was in total awe as I watched the scenery from somewhere else I could not describe.

I began to tremble and filled with grief and sorrow so strongly that my body was writhing with convulsive crying… releasing the fear and sorrow of all those who were coming through this gateway. It felt like a great torrent of water flowing through me and it was all the others could do to keep me grounded, observing and participating in silence as they were offering their own help and love.

It was so intense for me that I felt that I could have joined them at any moment, releasing all attachment to being in my body. It was sooooo tempting to go with them.

Perspectives Beyond the Physical

I was viewing the experience from a vantage point high above the earth and saw many coming from the New York area, as well as the other two sites. They created such a stream of spirit flow that it began to move into a wider area. Before I knew it, I saw the spirit flow come from around the entire globe. My body became so fluid that I thought I might leave too… physically.

Fortunately I stayed to enjoy the show. At one point, it felt like I was done and I began to come back into my body, more conscious awareness of my immediate surroundings, and be with the others that had joined in. The whole experience seemed so far out of our individual, let alone group, perspectives that formulating any verbal conversation would have just diminished the energy. It was like we were all on some kind of really cool auto-pilot.

As the inner visions subsided, I opened my eyes to notice the others ‘coming out’ of whatever shared space we’d just experienced. I met with their eyes as well, nodding in acknowledgment and thankfulness for their participation. I brought some tobacco with us to offer a gift to Great Spirit and rolled a smoke to share with the others. As we were finishing, another friend walked up acknowledging she felt she had to be here with us, though there had been no direct contact with her letting her know that is where we’d be then.

She stated that she’d left work, knowing that she would be needed here as well, so joining in our spirit-bound love expression for these unfortunate ones, whether or not they were fulfilling their own contracts with God was of no concern to us. We just knew it was our duty to perform this ceremony to help their transition. It had a sense of sacredness like I’d never felt before and rarely since.

We then joined hands again, offered a few more prayers individually, and I began calling upon the next levels of kingdoms. I called upon the Spirit World, the Ascended Masters, the Celestial Host, the Cosmic Beings and the Galactic Kingdoms. It was strange that the words just came without thought, almost like some might call channeling, though it seemed like several parts of me were conscious simultaneously, seamlessly flowing from somewhere inside. I was fully aware of speaking, though unaware of how the words were coming, only that they were.

What also happened during our process was, as I was praying (more of how it felt), I began to speak in several different languages, none of which I had ever heard before, yet out they came. I’ve been an explorer of languages for many years and had never heard these languages. I couldn’t say whether they were primal or supramental, they just flowed. I had called on the these other kingdoms, as well as those I’d asked for help from in our first round of this awesome endowment of love.

Perhaps those languages were voices from the kingdoms, perhaps something else. I suppose that I had some internal connections through the spirit circuits that had been activated and allowed me to speak in several of the tongues that my soul knew. Who’s to say? I am constantly amazed at how our internal connections with ALL THAT IS can guide and direct us to do work that most would consider paranormal fiction.

I’ve always held the notion that we must have many more senses available to use. There is so much more to our Nature as we consider that we have 5 senses and 10% brain use.

It seems preposterous to think that we could have so little connection to our own minds, hearts, and bodies with the parameters that modern science has given us.

Unfortunately, many have willingly accepted their own inability to grow and have allowed the lie to perpetuate. The ‘lie’ being that we are anything less than Gods and Goddesses in embryo.

When it was all over, after about another half an hour or so, I opened my eyes to see looks of amazement and immense gratitude in the faces of the others, simply to have been able to help. When I stood up, I collapsed immediately. I put my arms around the two males that were there, as they helped me to walk some distance.

I bounced up and down, slamming my feet on the ground to bring my body back into functional capacity. I didn’t speak for several hours afterward. That day is eternally locked into all of our hearts.

Reflections from Elsewhere

Several months later I was still not able to fully comprehend what had been accomplished that day. A portals to ascension - zendor the barbarianfew weeks after the event there was a message that got passed around many online metaphysical circles. It was a channeling that apparently acknowledged the portal being opened for the release of those caught in the wake of the event of 9-11.

Indeed, we had been thanked by those far greater in scope than our mere human nature can realize now. I knew from the signs of the faces in the smoke that it was much more of an event on a cosmic scale than anyone had anticipated.

I recalled seeing a huge mass of white light flowing around the entire planet being released. It made me wonder about the scriptural event of the dead in Christ being ‘taken up’ before the great trials of humankind begin.

I believe we are in those times now. We will witness many more things yet. Seek to align with the thread of life within you now. Honor your connection with the Divine Will that guides your every thought and action in these times. Steady yourself in the unconditional love for yourself and your perceived enemies.

As Jesus said, “When your enemy is thirsty, give him water. When he is hungry, give him food.” Love your neighbor as yourself and live in the knowledge that you are God just as much as your enemy is God.

Continued separation is only an example of the polarity paradigm paralysis that humankind is caught in. This is the GREAT LIE. The reality is we are ONE on Earth, not separate by country or ethnicity. Religion aside, politics aside, we are a global citizenry, a planetary civilization evolving slowly and yet evolving.

We are ONE and God WILL dwell with man. This prophecy is being achieved as planetary citizens are awake and awakening to meet the needs for planetary sustainability and connect the holistic systems for planetary resource management.

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